Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday, It's Friday!

Whew, made it through the week.  Since it's going to be a very busy weekend, let's confess and get on with it:
  • I am oh so happy it's Friday.
  • This weekend is going to flash by.
  • Bruiser has his birthday party tomorrow.
  • Five 5 year olds and a couple of bigger kids.
  • Superhero theme and games.
  • Now to get everything organized so we can pull this off.
  • We may be dead tomorrow night.
  • Then it's Superbowl.
  • The biggest party in The US.
  • I'm looking forward to good company and hopefully interesting commercials.
  • Good food as well.
  • Monday could be a bit rough.
What do you have planned for the weekend?  Anything fun?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spin Cycle--Vortex, Polar or Otherwise

Vortex.  A word that has been bandied about in the media of recent.  At least in connection with Polar.  We were by passed by the so called polar vortex and had seasonal temps for our neck of the woods. But vortex means other things too.
Do you ever feel like life is swirling away with you?  Do you get sucked into an activity and it takes over you life?  Life runs away with me all the time. Last year felt like one huge merry go round that was going a bit to fast.  There were ups and downs but truly, I would have preferred a calmer ride.
This year has been better, but illness and injury have followed us out of last year. Things have to look up soon.  Starting with this weekend.
We have a much better reason to be swept into a vortex of fun--Bruiser's 5th Birthday party. He is getting a full on friends over party with games, cake, ice cream, presents--the works. To say he's excited is an understatement. Last night we had the grandparents over for a family celebration.

He's five now.  The last five years have whirled by and I can hardly believe that they have passed.  The vortex that is kids growing up is probably the most interesting, exasperating, and engulfing vortex that I could be caught up in. I wouldn't miss a minute.

Are you caught in the "Polar Vortex"? Or just a standard vortex that has taken over your life?  Spin it up and link it up.
Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!
Second Blooming

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WWTK--Emo Times

We Want To Know how emo you can be.  I know that after having babies, I'm much more emotional that I used to be.

1.  Are you an emotional person or do you tend to hold things in? I tend to hold more in.  I can be happy and show it, but I hold anger and resentment in.  It's not really good for me, but I'm working on it.  A lot of the time it's irrational, and doesn't make sense, the things that have made me angry, but ranting about it would only make things worse, so I try to shrug it off.  Not really successful with that one all the time.
2.  Do you cry at commercials? Not now, but there was one or two that got to me while the hormones and such of pregnancy were raging.
3.  Name a movie or movies that make you cry. (If none, then that's ok) The end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when Harry heads into the forest, that makes me tear up.
4.  Name songs that may make you cry (If none, then that's ok) Skin(Sarabeth) by Rascal Flats gets me every time.

Tim McGraw's Don't Take the Girl really gets me now that I have kids.

5.  In times of panic or when you feel overwhelmed, are you more likely to buckle down or break down? Depends on the circumstances.  Major injuries to the boys--I do better letting Nick take over and I sooth the boy, but in times of sickness, I take over clean up and dealing with the sick one. We have been lucky in that we haven't had any major times of panic, yet. I am knocking on wood and such right now.

Grab the questions and link up with Scriptor.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, Tuesday

It's a better day than Monday, but ours is cold, cold, cold.  Below zero cold.  Makes it hard to get moving.  I'd have much rather stayed home curled under my fluffy blanket, reading. No such luck, though. Let's get on with the random:
  • I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I wanted to see the new movie Monuments Men.  In further pursuit of the subject, I got the book from Amazon and read up on them.  Very interesting, but then I am a WWII history buff. I love that period and have read about it for years now.  This was an aspect that I had not heard about before and was sucked into the story.  Now I'm looking forward to the movie that much more.
  • We have a birthday coming up.  Bruiser turns 5 tomorrow. How exactly did that happen?  Where have the last five years gone?  Where has my baby gone? Oh right, he's this big grown up kid:
  • There will be a birthday party on Saturday.  Superheroes and all. Here's hoping that it goes smoothly.
  • Looking forward to the Superbowl game this weekend.  More for the snacks and commercials, but the game should be good too this year.  I'm a nominal Seahawks fan, so Go Seahawks!
  • We got pictures of the boys taken. Here's a sneak peek:
  •    They came out just awesome! I'll show more later.
So that about covers my random.  What random do you have?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wow, That Was No Fun and MMMM

