Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful Confessions

Since it is that time of the year--thanksgiving and all that--I'm trying to remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for.  Today the thanks is for the more guilty pleasures.
I'm thankful for:
  • Satellite TV and the DVR.  Having the ability to record, rewind and such makes evenings a bit smoother.
  • No more missed shows or moments in shows.  
  • Cause our boys? Super talented at timing a question, outburst or interrution for that critical moment in a show.
  • Would drive Nick and I nuts.
  • Now not so much.  Just rewind and catch what was missed.
  • My Kindle--both the Touch and the Fire.
  • I like the Fire for HO games and checking the Book of Face and IMDB and email and such.
  • The Touch for reading.  It lasts longer (battery wise) and is better for travel and camping and such.
  • Blogging.  Not that it's so guilty, but it is a pleasure.  
  • My connection to other women--friends--and I so need that sometimes.
  • Crunchy wonton strips. Or croutons.  Totally not good for me but a hard to resist snack.
  • Dry roasted sunflower seeds.  Again with the nibble snacks.  Slightly better for me than salted sunflower seeds in shell.
  • Shopping.  Not that I get to do much of it but I do enjoy it.
  • Even Thrift Store shopping--I have mad skills with this one.
That about covers my Thankful confessions for this week!
So what are your weekend plans? Link up with Aubrey and confess it all.


  1. I honestly don't know how I functioned before getting DVR capabilities. ;) And my mom sounds a lot like your boys - it's amazing how she knows to interrupt, or demand a favour, or just want to chat during the most IMPORTANT moments of a show/movie!!! lol!

  2. Oh yes, DVR! I love love love it. Couldn't function without it which is honestly sad....but true :-)


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