Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We Want To Know Wednesday around here.  Time to get a bit random with the questions:

1. What are three things you couldn't live without (not including food, water, shelter, etc)? Books (in one form or another), my boys (both big and little), and the ability to get out of town, our road trips to the mountains are our sanity when things get crazy.
2. If you could only wear one beauty product, what would it be? I'm not a big one for beauty products. Maybe moisturizer? Don't ask me for beauty advice, really, just don't.
3. Are you excited for the school year to be starting soon? Kind of.  I'm looking forward to getting on a good routine again, but sad to see summer go. It's gone by so fast and it seems that we haven't done a whole lot, but we ahve.
4. What has been your favorite thing about the summer so far? We have gone camping a couple times and are going again this weekend.  It's been great getting out.
5. What are some questions you would like to see asked in the We Want To Know Link Up? Hmm, some topics like food (like recipes), favorite sites to visit (other than Facebook), favorite blogs to follow, holidays, outdoor activities, indoor activities, just favorites (foods, animals, books, drinks, movies, etc.).

Now you grab the questions and play along.
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Late-ish

Time to random it up, some. I know that Stacy is packing, but it looks like the lovely ladies of Talk To Us Tuesday are up and running this week.
So on to the random:
  • Nick had a relative die last week, a great uncle.  Yesterday was the funeral and Nick had to be out of town. He got home around 5 and headed over to the local pub to meet up with some of his relatives and later we went to his cousin's house because, in his family, they kind of hold a wake after the funeral. It was a good night reconnecting with cousins.
  • This morning we took Turbo for phase 1 of braces.

  •  Pahse 1 because they only put braces on his top teeth.  He still has a couple baby teeth to lose. Turbo was excited to get rid of his spacers.  It's a whole process he's embarking on.  Tweenhood here he comes.
  • Celery and peanut butter really is good.
  • We plan on going camping the end of this week. Our way of welcoming in the last month of summer vacation.
  • It really can't be almost August already.  I have got to stop blinking.  Summer slips by each time I do.
So that's my random for the week.
Seriously Shawn

Monday, July 29, 2013

That Flashed By

 But not fast enough for some of it.  The weekend I mean.  Saturday could have lasted longer, but I truly wish Sunday had been over before it started.  Friday night was very low key for us.  We relaxed and Turbo had a friend over for a sleep over.  It went well and even thought they were up quite late, they were raring to go Saturday morning.
I grocery shopped and started on my laundry mountain.  Didn't do too bad.  Turbo and his friend rode their bikes to a park (one farther from our house and with a pond) And returned wet.  A change happened and back they went.  They caught a fish with their bare hands. Later, Turbo had a birthday party to attend and while there, he crashed into the sidewalk--has a nasty little scrape on his right knee.
Nick brewed Saturday. He is involved in a brew competition at work. Well, not at work, but he and another guy from work brew, so they are competing against each other, and other coworkers will judge who makes the better beer.  Fun, good relations, good beer, good food.  That's the plan anyway. It all started this weekend.
Saturday evening we had dinner with friends and left Turbo there for a sleep over.  They took him to the movies--the cheap seats to see Iron Man 3--Turbo came back Sunday morning excited about the movie and thinking he had had a pretty good weekend (with exception of the intimate meeting between sidewalk and knee.)
Sunday started out at about 3 am with a migraine for me.  I slept in some hoping it would go away.  No such luck.  Sunday was pretty miserable for me.  We still smoked a chicken so we could celebrate my mom's birthday.  We also watched Oz, The Great and Powerful.  It was pretty good in our opinion.  One we will definitely watch again.
All in all, not a bad weekend, I got the laundry done, but failed at vacuuming.  Could have passed on the migraine and the knee crash.  But really, it was a weekend.  Busy with stuff that doesn't happen during the week and relaxing enough to know we had a weekend.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Confessions on Running and Such