I am back among the living.  Turbo brought home the stomach flu last Tuesday evening.  It hit us all.  After Turbo, I was the next to fall, then Bruiser and then Nick.  My Mom also got it and gave it to a couple of her friends.  Virulent little bug, that's for sure.
After copious amounts of laundry, disinfectant, and sprite, we are all back on solid food and feeling human again. As for activity this weekend, well we did manage a bit.  Nick and I took the dogs for a walk in the park.  Nick tried flying his helicopter in the park with Turbo, but the wind came up.
Sunday, Nick met up in the park with new friends.  They have a  little boy who is Bruiser's age. It was really good for Bruiser to make a friend his age.  We just don't know very many people with kids Bruiser's age.  This will change next year when he hits kindergarten.
Planning is on for Bruiser's birthday.  He turns five on Wednesday.  The family celebration will be on Wednesday.  The kid party will be on Saturday. Superhero theme, per Bruiser request.  We are thinking a Batman pin the mask on game, Superhero cake/cupcakes, present opening and possibly one other game.  Goodie bags, with, hopefully, some decent treats in them. Sounds like a fun birthday, right? We sure hope so.  Bruiser is excited.
We have snow this morning.  About 4 inches and more falling.  Really fluffy, pretty snow.  More is expected later this week.  Turbo is thrilled, he gets to try his newish skis in the park.
Here's to the rest of the winter being illness free, injury free, and uncomplicated.  I know, somewhat wishful thinking, but I can dream.

Monday's Music Moves Me is all about songs with food in the title.
Lady Antebellum's American Honey:

Deana Carter's Strawberry Wine:

And one form my high school days, Def Leppard's calssic Pour Some Sugar on me:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spin Cycle--Testosterone Awards

Gretchen is all in the spirit of awards season and has given awards as the topic of the Spin Cycle this week.  Awards.  Well, let's just give out the Testosterone Awards.

Award #1 is the Dinner award.  Now you might think this category would be about putting a consistent dinner on the table, but no.  This award goes to the pickiest dinner eater in the house.  Turbo started strong in this category, but has been slipping and, gasp, trying new foods that he is finding he likes. Nick has never really been in the running for this one as he'll try anything once. No, our winner this year is, hands down, Bruiser.  The person in the house who asks what we are having for dinner and almost always responds to the answer with I'm not eating that or I don't like that.  On, occasion I get a do I like that? 
Award #2 is the Clothing Pick Up award.  This award has some strong contenters.  There is Nick who leaves his socks all over the house, Turbo who also leaves socks where he removes them, and Bruiser who leaves all sorts of clothes anywhere.  But is a surprise twist, I win this one, as I am the one who picks them up. Sometimes I make Turbo pick them up, but since I am the motivating factor, I win.
Award #3 is the Zone Out award.  We are all quite skilled at zoning out.  I do it quite well when reading books. Bruiser gets into a mode with his pretend games.  Turbo can zone out to a video game in any form--Xbox, Kindle, Wii, or DS.  Nick zones to TV and movies.  Since I have to choose the best zoner in the house...the award goes to Turbo.  He can get lost in the game in seconds.
Award #4 is the Helpfulness award.  Bruiser loves to help me in the kitchen. Turbo doesn't really complain about cleaning his room or dog poo pick-up. Nick helps with the cooking, does the outside chores and will clean the odd room when the mood strikes him (although he's not doing much at the moment, poor guy.  He can't even stand up straight.) I think this award has to go to Nick.  He really is a wonderful guy who will willingly make dinner, vacuum, or distract kids so I can do those thing uninterrupted.  Love him for that.
Well there you have it, the Testosterone Awards.  Not wildly exciting awards, but they work for us.
Do you have awards you want to give out?  Do you enjoy awards shows?  Spin it up, link it up.
Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!
Second Blooming

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WWTK--While Away The Time

This week on WWTK it's all about passing the time.

