Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WWTK--Back in the Swing

Oh, getting back into a sort of routine is so very nice.  Here it is Wednesday and time for We Want To Know.  This week is all about tips and tricks:

1.) Share with us a recent recipe you made that was a success.  We made a fantastic Breakfast casserole for Christmas morning.  Nick fell in love and it was so very easy and he wasn't relegated to the kitchen cooking breakfast.  Hash Brown Egg Casserole found at AllRecipes.  We added cooked bacon, an extra egg and ground mustard.  After assembling it Christmas Eve it went in the fridge and Christmas morning we cooked it up.  It was marvelous.  So marvelous that Nick wants to make it again this weekend.
2.) Tell us a tip or trick you have for making something simpler. When I'm making something like biscuits, where butter or shortening needs to be cut into flour, I use my food processor.  Gets it done in a flash.
3.) Are you organized? Why or why not? To a certain degree.  Life demands some organization.  But if you looked at my house, you wouldn't think we were terribly organized people. Clutter gets away from me on a consistent basis.  Nick combats it but I tend to ignore it, mostly.
4.) How do you remember to do certain tasks? By doing them regularly, or making notes.  If I don't write it down somewhere, like calendars, it doesn't get done. We still have a paper calendar hanging in the front room that I try to get activities on so we can all know what's going on.  Sometimes I fail miserably, but mostly it works.
5.) Tell us one thing that you're really good at. Reading. and because I read, I really good at random facts and trivia.

Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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  1. Breakfast casseroles are so easy, and I always forget that! I should add that to our weekend breakfast menu!

  2. Yum, I love breakfast casseroles. The one you chose sounds delicious!!

    Congrats on winning the big prize for the Review Extravaganza! How nice!!!

  3. I wouldn't have thought to use the food processor for that. Good idea!


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