Yippee! It's Friday!  Gotta get through the work day and then, weekend here I come! Although this weekend has nothing exciting planned.  But sleeping in, no going to work good things to look forward to.
Now on to the confessions:
  • I wanted music to run to. 
  • Sounds simple.
  • Not so much.
  • I had never put music on my phone.
  • Did not think it would be so complicated.
  • Took me an hour and a half yesterday afternoon to figure it out.
  • Could I repeat the process?
  • No.
  • Well, maybe, but I'm not totally sure how I got the music on there.
  • It works, so there's that.
  • It was nice to run with music.
  • I thought less about how far I had to go and just ran.
  • One and three quarters miles.
  • On my way to two mile three morning a week.
  • Still not a huge fan of running.
  • I run, but I'm not a runner.
  • At least not one of those who run bunches of miles and stuff.
  • In other news, the sound of cooperating boys is wonderful.
  • But it is not the standard sound around our house.
  • I have a hot date this weekend.
  • It's name is laundry and it's bringing it's buddy the VAcuum.
  • Yep, cleaning is on the agenda for this weekend.
  • With any luck and some diligent work, I can get most of it done on Saturday.
  • That leaves Sunday to play a bit.
  • I want to go to the farmer's market tonight.
  • It's crazy days downtown and there might be good deals.
  • I think I need to go see.
So what are your confessions?  Link them up with Aubrey.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spin Cycle--Reruns

Gretchen said that summer is all about reruns, so this week the Spin Cycle is rerunning your favorite post.  I'm spinning it and showing how I evolved over the last almost four years I have been blogging by sharing my first post and then the posts that I had for each anniversary.
Very First Blog Post ever:
Hi, I'm New Here
Well, after lurking around the blogging world for the past few months I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm not sure how interesting my life is but you never know what people will find interesting.

A little about me and my family. The man I'm married to is a geologist and all around great guy. My oldest son is six and we don't call him Turbo for nothing. My baby is nine months and is our Bruiser. Oh and then there's me. I am a part time stay at home mom, part time working mom, a geologist, reader, scrapbooker and I love to cook. We live in a, well, large town for Wyoming but a small town in the rest of the world. We are close to the outdoors and mountains and we get out quite often to enjoy them.

So come and see what we have happen around our house. I promise the crazy doesn't rub off.
I got absolutely no comments on this post.  On my second post, Jen from Sprite's Keeper was my very first commenter ever.

First anniversary:
I Did It!
I made it one whole year with this whole blogging thing.  My first post ever is here.
It's been a wonderful adventure.  I've met so great people.  From my first commenter--Jen from Sprite's Keeper--to the 114 followers I have now, I had so much fun this last year.
I've won prizes, gotten to rant a bit, and opened my self up.  It's been good for me.
I'm pretty shy in real life and have a hard time making friends.  And in my town, keeping friends is even more difficult--cause they change out every 4-5 years(college town).   I'm looking forward to the next year and seeing where this adventure takes me.  It's been great so far.

So thanks for all the support, therapy and good times.  The smiles from the comments make the whole day better.
 I had seven commenters on this post--one of whom was Nain from The View Down Here.

Second Anniversary:
I confess...
...that it is time to confess with Mamarazzi.  It's Friday---yay!
And here we go:
  • We are not night people.
  • We had a night away from the boys.
  • In downtown Denver.
  • We were tucked into our hotel room by 9:00pm.
  • Red wine doesn't like me.
  • It's OK, because I'm not a big fan of it.
  • I like blushes and rose'.
  • We still have an obscene amount of candy here.
  • I miss my boys.
  • I've been away from them for two nights now.
  • We got back late enough that they stayed at my mom's last night too.
  • Miss them!
  • I got a hot date this weekend.
  • It's laundry and vacuuming time again.
  • I bet you're jealous of the fun I'm going to have.
  • Don't be.  
  • The laundry is the dullest date in the world and all the vacuum does is go over and over what it went over last week.
  • Dull, dull, dull.
  • I'm sleeping in at least once this weekend.
  • Sad that sleeping in until 7:30 counts for me.
  • I just realized that today is my two year anniversary of blogging.  
  • I can hardly believe that I have been doing this for two years.
  • I have met some wonderful women, and consider all of you my friends.
  • Thank you for going on this adventure with me.  
  • And I hit 200 followers today.  
  • Nick owes me a dinner or two.
On this post I got a whopping 12 comments.  I was thrilled that there were people who read what I put out there.