1. Are you a football fan? If so, which team are you rooting for? Not really a football fan. I have  a general idea of the game and can appreciate a decent game, but it's not my preferred way to spend time.  I make an exception for the Superbowl. We actually watched the play-off games this weekend.  By default, since Denver is so close, most around here are Denver Broncos fans.  I am not.  I will be rooting for Seattle and really hope they win. Added bonus that I have blog friends that live up there now.

2. What is one movie you could watch over and over and not get tired of? Mamma Mia.  Cheesy singing and all.  It's great fun to belt it out along with the show and even my boys enjoy watching it.

3. Are there any books you've read lately that you would recommend? I've been on a historical romance kick recently, but haven't really read anything great.  I have recommendations, cause I have very favorite books, but nothing new from recently.

4. What is currently your favorite song? I haven't been listening to much new stuff.  I really need to turn on CMT or GAC in the mornings again. I do like the song that Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert sing together:
And the Darius Rucker song:

5. What's your favorite way to pass time? Read a book--if I get some uninterrupted time. If I know I haven't got uninterrupted time, just time to kill here and there, I like the hidden object aps on my Kindle, or solitaire. If family time is necessary, watching movies while fitting puzzles is a favored way to while away the time.

In other news, I want a do over on today.  Turbo started throwing up last night and progressed to diarrhea about 2 am. Nick is down cause he threw his back out and the dog pooped on the carpet cause I didn't get him out after he ate this morning.  Can I go back to bed and start today over with new options? No? Guess I'll muddle forward.

Grab the questions and link up with Scriptor.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random-like Tuesday

Back at it after a long weekend. Could have used another day--the kids are home today with Grandma.  Interesting planning on the School's part. Teacher inservice day right after a holiday.  Smooth.
On to the random:
  • Scrubbing toilets is rather unsatisfactory.  Most household chores are, but scrubbing the toilet has got to be the worst-no one notices and it just gets dirty again immediately. Even vacuuming shows results for a little while. You can take momentary pleasure in an empty sink and clean kitchen. A shiny toilet just doesn't satisfy the same way.
  • I conquered mount laundry.  Every thing is folded and put away.  I even got the bathroom rugs washed.  Next weekend it's sheets.
  • Vacuuming is more fun after a glass or two of wine.
  • Why, yes this weekend was all about house cleaning, why do you ask?
  • Bruiser is having a party for his birthday this year.  If Nick and I can manage to plan one.  We are long on intention, but short on the planning.  I'm hoping I can get invites out this week.  We are keeping it simple, at home, a few games and cake and ice cream and presents.  They're five, a huge extravaganza is not going to make much of an impression. Bruiser just wants to have his friends over.
  • We took the boys to get pictures taken.  The pictures look great.  When we get the CD, I will share the best of.
  • Thought of the week:
  • Totally Nick and I.  Crazy relatives on both sides, check; quirky habits, check; seen at worst, check; Morning breath, check; covers all the bases.  Love you Nick!
  • A juice diet that appeals:
Have a great week! It is a short one and hopefully busy enough to flash by.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Confessions

