Monday, July 1, 2013

Prepping for Fun

This last weekend was all about getting ready to head out for a long Fourth of July Weekend. It was a good weekend, but sort of over shadowed by the fact that we all can't wait to get to the mountains on Wednesday.
Saturday started out with a trek out to the local garage and yard sales.  I went with a friend and while it wasn't a particluarly good day, I found a few things that were worth the trip.
While I was out, Nick's cousin stopped by for a visit, bringing donuts and two week old kittens that the boys got to help her feed.

Saturday afternoon Turbo had a birthday party to attend and we got the camper opened up so we could clean it up a bit and then pack it up for it's trip up to mountains.
Saturday night we had a thunderstorm come through, Nick stayed up way too late watching the lightening.  Storms fascinate him.
Sunday, I got the grocery shopping done and then we packed up and headed up to put the camper in the spot we want to camp in.  We are going back up on Wednesday, but if we wait until then to go up, all the good spots will be taken.
Our lovely spot.

A very dirty boy.
We are right next to the river and will be taking advantage of that to cool off, play and clean up, as the camp spot has fine black dirt very available to little kids. It also holds irresistible allure to kids.
Coming back from the mountain we hit rain and some light hail, but once we got home we found we had missed a major thunderstorm that came complete with a half inch of rain and a bunch of hail.
Snow? Nope, hail.

I conquered the laundry and over all had a busy, but good weekend.  Too bad Monday had to roll around.

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  1. I so wasn't ready for Monday either but oh well, it's here! I can't believe that is hail. That must have been some storm. You all are going to have so much fun in the mountains. I can't wait to hear all about it.


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