Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random Time

And now for a regularly scheduled Tuesday.  Time to get all random.

  • Monday nights are never fun.  Better than Monday mornings, but done all by myself?  Yeah, they seem a bit hectic. We managed though.
  • There are currently two stuffed animals lost in the camper--most likely rolled up in sleeping bags.  They will be rescued when Nick gets back. I need his help opening up the camper to retrieve said sleeping bags.
  • We have been getting just enough rain the last few days to make it so we don't have to water as often.  This will help the water bill. And the plants grow better with rain water.
  • Turbo goes to the orthodontist today.  Kind of nervous about that trip, but we knew it was coming.
  • The nights are too short, the days are too long.  I think we need more vacation. Or scheduled naps for the grown ups.
  • I need some good chocolate. Or maybe ice cream.
  • I still have a ton of mountain dirt to get out of the car.  It ran shuttle to the bottom of the river run for the raft trips this weekend.  Lots of dirt tracked in.  The water has dried out, but the dirt stayed.  At least I have good floor mats.
  • I ran a mile and a half yesterday morning.  (And it felt almost good, but you tell anyone and I'll deny it to my dying breath). It didn't feel like I was trudging.  And 1.5 miles.  Last year when I started this, I could barely go a half mile. So, go me.

So that's my random for the week. Go see Stacy for more.

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Seriously Shawn


  1. I just left a big ol comment and it's GONE.

    Ok, so I said something about finding the stuffed animals soon!

    And I wanted chocolate too but if I make my famous chocolate chip cookies (like I want), I will eat them all and feel horrible.

    Good job on running 1.5 miles! I haven't ran in a couple of weeks and I'm sure I'll pay for that.

    Thanks for always linking up with us!

  2. Nice job on the running. I have a friend who has recently started and says she always feels like she might die. I tell her it gets easier; and it does!

  3. Go you, indeed! :)

    The stuffed animals are playing hide-and-seek. Isn't it funny how things get rolled up in sleeping bags? :)

    We need to get some rain - it might cool things down, plus it would be nice to have Mother Nature do the watering work. ;)

    Good luck at the orthodontist today - that's definitely in Princess Nagger's future, too.

    I absolutely agree that the days are too long and the nights too short...I'd be all over a scheduled nap for adults! :)

  4. Scheduled naps - now that sounds fun... I think the days and the nights are going too fast. I want to find the pause button

  5. Bicycling, I can do. Floor aerobic, I can do. Running, I can't do. So, a big "Yay! Way to go!!" from me to you.

    Last week was VERY rainy for us. I could almost swear I saw an arch in the distance. :D I'm not sure what Turbo will have done at the orthodontist, but my experience was never bad. Gluing the braces on is no big deal and when the doctor strings the wire through each brace, then he will feel a bit of tightness. His teeth will be tender for the first couple of days. I found chewing sugar-free gum to be very helpful to work out the soreness, but ask his orthodontist for recommendations.

    Oh you and me both. I have been so on a big chocolate binge. I've gotten some satisfaction in my almost daily indulgence of chocolate ice cream. In fact, my RTT post is titled National Ice Cream Month. :D

    It's fabulous to be back to visit my lovely blogging friends after being away for months due to illness followed by surgery (5-weeks post-op today!), as well as doing other stuff that I neglected like house chores. Who likes house work other than a woman who couldn't do it? Well, that's me!

  6. I'll take a nap and some chocolate ice cream. The best of both worlds!


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