Whoop whoop--it's Friday!  And here in these parts we get a long weekend. Have to admit, I'm looking forward to sleeping in some.  But first let's confess:
  • I have a hot date this weekend.
  • With the laundry.
  • Maybe the bathrooms.
  • And the vacuum has been pouting and complaining that it is neglected.
  • It may be telling the truth, as evidenced by the dust dinosaurs under the couch.
  • So, smoking times with house work this weekend.
  • You are so jealous, aren't you?
  • I may have succeeded in using the heck out of the crock pot this week,
  • But failed at getting kid approval for most meals.
  • I did have a minor victory with a zucchini salad on Tuesday.
  • Turbo found out he loved it.
  • Score one for mom.
  • Bruiser on the other hand, practically didn't eat dinner all week.
  • Take one (or four) away from mom.
  • Next week starts the balance act all over again--nutritious, interesting food vs. food kids will actually eat.
  • Isn't that the standard lament for moms?
  • Not wanting to be a short order cook, but also wanting the kids to just eat already!
  • The joys of motherhood.  
  • I really wouldn't trade it for the world.
So do you have anything to confess?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spin Cycle--More Words for the Year

So, the Spin Cycle was so successful last week, Gretchen and Ginny decided to continue with the word of the year--with a slight twist.  We have to pick someone else's word and tell how we would incorporate it into our life.
I chose Sharon, from The Mayor of Crazyville. Her word for the year was Fun.  With my word of Balance, fun seems to go hand in hand.
We do a lot of fun things all year: camping, road trips, things of that sort, but they are big things.  I need to find the fun in the little things.
  • Having the boys help me cook, or for that matter having Nick help me cook, more fun for all participants.
  • Small trips to the rec center--not only good for us activity wise, but fun for the kids.  Fun for the adults too.
  • Menu planning.  I really need to organize this one so it more fun.  I really think it's time to put all our favorite recipes in one place.  Then it is only a matter of thumbing through them to decide on dinner for the week. The easier it is the more fun right?
  • Household chores--get them done more often--less to do each time, therefore less time taken to do them.  Less time doing the drudgery, more time for more interesting and fun activities.
  • Carve out more time for Nick and I the is not kid/work/issue related.  We need the time to connect.  Find our passions again. Or find a passion. We are not movie goers. We seldom get out to eat. The boys are getting big enough for us to start taking short times away--just going for a walk together could be good for us.  Find the fun in the simple things.
Life is so busy, if you don't stop to recognize the fun you're having, it'll slip right by. The big fun is easy to see, the small fun, pleasure in the little things, it's far easier to miss.
So my secondary word for this year will be Fun. With finding balance, the fun will come.

What word would you choose?  Spin it up, link it up.
Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!
Second Blooming

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WWTK: The Random Q

So we have reached Wednesday.   Halfway through the week and totally ready for the weekend already.  Let's answer a few questions, shall we?  At least it passes the time.

1. Are you brand loyal? I don't think I am--I look for the best deal.  for some things--like dish soap, I stick to Dawn.  I use All Free for my laundry soap--but that is more about not itching when I wear clothes. There are a lot of things I bounce from one brand to the next--looking for the product that works best. So not terribly brand loyal.
2. Tell us about your first job. My first real job that I had to pay taxes and everything on was as a life guard at the outdoor pool in my home town. the pool was huge.  We usually had three to four lifeguards on duty at a time.  I loved it.  I got to yell at kids and be in charge and of course keep people safe. I even had one rescue--a little girl got in too deep just under the tower I was guarding on.  I jumped in and got her to the side and out before it was really bad.
The outdoor pool in Buffalo, WY.

3. Do you have any tattoos? No.  I have contemplated getting one.  Still trying to figure out the perfect design.
4. How long do you spend on your appearance each day? In general, counting shower time, getting dressed time and hair time, 30 minutes.  I rarely put on makeup.  If I do it adds another 10 minutes or so.
5. What is one thing you have to do before leaving your house each day? Make sure I have everything gathered--phone, wallet, lunch, water, and backpack to put it all in. depending on the day this can go smoothly or can be quite chaotic.  Today was a less than smooth day.