Third Anniversary:
Ah, I Needed That
We had a great weekend.  It was relaxing, fun and had some successes.  We were busy, but not so much that time flew by in a flash.  It was everything a weekend is supposed to be.
Friday afternoon we went and go family pictures taken.  We get to see them this Friday.  I think they will be quite nice. Then it was off home to muddle through dinner and the rest of the evening.
Saturday we hung out and got the chores going--I had laundry to start, groceries to buy, and vacuuming and such to do.  After Bruiser's nap we headed to the rec center and went swimming.  The boys had a blast.  We were there late enough that the time when they allow float tubes in the lazy river came up.  Turbo and Bruiser had so much fun floating around on the tubes.  I even went down the slide they have twice.
On our way home we stopped and had dinner and watched some of the football game.  Wyoming managed to win this one.  They found a team that is worse than we are.  Once home I had a friend come over and we watched the CMA awards that I had recorded.  We watch for the performances, to get a bit snarky about the dresses/clothes and skip what we don't care to watch.  We also polished off two bottles of wine in the process.  It was fun to hang out.
Sunday started out with a call from Bruiser to come help him.  I was still in bed so I got up and headed up stairs to see what he needed. I couldn't find him upstairs at first and called out where are you? "In the bathroom" was the response.  HE was indeed in the bathroom--he had pooped on the potty all by himself.  Hooray for Bruiser!  Small steps and all, I'm still cleaning him up but at least he's trying.
I finished laundry--it has no reason to whine at me, currently.  I also made another batch of salsa, two loaves of Pumpkin pie bread and made plans to have dinner with friends.  We headed out to their house once Bruiser got up from his nap.  We had put together a taco bar and you could make soft tacos or nachos with the toppings we had spread out.
With the time change, Sunday was very long.  Nick spent most of it cleaning and rearranging his garage.  He is way happy with the results of what he accomplished.
So, like I said, it was a good weekend, full but not too full, busy but not too busy, I guess it was a Goldilocks kind of weekend.  How was your weekend?  Too busy, too quick, or just right?

Somehow that fact that I had made it another year completely slipped past me.  I was more about documenting our weekend and such that I forgot it. I got 6 comments on this one--from the core of readers I have. 
Now to see what the rest of this year brings me--I make four year at this in November.  I think I have a much more confident voice now.

Go see Gretchen for more spins.
Second Blooming

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WWTK--What's Up Blog?

Time to Answer some questions.  All about bloggy goodness this week.

{1} How did you come up with your blog name? I am the lone girl in a house of guys.  My hubby Nick and two charming little boys.  Three to one.  Loads of testosterone around here. When I was naming my blog I wanted to use Living the Testosterone Sea, but it was already in use, so I came up with what you see up there. I think it works pretty good to describe the way thing are around here.
{2} Where do you go to find inspiration for your posts? I only have to look at my family and our activities, but I also like more open ended link ups. When I don't do link ups, it really makes me think about the posts I do.  Sometimes those mean more, but it can get taxing to come up with ideas.
{3} What are you favorite link ups? Spin Cycle, This one obviously, Random Tuesday Thoughts, Talk To Us Tuesday, Friday Confessions.
{4} How do you decide if you want to follow a blog? I have to enjoy the writing.  Good grammar helps.  Having something in common with the writer helps too.
{5} If you could change one thing about your blog what would it be? More commenters?  Really, I like having the feed back. But I like what I put up on my blog.  It's a mix of me and family and fun I think.  It's a great place for me to document the things going on here.

Now you grab the questions and play along.
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting a Bit Random

Tuesday.  Another Monday down.  And time to random.  Sounds like fun so let's get to it.

  • We are still working on the potty thing with Bruiser.   Well, the pooping side of things anyway. He's making steps.  Small ones, but he's choosing them. Maybe he'll be in real unders by school time. 
  • Nick has started riding his bike again.  Just an urban circuit (8.1 miles), but he's happy about it and it's good for him.  He raced mountain bikes when I met him and his bike has always been important to him.  His getting back on it and riding is really great.
  • McDonalds toys mate in the dark.  We always have more than I thought we did.
  • I want a nap.
  • I think I need some good chocolate.
  • I also want to get a MP3 player for when I'm running.  I could use my phone, but it's kind of heavy and I usually don't have a pocket in my running clothes and don't really want to hold it while I run.  So, a smaller MP3 player is definitely something I want.
  • Turbo has been loving his Kindle Fire HD.  He likes playing games, watching videos, and on occasion, reading books.
  • Insomnia sucks.  Especially when it insists on my company all night.
  • Four weeks until both my boys go to school.  Turbo to 5th grade and Bruiser to preschool. Where has the summer gone?  I feel it's been a good summer.  We have taken advantage of the weekends to the fullest, but it seems to slipping by really fast.
  • We have another camping trip the beginning of August.  It should be fun.
  • And as Ferris Bueller said "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
So that's my random for the week. Go see Stacy for more.

