Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, it's What I Meant To Say Wednesday with Chief.  Say what you meant to say but bit your lip, or tell us what you should have said but didn't.  Either way, it's free therapy, and fun.

Kay, here's mine--and Go!

To clothing manufacturers:  Really, I'm in smaller poants but I didn't think they were that small, Wow!
WIMTS:  I get the vanity sizing but this is ridiculous.  Just because the pants say size four--I know I'm not a size four.  Especially when that pants I have at home that are just a bit big for me are size 8.  No way am I two whole sizes smaller.  Just standardize the sizes already.  Makes shopping very frustrating and time consuming.

To Turbo's school reading program:  I'm glad he's improving.  We will keep working on it.
WIMTS:  What the heck are the "nonsense words" and why are you teaching them to my son?  Can't he learn real words?  Just asking.

To Turbo's little "friend" on the playground:  I will say if you don't leave my son alone and stop tattling on him--stop messing with my kid.  You may come up with the coolest games but pushing Turbo's buttons to make him mad at you then telling is very uncool.  You may find yourself without friends soon.  I'm telling Turbo to keep his distance for a while cause he's trying to be good.  Watch it kid.


  1. Lol!! Ive heard about stores doing that with their sizes.. its confusing, I dont need you to boost my ego I know that even if the tag says ** I still know i wear **! haha!!

    Nonsense words? WTH?

  2. Great post idea. I have a lot of things that "I meant to say".

  3. Id be ok whether my pants said 8 or 4! Both would be wonderful!


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