Want to play along?  Grab the questions and link up with Scriptor.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still with the Tuesday Randomness

Today we woke up to snow.  Surprise!  I kind of like the magic surprise snow you wake up to.  At least right now.  It's not so magic in April.  And now on to the random:
  • I am taking a class.  For a grade.  For my job. It's been six years since I took a class. It's like riding a bike right?  You never really forget how to study and take notes and all that jazz.  I'm really hoping this is the case.
  • We are still marching on in the quest to get Bruiser fully potty trained.  We will be talking to the doctor at his annual check up in a couple weeks.  This has been a very frustrating journey.
  • Wind has been the word around these parts the last few days.  60 MPH gust type wind. hold on to small dogs and children type wind. Not out of the ordinary, but not appreciated.
  • I'm kind of excited about the new movie Monuments Men.  It looks like it will be a great movie with a good cast.
  •  Thullee, our puppy is almost seven months old now.  He is quite the character.  He greets us at the door with toys and/or socks or shoes, what ever is handy.  He still like to cuddle up every now and then.  We often get what we call Thulleed.  He will leap up onto us and just be so excited.  He has been a great addition to the family.
  • Turbo has hermit crabs.  However they have been dying.  We have lost four now, the four original ones, but he has had them for a year and has taken pretty good care of them.  He has two left and we told him to enjoy them and when they go, we will look at getting a gecko or two for him. That has helped but he is such a kind-hearted kid that the loss of a hermit crab really gets to him.
  • Bruiser's birthday is in about two weeks.  I have no earthly idea what we are going to do for it. He hasn't really said he wants to do anything, but have a party.  We really don't know too many kids his age.  He does have a couple classmates from preschool he might want to invite, but we are not sure what we are doing.  His birthday lands on a Wednesday and I'm not sure he'd miss having friends as long as we do something fun and he gets presents.  We shall see what comes. Next year we will have kindergarten friends to invite.
  • I really hope we can avoid the worst of the cabin fever this year. the dogs are already deep in cabin fever.  Nick is staving it off with skiing.  I haven't been hit yet, but am not holding out too much hope. It sort of inevitable.
So what's your random?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Blah and MMMM

So this last weekend was a total bust.  I got sick again on Friday night.  Aches, stuffed up, blah.  It lasted all of Saturday and by Sunday morning I felt somewhat better. This had better not mean I'm allergic to weekends.
Because I felt like crap, I didn't do much.  Nick and Turbo went cross-country skiing on Saturday morning.  They had a blast.  Turbo is raring to go again, but snow conditions are less than optimal. The rest of Saturday was all about Lego Marvel Superheroes.  Turbo is about two thirds of the way through the game right now.  It is semi interactive, in that I get to look up how to find certain things on line and let him know where to go and what to do while he plays.
Sunday, Nick went ice fishing, got a bite but caught no fish.  It was really windy so the fish weren't biting. They had fun hanging out though.
Sunday for the rest of us was a repeat of Saturday, but I could breath and I played Lego Indiana Jones with Bruiser. I was a total blob under my nice warm cuddly blanket.  I fell fine now but this getting sick on the weekends could get old really fast.
Today, I'm using the programmable function on the crock pot for the first time. Kind of excited about it.We might just have not over cooked food tonight. Chicken Parmesanish type dish.  Since the chicken isn't breaded and fried, it's not really Chicken Parmesan, but it should taste good.

And now for Monday's Music Moves Me:
The theme is Songs in the Key of your life.  What would your soundtrack sound like?

High school was all about rock and roll, hair bands and late 80s music:

Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on Me pretty much sums it up.

Then I went to college and met Nick.  We were together for 5 years before we got married. Shania Twain's Your Still the One is definitely our song:

Now we are all about getting out and finding dirt roads to trundle down.  Brad Paisley's Mud on the tires is how we are now:
That is a sampling of the songs of my life.  There are more, but I always draw a blank when I have to choose songs.  I like so many and so many speak to me.

So how was your weekend?  What songs would be on your sound track?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Promises 2014

I have been making promises to myself rather than resolutions for the last few years.  Resolutions never really worked for me and I do better on the promises.  It's time to look at the promises I made last year and to make new ones.

