Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spin Cycle--Reruns

Gretchen said that summer is all about reruns, so this week the Spin Cycle is rerunning your favorite post.  I'm spinning it and showing how I evolved over the last almost four years I have been blogging by sharing my first post and then the posts that I had for each anniversary.
Very First Blog Post ever:
Hi, I'm New Here
Well, after lurking around the blogging world for the past few months I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm not sure how interesting my life is but you never know what people will find interesting.

A little about me and my family. The man I'm married to is a geologist and all around great guy. My oldest son is six and we don't call him Turbo for nothing. My baby is nine months and is our Bruiser. Oh and then there's me. I am a part time stay at home mom, part time working mom, a geologist, reader, scrapbooker and I love to cook. We live in a, well, large town for Wyoming but a small town in the rest of the world. We are close to the outdoors and mountains and we get out quite often to enjoy them.

So come and see what we have happen around our house. I promise the crazy doesn't rub off.
I got absolutely no comments on this post.  On my second post, Jen from Sprite's Keeper was my very first commenter ever.

First anniversary:
I Did It!
I made it one whole year with this whole blogging thing.  My first post ever is here.
It's been a wonderful adventure.  I've met so great people.  From my first commenter--Jen from Sprite's Keeper--to the 114 followers I have now, I had so much fun this last year.
I've won prizes, gotten to rant a bit, and opened my self up.  It's been good for me.
I'm pretty shy in real life and have a hard time making friends.  And in my town, keeping friends is even more difficult--cause they change out every 4-5 years(college town).   I'm looking forward to the next year and seeing where this adventure takes me.  It's been great so far.

So thanks for all the support, therapy and good times.  The smiles from the comments make the whole day better.
 I had seven commenters on this post--one of whom was Nain from The View Down Here.

Second Anniversary:
I confess...
...that it is time to confess with Mamarazzi.  It's Friday---yay!
And here we go:
  • We are not night people.
  • We had a night away from the boys.
  • In downtown Denver.
  • We were tucked into our hotel room by 9:00pm.
  • Red wine doesn't like me.
  • It's OK, because I'm not a big fan of it.
  • I like blushes and rose'.
  • We still have an obscene amount of candy here.
  • I miss my boys.
  • I've been away from them for two nights now.
  • We got back late enough that they stayed at my mom's last night too.
  • Miss them!
  • I got a hot date this weekend.
  • It's laundry and vacuuming time again.
  • I bet you're jealous of the fun I'm going to have.
  • Don't be.  
  • The laundry is the dullest date in the world and all the vacuum does is go over and over what it went over last week.
  • Dull, dull, dull.
  • I'm sleeping in at least once this weekend.
  • Sad that sleeping in until 7:30 counts for me.
  • I just realized that today is my two year anniversary of blogging.  
  • I can hardly believe that I have been doing this for two years.
  • I have met some wonderful women, and consider all of you my friends.
  • Thank you for going on this adventure with me.  
  • And I hit 200 followers today.  
  • Nick owes me a dinner or two.
On this post I got a whopping 12 comments.  I was thrilled that there were people who read what I put out there.

Third Anniversary:
Ah, I Needed That
We had a great weekend.  It was relaxing, fun and had some successes.  We were busy, but not so much that time flew by in a flash.  It was everything a weekend is supposed to be.
Friday afternoon we went and go family pictures taken.  We get to see them this Friday.  I think they will be quite nice. Then it was off home to muddle through dinner and the rest of the evening.
Saturday we hung out and got the chores going--I had laundry to start, groceries to buy, and vacuuming and such to do.  After Bruiser's nap we headed to the rec center and went swimming.  The boys had a blast.  We were there late enough that the time when they allow float tubes in the lazy river came up.  Turbo and Bruiser had so much fun floating around on the tubes.  I even went down the slide they have twice.
On our way home we stopped and had dinner and watched some of the football game.  Wyoming managed to win this one.  They found a team that is worse than we are.  Once home I had a friend come over and we watched the CMA awards that I had recorded.  We watch for the performances, to get a bit snarky about the dresses/clothes and skip what we don't care to watch.  We also polished off two bottles of wine in the process.  It was fun to hang out.
Sunday started out with a call from Bruiser to come help him.  I was still in bed so I got up and headed up stairs to see what he needed. I couldn't find him upstairs at first and called out where are you? "In the bathroom" was the response.  HE was indeed in the bathroom--he had pooped on the potty all by himself.  Hooray for Bruiser!  Small steps and all, I'm still cleaning him up but at least he's trying.
I finished laundry--it has no reason to whine at me, currently.  I also made another batch of salsa, two loaves of Pumpkin pie bread and made plans to have dinner with friends.  We headed out to their house once Bruiser got up from his nap.  We had put together a taco bar and you could make soft tacos or nachos with the toppings we had spread out.
With the time change, Sunday was very long.  Nick spent most of it cleaning and rearranging his garage.  He is way happy with the results of what he accomplished.
So, like I said, it was a good weekend, full but not too full, busy but not too busy, I guess it was a Goldilocks kind of weekend.  How was your weekend?  Too busy, too quick, or just right?

Somehow that fact that I had made it another year completely slipped past me.  I was more about documenting our weekend and such that I forgot it. I got 6 comments on this one--from the core of readers I have. 
Now to see what the rest of this year brings me--I make four year at this in November.  I think I have a much more confident voice now.

Go see Gretchen for more spins.
Second Blooming


  1. That's just what I was going to say. You're so much more confident now! It's really interesting. I love your first post, so tentative and cute. And I LOVE that Jen was your first commenter. I miss her blog.

    You are linked!!

  2. Wow. You've come a long way baby! ;) I hope you're blogging for a long, long time! I really enjoy reading it! You and your hubby are ADORABLE btw. :D


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