And join up with Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday. No rules, just fun, link up.
Seriously Shawn

Monday, July 22, 2013

What We Did

We had a pretty good weekend, mostly.  Laid back, relaxed and fun.  Seems to be a theme for us recently.
Friday, I indulged in a few glasses of wine and maybe a mojito.  Turbo had a sleepover, so we only had Bruiser.  Nick and I sat in our yard, watched the moon and talked. It was nice.  I was a bit slow the next morning, but it was worth it.
Saturday, I got the grocery shopping done and Nick took Turbo for a bike ride.  They had a blast.  I attempted to nap, but was unsuccessful. So instead of napping, since Turbo was at a friend's house, and Brusier had gone with Papa and Nana to a birthday party/barbecue, we took advantage of the kidless time and went to get Nick a Blanket of the back seat of his truck, some Keen sandals, and new lounging set for the back deck. We also took a moment to have a Moscow Mule at an adult establishment. Adult time rocks.
We  grilled pizza and watched movies.  The pizza was great and, bonus, we didn't heat up the kitchen in the process.  Practically fire baked pizza.
My mom stopped by after her trip to see her sister.  She was in a pretty good mood.

Pirates of the Caribbean, the Curse of the Black Pearl, was up and we had a nice evening. Nick maybe let the beer flow a bit to freely and was hanging pretty hard Sunday.
I did get him to get the smoker going for some spare ribs.  He had to feel better by evening, he was DD for the guys trip to Dwight Yokem in Cheyenne.
He surfaced mid afternoon for the fantastic ribs and managed to haul himself out to the concert.  I think he had a good time, but I'm not totally sure.  He was still sleeping this morning.
This starts a busy week at work.  Next Friday can't get here soon enough, but I bet it will get here faster than I think it will.

How was your weekend--too busy or just right?

Friday, July 19, 2013

TGIF! Confessions

Oh, so happy it's Friday.  I just wish I could have stayed home today.  But duty calls--so does the paycheck.
Now let's confess it all so we can head into the weekend guilt free:
  • I made Turbo's month.
  • He has been working hard and earning money toward a tablet he had seen at a local store.
  • He has worked so well and without complaint that when he had enough for that one we added to it so he could get a Kindle Fire.
  • He is in heaven.
  • It's so fun to be able to do that for your kids--and he earned $125 through chores for us, Papa, and Grandma.  
  • And he still isn't complaining about doing chores.
  • Score one for us.
  • I wimped out on dinner last night.
  • Frozen pizza and a cheese quesadilla for the boys. 
  • It was easier than trying to cook anything.
  • I turn 40 in a month.
  • I don't feel 40.
  • That seems so old when you say it.
  • Not for another month.
  • I played around with myu banner.  
  • Nothing fancy, but I think it is more in keeping with my button now.
  • Do you like it?
  • I'm seeing results from my running.
  • Not sure what the scale says--we don't have one in the house.
  • But my pants fit better and I look better in the mirror.
  • I might be swimsuit ready by the time we go on our river trip.
  • I'm thinking wine will be good tonight.
  • And maybe ice cream (after the boys go to bed)
Go see Aubrey for more confessions.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spin Cycle--Summers Past

The Spin Cycle this week is summers past.  Pictures were requested.  Truthfully, I don't have access to any picture from when I was growing up.  That was a long time ago and the pictures are still with my mom.  She is not aware that I blog and I'm not going to explain it to her so I can get some pictures.  So let's look through the archives I do have and see what I can find.
A couple years ago, this was the 4th of July.

Our anniversary trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.
Hanging out.

Our honeymoon. 15 years ago.

Summer 2012.

Summer 2008. Clearwater Beach FL.

Enjoying a new umbrella during one of our infrequent rainstorms. Alex is 4.

Goofy Bruiser, he's 2.

Last summer, Torch Lake.

Chillin' on the back deck.

Turbo Photo Bomb.

Again with the goof ball.

Torch Lake.

Torch Lake

Water skiing, Torch Lake

Yep.  Those are all summers past.  I really should look through more old pictures--digital ones at least.  Maybe I'll add a few more.
Go see Gretchen for more summers past.
Second Blooming

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WWTK--It's the Little Things

We Want to Know time. 

1. What one food could you, from here on out, never eat again and be totally fine with? Liver.  Hands down.  Nothing can be done to it to make it taste good.  It's a texture thing.  Not a huge fan of onions, but they cook OK. 
2. Would you rather be blind or deaf? Deaf. I love to read and if that was taken away from me I would not do well. I don't think Audiobooks would be the same.
3. What little things irk you? Repeated sounds.  The boys are really good at this one.  I'm always telling them once is enough, they don't need to do it over and over and over again.
4. When was the last time you did something purposely and solely for yourself? When I got hot pink (raspberry) colored crocs. They are girly and just for me.
5. Tell us about a time something lived up to your expectations. Our trip to Michigan last summer.  The lake house was wonderful, Torch lake was great, we had a wonderful time. Would go again in a heart beat.