2013 Promises:
  • Once it's warm enough, I promise to start running again.  I'm not a huge fan of running but it does help to have some activity. And running is something I can do right outside my front door. I did do this.  I ran for most of the summer.  I got up to doing 2 miles three days a week.
  • I want to (again) work on the scrap booking hobby I have really let slide.  This has been on my promise list for the last two years.  This year I will definitely get to it, I have a place (almost) set up so I can scrap.  Now to get the motivation and time to coincide. Didn't keep this one.  Nope not at all.
  • I want to get out camping at least once a month from June to August--preferably twice a month.  We went camping three times and river rafting where we had to camp. Success!
  • I promise to try one new recipe a month.  This also includes continuing to menu plan.  Incorporating new recipes is fun and it mixes things up. I think I did OK at this one, we have some new additions to our repertoire of dinners.  Still working on the meal planning.
  • I promise to be more positive, optimistic and go with the flow with my boys.  This one is a work in progress. 
  • I promise to read more--having the Kindle has been wonderful, but I need to make more time to read--for my well being.  It makes me a better person to be around and when I'm happy, everyone is happier. I read more than 52 books last year. One book a week.  Some were new, others were old favorites, but I feel so much better reading.
  • I promise to crochet a blanket.  I want one for myself and it's a good skill to acquire. I did do some crocheting.  I have a dolls blanket almost assembled. That counts, right?
So, only one promise was broken.  Not too shabby.  Now looking forward to this next year, here are some of my promises:
  • I want to do something active for myself at least once a week--more would be better, but I'm going to strive for once a week.
  • Camping and road trips are high on my list of things to do this summer.  If we get a second four wheeler, this will be easy peasy.
  • Continue to meal plan.  Must get more organized at this one. It's sort of slap dash at the moment. Still haven't found the method that works for us.
  • Find an activity for Nick and I, something we can do together that's just us.  And doesn't cost out the wazoo. 
  • Do more cooking with my boys.  It just might expand their eating horizons.
  • Embrace change.  This one is hard for me, I'm sort of set in my ways. Change is a good thing and I should go with it more and fight it less.
  •  Teach Turbo to do more in the kitchen.  He's getting old enough to start fending for himself some of the time.  Oh, not like full meals, but if he want a sandwich or a freezer pizza, he should know how to turn on the oven or put together  sandwich, and clean up after himself.
Well I think that's a good amount for this year. Notice that scrap booking is not on the list.  I think I will eventually get back to it, but only once the boys are bigger. And more self sufficient. Bruiser still needs more attention than is doable for scrapbooking.

Did you make resolutions?  I gave up on them years ago.  Promises work better.  They are not so lofty and unattainable an work better for me.  Most of mine go hand in hand with my word of the year--balance.  Finding balance between the many aspects of me is a challenge, but one I need to master.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spin Cycle--Word for the Year

Gretchen and Ginny have challenged us to pick a word of the year. Instead of making resolutions, you pick a word that will define the year for you.  As I gave up resolutions a few years back and started making promises to myself, this isn't too much different. Now to chose a word.
There are so many I could choose:
  • fearless
  • adventure
  • happy
  • patient
  • inspiring
  • industrious
  • organized
  • brave
  • confidence
  • balance
  • consistent
  • trust
  • focus
Wow, this is harder than it looks.  Looking at the list the one I think may be the word that speaks to me most is Balance.  I really need to work on having balance in my life.  Nick and I both need to work on this one.

Now Gretchen has challenged us to take our word and make an acrostic poem out of it. I am not at all poetically creative but will give it a shot:

Before I let life get
Away, I must
Learn to
Always find
New ways to not let drudgery take over.
Can I find my fun side?
Even I know all work makes one dull.

