Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Random Fun

Hey, hey it's Tuesday on a very short week!  At least work wise.  After today it's fun fun and so I'm counting the moments to going home time.  But first let's random things up shall we:
  • I know it's a slight bit early, but I'm in an elf sort of mood so:
  • I'm Happy Sugar-Socks.  We got a great giggle form Nick"s elf name: Buddy Glitter-Balls. ~Snicker~
  • So much planning for the big dinner.  I'm hoping that the turkey thaws, but I envision a wrestling match Wednesday morning any way.  Turkeys never thaw as fast in the fridge as "they" say the darn turkey should.
  • Have a laugh, we did:

  • Kind of excited to start shopping for the swap I'm in--Scriptor is a great blogger and one I've followed for a few years now.  It's nice when you already know your swap partner. Now to come up with 12 cute gifts. I'm not wildly crafty, but I can do creative.
  • We gave Thullee a bath.  He did well, considering. He smells much better now. and he's nice and soft. Now we get to do Guiness again.  He doesn't care for the process, but with any luck it will help with the itching.
  • Next month starts the holiday rush--kid concerts, Christmas parties, Nick's archery league, I have the feeling if we blink too hard we will zip right to Christmas.
So come on and random things up people!
Stacy is being the Random Rebel, so link up your random!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Back on Our Feet and MMMM

For the first weekend in about a month, we were all healthy.  No hacking, coughing, snot or anything. It was amazing.  We had a normal weekend, some lazing around, some chores done and generally good relaxing accomplished.
Saturday morning, we headed to the store to get the grocery run out of the way. Turkey purchased and thawing slowly in the fridge.  I will probably be wrestling with the darn thing in it's half frozen state in Wednesday morning so we can brine it.
When we got home I helped Turbo tackle the shelves in his room.  We went through all of them, took a whole bag of garbage out and he has space again on the shelves.  Nick is happier, Turbo has a place to put new acquisitions, as it is that time of year. Turbo is happy, he got help to do it.  I'm happy, lots of trash is out on the curb. Bruiser is happy as Turbo passed a few toys to him.
Laundry was conquered.  Everyone has clean clothes today. All I have left to wash is sheets.  I have this week to do those.
The kids went to Papa and Nana's for the afternoon so Nick and I got a bit of time to ourselves.  It was nice.  the boys got to wrestle with Nick Saturday evening and they had a blast.  So much so that ending the fun was not popular.
Sunday dawned bright and early, well early for us.  Nick packed up the truck and Turbo and went to pick up his friend because they were heading up to the mountains after firewood.
I kept Bruiser at home with me--much to his disappointment.  But we headed to the store--for those forgotten things from the day before--and while I was starting the car, I happened to look down and just under the seat, there sat Nick's glasses case.  The case for the glasses he thought he lost during his last trip to Denver. His new glasses, the spendy ones. So that made the whole weekend a win for Mom!
The rest of Sunday was finishing laundry, vacuuming, and hanging out.  This was when most of the relaxing happened.  It is time to get the boys working on Christmas lists. We will also make our trek to the mountains for a tree this next weekend.  Christmas is creeping up quickly.

Now for Monday's Music Moves Me--I am the spotlight dancer!  This week the theme is Music from High school--what did you listen to in high school:
Something to Believe in by Poison.  This was our senior class song.  The title is far more inspiring than the actual words.

Yes, another rock song.  I was way into rock by the time I was a junior. In contrast I listened to the following my freshman and sophomore years:
Beastie Boys (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party).  This is all very different from what I listen to now.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Swapping Again for Christmas

It has been a while since I swapped.  I was encouraged to join this one (thanks Scriptor!) and it looks like a lot of fun.  I pick, wrap and ship twelve gifts for my partner and my partner does the same.  Twelve little presents for Christmas--It is the 12 Days of Christmas Swap afterall.
I'm excited to see who I get paired up with.  It looks like a bunch of wonderful participants!


I have survived the week.  Employee training and all.  The training itself wasn't so bad, but some of the staff, well, let's just say they didn't get what they should have from it. But it was fun, oh wait, it could not be labeled as fun, so it was interesting and at times entertaining.  Now I am totally ready for the weekend, but first, confession time:
  • I's time to deal with Mount Laundry again.
  • I really wish it wasn't such a never ending task.
  • And the laundry elves either got lost, or froze on their way to my house.
  • It's cold here, but we didn't get that much snow, only a couple inches.
  • Short week next week.  
  • Really excited about that one.
  • But no Black Friday shopping.
  • My cohort is out of town for this Thanksgiving.
  • I don't think that there is anything we need to get Black Friday badly this year anyway.
So what are your weekend plans? Link up with Aubrey and confess it all.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Spin Cycle--Tempt Me

Temptation is the topic of the Spin Cycle this week.  What tempts you?  What tempts me?  Wanna know?  Oh so many things.

Reading all the time to the exclusion of anything else--family, cleaning, TV, anything.  Given the opportunity to read without interruption is my idea of the perfect day.  I can (and have) dive into a book and not pay any attention to what's going on around me. I get completely engrossed and, truly, a natural disaster could happen right next to me and I would never know. I love reading and getting that involved tempts me every time I open a book--be it a real book or a Kindle book.
Salty snacks.  Chips, crackers, croutons, sunflower seeds, cheese and sausage, anything salty, crunchy or nibbly is a weakness for me.  I could really pack the pounds on if I wasn't careful. I love to nibble. Which goes hand in hand with reading.  Nibbling while I read is so easy and I don't even notice how much I'm eating. Sugary snacks don't hold quite the appeal for me--I have to have a salty snack to balance the flavors out.  And on certain days, give me all the carbs--garlic bread, crackers, bagels with garlicy cream cheese, french fries, tater tots, any carb will do as long as it's savory not sweet.
Playing hookey from responsibility. I would love to run away for a while.  time on a nice warm beach with Nick and a cute cabana boy or two (for the scenery of course).  Being able to spend time reconnecting with Nick--without pressure to return before we are ready to. Not to have to clean any thing or any one.  Running away tempts me every day.
So what tempts you?                                         
Spin it up and link up.
Gretchen and Ginny Marie would love to have you!
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