Now you grab the questions and play along.
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Little Random and Questions!

So after having gotten through Monday and all it's "fun" I'm ready to take on Tuesday.  Let's get a bit random:
  • This summer is speeding by.  It's been really good, but wow, blinking is not a good idea. And now the *Back to school* stuff is showing up in the stores. Not exactly ready for that one yet.
  • Turbo is growing up fast.  He's practically wearing shoes I can wear. I'm going to have to attack his socks with a marker so I can tell them from Nick's. Yes, they wear the same socks.  Joe Boxer socks from Kmart.  They last the longest.
  • Bruiser's growing too.  He's just about big enough around to wear 5T or 4/5 size pants.  They are all too long for him, but he's almost able to hold the up.  Again, I need to stop blinking.
  • We are looking forward to seeing RED 2.  We loved the first RED. Fun and action, what more could you want? We might even go to the theater--the cheap seats this fall anyway.
  • Nick re-carpeted the stairs last night.  They look awesome.  Walking down them feels really nice with the new carpet. Thanks to my very handy hubby!
Now, Shawn and Impulsive, who host Talk to You Tuesday have asked some questions this week.  I'm gonna play along for fun:

1. Where is the most inappropriate place you've ever fluffed, passed gas, farted, whatever you call it? Hmm, Probably in class when I was in college. Good thing I have the innocent look down to a science.

2. Have you ever stolen something? Explain... Me, well there could have been a few five finger discounts while I was in college, but I never got caught and it's been years since I was young and stupid.

3. What TV shows are you embarrassed to say you watch? Duck Dynasty is huge at our house.  I love What Not To Wear.  And recently, I have been streaming Sabrina the Teen Aged Witch on my Kindle.

4. What is something quirky that you must do? I twist knots in my hair and to keep myself from doing it while I read, I nibble on sunflower seeds.  Better than munching on chips and crackers.

5. What is the last lie you told? To Bruiser, that putting on his jammies did not mean he had to go to bed.

6. What celebrity makes you think dirty thoughts?  Channing Tatum, and Matt Damon.

7. What is the oddest thing in your purse/wallet right now? I have a roll of plastic baggies for putting dirty diapers in for disposal. 

8. Where is the strangest place you've ever had sex? Umm, we are old married people, but back when we were young and limber, a pull-off in a canyon in a truck. 

9. Do you give money to panhandlers? Why or why not? Nope.  I earned my money and need it for us, they could get a job. I don't need to hand them my money.

10. What is your guilty pleasure? Ice cream after the boys go to bed.  That way I don't have to share.  Selfish I know, but I really like my ice cream. Dark chocolate turtles, hidden object games, Tomb Raider video games, trashy romances, croutons eaten like a snack, stealing time to read.

So that's my random for the week. Go see Stacy for more.

And join up with Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday. No rules, just fun, link up.
Seriously Shawn

Monday, July 15, 2013

Why Isn't the Weekend Longer?

I could have used at least another day this weekend.  It was a full and busy weekend, but I still got my relaxing time in in the form of a couple of naps.  It was nice.
Our weekend started Friday evening with dinner cookout style at a cabin in the mountains. Some college friends were out here visiting and we met up at their parents cabin.  Beef ribs cooked out, good company and only a couple of crashes.
Bruiser met a cinder block after going down a slide.  The cinder block won.
Bruiser had a crash within minute of our arrival.  Cinder block 1, Bruiser 0. Later Turbo was standing on the swing they had set up and the board slipped out of the swing and he slid down the chains and took some skin off his little finger. Not a particularly good night for the Jones boys.
The company was great though and we had a good time.
We had another friend come in to town and she stayed with us along with her son. Her daughter was attending a swim camp at the university. We went to the parade Saturday morning and then headed downtown for more town festival or Jubilee Days fun.
Ride 'em Turbo!
Later we went to the park with the boys--after a nap for me (which I thoroughly enjoyed). Park fun for the boys:

Saturday night came with some fabulous smoked meats from Nick--a chicken, pork shoulder, and some antelope.  All of which were so yummy.  He's getting good at the smoked meats. We also indulged in some Mojitos.  Those went down entirely too easily and tasted way too good.
Sunday was pretty quiet around the Jones house.  After Friday and Saturday, we needed the day to just do nothing.  I finished up the laundry--the towels were mating in the dark and getting dirty.  They totally needed the wash. I napped again.
Bruiser denied firmly that he needed a nap.  We let him rest on the couch and watch Turbo play video games.  When I came up stairs I found this:
Definitely not tired.
The weekend was a good one, but I needed another day before facing Monday. How was your weekend--could you have used another day? 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Confessions

And another week survived.  It was a fun week, mostly.  Well, OK, parts were fun and parts were not so fun.
I confess:
  • Fun parts were going to a Jamey Johnson concert for girls night.
Chris Hennessey, opening act.