OK, maybe not the best effort, but I kind of like it. Balance between the various sides of me is necessary.  After all, all work and no play makes one dull, dull, dull.
I have two very wonderful boys and one fabulous husband, and also a couple of great friends.  I must be proactive about getting together with them more.  It's good for me.

So what will your word be?  You can choose any of the words I listed or have one of your own. Spin it up, link it up.
Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!
Second Blooming

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WWTK--Back in the Swing

Oh, getting back into a sort of routine is so very nice.  Here it is Wednesday and time for We Want To Know.  This week is all about tips and tricks:

1.) Share with us a recent recipe you made that was a success.  We made a fantastic Breakfast casserole for Christmas morning.  Nick fell in love and it was so very easy and he wasn't relegated to the kitchen cooking breakfast.  Hash Brown Egg Casserole found at AllRecipes.  We added cooked bacon, an extra egg and ground mustard.  After assembling it Christmas Eve it went in the fridge and Christmas morning we cooked it up.  It was marvelous.  So marvelous that Nick wants to make it again this weekend.
2.) Tell us a tip or trick you have for making something simpler. When I'm making something like biscuits, where butter or shortening needs to be cut into flour, I use my food processor.  Gets it done in a flash.
3.) Are you organized? Why or why not? To a certain degree.  Life demands some organization.  But if you looked at my house, you wouldn't think we were terribly organized people. Clutter gets away from me on a consistent basis.  Nick combats it but I tend to ignore it, mostly.
4.) How do you remember to do certain tasks? By doing them regularly, or making notes.  If I don't write it down somewhere, like calendars, it doesn't get done. We still have a paper calendar hanging in the front room that I try to get activities on so we can all know what's going on.  Sometimes I fail miserably, but mostly it works.
5.) Tell us one thing that you're really good at. Reading. and because I read, I really good at random facts and trivia.

Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Random Wow, Don't Blink

OK, so after falling off the blogging wagon for our Staycation/break/vacation/Christmas holiday, I'm back.  Now let's get on to the random:
  •  That whole break went by far faster than I had thought it would.  Two weeks sounds like such a long time. Then I think a blinked a couple times and it was time to go back to work.
  • I was truly ready to go back to work after this break/staycation/vacation or whatever you want to call it.  Then the flu came to visit me and I was miserable for three days. I got an extra stay at home and vegetate day. I have bunches of laundry in baskets waiting to be folded. I was too sick to do even that much on both Saturday and Sunday. Fun way to end the break.
  • Christmas was successful at our house--the remote control fairy visited (well could have been Santa too) and the tanks and helicopters go whizzing by my feet or my head with alarming frequency.  Nick is mastering flying, so is Turbo. Bruiser has a truck, that once the snow is gone, he will be ale to play with outside.
  • I got a new watch, a peridot necklace and matching earrings, my programmable crock pot and a couple puzzles.  I did pretty good.
  • New Years Eve we stayed home and had most of our seafood feast.  The crab legs we saved for New Years day. Bacon wrapped scallops, broiled Shrimp, lobster and steak, (not all at once) made for a very filling way to bring in the new year.
  • I did accomplish one major to do over the break.  We have french doors to our bedroom.  They are mostly glass. Which, while nice, means they are a bit see through.  So they needed some privitizing, privacy, whatever.  We didn't want little boys to see too much through them.
Looking at them from the hallway.

Looking at them from inside the bedroom.
  •  The thing about this project is that we put up the doors 11 years ago.  And we had been saying that the privacy film needs to be added ever since.  Nick had told me is was my project. I am a skilled procrastinator.  Very skilled as it took 11 years to get this project done.  I think it looks nice and Nick loves it.  No more little eyes peeking at inopportune moments.
  • So let's see, Christmas, check, New Years, check, Being sick, check, project done, check, Can't think of anything else that needs to be shared, right off hand, so...
...That's all folks, as they say.  Go see Stacy for more random, I here she has fabulous news!
If you have random, Stacy is being the Random Rebel, so link up your random!


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