Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spin Cycle--The Sixth Sense, ESP, Intuition, Deja vu, etc.

small cycle

This week’s Spin Cycle is about the sixth sense, extra intuition, ghosts, or experiences with such things. I'm not too sure about the ghosts, I haven't seen any, the ESP thing seems a bit fishy to me, but I do think that the ability to sense things is there. Extra intuition if you will. Going with your gut feeling. Mommy sense, for lack of a better term. You know, you sense that your kids are getting into trouble but you are not nearby. Or you just know you shouldn't do something or you have a bad feeling about a certain thing.

When we found out we were pregnant with Turbo, we needed to get a bigger car. I had a little two door Nissan Sentra and there was no way I was putting a baby seat in the back of that thing. So Nick and his dad went to a town about 90 miles away to look at a Ford Explorer. They came home with it. I never felt good about that vehicle. Just a nagging feeling something was going to go wrong. Well, about two months after we got it Nick's dad was taking it back to get an oil change and he had a minor accident in it, got a couple of dents, but he was fine. After this accident I felt much better about that SUV. Not sure where the feeling came from but it was gone after the accident.

My other experience with that extra sense is that of déjà vu. About once or twice a year I will get the feeling that I’ve seen or done something before. But what I’m doing is completely new to me. Like when I was on Field Camp (a class where you camp for six weeks and learn mapping techniques and other geological things.) I felt that weird feeling that I had done it before-camping or doing the projects. I honestly think I dreamed about doing it and then when the activity matched what I had dreamed I got that sense of déjà vu.

So those are my experiences with intuition and a sixth sense. Ghosts don’t seem real to me and I know that ESP is hard to prove but paying attention to your intuition is never a bad idea.


  1. The mommy sense totally amazes me. Great post!

    Good thing about the SUV. I always feel safer in a bigger car but can't afford the gas....

  2. Mommy sense or common sense? I'm not a big believer in this kind of stuff. For instance, it's not "mommy sense" when your normally loud kids have been quiet for 10 minutes and you go in to find them shaving eachother's heads. That's common sense to me!

    Love the new background. How do you guys do this creative stuffs???

  3. I actually don't like those feelings of deja vu since it nags at me like a memory that's on the tip of your brain, something is there, but not quite. That feeling stays with me for a while after the activity passes.
    I get you on the intuition though. Always helpful. You're linked!

  4. I have a very intuitive nature. It's strange though because it comes and goes at various times in my life. I really need to start linking up with Sprite's Keeper. These are always the most interesting themes.

  5. Mommy sense definitely makes sense. It's almost as if a traditional sixth sense it heightened with mommyhood. :) I get those déjà vu feelings a lot, too - glad to know I'm not alone! ;) Great Spin! :)

  6. I agree about mommy sense. As I look back over the years, I wonder how in the world I figured out some of the things I did about my children, that took doctors several years to confirm.


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