Jamey Johnson

It was a great concert.

  • Having Nick come home.
  • Getting time in with my boys and gaming out.
  • Having the week go by fairly quickly.
  • Not so fun parts were taking Turbo to the orthodontist and finding out he needs braces.
  • At least it's not the head gear I needed at that age.
  • Nick went to get his teeth cleaned.
  • Total numbed up mouth, no talking for like two hours after he came home.
  • No fun there.
  • I am headed in to the dentist next month.
  • Really not looking forward to that one.
  • I totally need a weekend to just do nothing.
  • Not going to be this weekend though.
  • Laundry, friends in town, Nick's brewing beer, my house is screaming to be cleaned
  • Yep, busy bee that's me.
  • A beach and fruity drinks is looking pretty good right now.
  • Especially if the cabana boys are cute ;)
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spin Cycle--Ahhh, Summer

The topic of this week's Spin Cycle is Summer.  Gretchen asks: What does Summer mean to you? Summer school? Summer Solstice? Summer lovin'? Summer squash?
Now, to really think about what summer means to me. Last week there was a question on the WWTK post I wrote about what summer looks like and sounds like at my house.
Summer looks like curtains closed to keep the heat from the sun out during the day, wide open at night.  Twilight lasts forever here and things cool down so nicely, that's when we hang out outside, water the gardens and grass. Let little boys run around with squirt guns.  Dim interiors to keep the house cool, late afternoon slanting sunshine until 8 pm. Twilight until close to 9pm.  Shorts, tank tops, squirt guns, grilling, flip flops, bare feet, it all says summer.

Shouts and yells, laughter and giggles. Spraying water, skipping/running feet.  It's all summer sounds and feelings. The smell of left over sunscreen, bug spray, dinner on the grill.  Summer.
Summer is when we get a bit lax about the schedule, bedtimes happen around dark.  I don't get too many protests over going to sleep when the sun is still up.  This is nice as the sun doesn't set here until 8:30pm most nights.  At least until August.  Meals happen too--but the planning of said meals gets a bit looser. It's way easy to use the grill--the house doesn't heat up and Nick loves cooking on it. And bonus, less dishes!
We go camping in the summer.  We also head to the hills for our bumbling drives down dirt roads. Finding a dirt road that is new to us makes for a great day.

Our mobile cabin in the mountains.  The view is fantastic and changes when we want it too.
 Summer has many things attached to it, but for me it's a lingering sense of freedom.  I think it is a left over from school all those years--summer was free time.  Time to get lost in books, hang out with no demands and no tests.  Then summer jobs, but since mine was as a lifeguard it was fun and sun and no early mornings. This sense of freedom hangs around still--since we have kids, their glee at being free for the summer sort of transfers to us.
Oh, and as to the questions Gretchen poses about summer, we avoided summer school this year--Yay Turbo! Nick's birthday is the summer solstice, so we celebrate. Nick and I have the summer lovin' taken care of ;) and I like summer squash, but the kids look at it with suspicion when it's presented to them.
Go see Gretchen for more summer spins, and maybe spin up your own take on summer.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WWTK--Summer, Advice, Quotes

We Want to Know time again!
Just some random stuff to learn about me.

1. Show us in pictures how your summer is going so far:

2. What is one thing you are never to busy for? A hug from my boys--any of the three, big or little.
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Showering after my run.
4. What is the best advice you have ever received? Don't get so caught up in the small stuff you miss the big picture. Stop and smell the roses--or look at the bugs, the leaves, and check out this rock Mom!
5. Share some of your favorite quotes: The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead." ~Robert Brault. Various movie quotes float around our house and Big Bang Theory quotes fall from our mouths all the time. We have developed a saying about how our lives go and when things start going wrong--It always works out--usually for the better. This has saved our sanity so very many times.

Now you grab the questions and play along.
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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