Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, Tuesday

It's a better day than Monday, but ours is cold, cold, cold.  Below zero cold.  Makes it hard to get moving.  I'd have much rather stayed home curled under my fluffy blanket, reading. No such luck, though. Let's get on with the random:
  • I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I wanted to see the new movie Monuments Men.  In further pursuit of the subject, I got the book from Amazon and read up on them.  Very interesting, but then I am a WWII history buff. I love that period and have read about it for years now.  This was an aspect that I had not heard about before and was sucked into the story.  Now I'm looking forward to the movie that much more.
  • We have a birthday coming up.  Bruiser turns 5 tomorrow. How exactly did that happen?  Where have the last five years gone?  Where has my baby gone? Oh right, he's this big grown up kid:
  • There will be a birthday party on Saturday.  Superheroes and all. Here's hoping that it goes smoothly.
  • Looking forward to the Superbowl game this weekend.  More for the snacks and commercials, but the game should be good too this year.  I'm a nominal Seahawks fan, so Go Seahawks!
  • We got pictures of the boys taken. Here's a sneak peek:
  •    They came out just awesome! I'll show more later.
So that about covers my random.  What random do you have?

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  1. Cold, cold, cold here too...but then, we're getting used to it. This is the coldest winter I can recall. -30 Celcius today. SO hard to get out of bed in the morning!!

    I'm looking forward to the Superbowl for the snacks & commercials too! Still haven't decided who I'll root for, though. ;)

    The pics turned out great!! Such handsome boys you have!!


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