Monday, July 15, 2013

Why Isn't the Weekend Longer?

I could have used at least another day this weekend.  It was a full and busy weekend, but I still got my relaxing time in in the form of a couple of naps.  It was nice.
Our weekend started Friday evening with dinner cookout style at a cabin in the mountains. Some college friends were out here visiting and we met up at their parents cabin.  Beef ribs cooked out, good company and only a couple of crashes.
Bruiser met a cinder block after going down a slide.  The cinder block won.
Bruiser had a crash within minute of our arrival.  Cinder block 1, Bruiser 0. Later Turbo was standing on the swing they had set up and the board slipped out of the swing and he slid down the chains and took some skin off his little finger. Not a particularly good night for the Jones boys.
The company was great though and we had a good time.
We had another friend come in to town and she stayed with us along with her son. Her daughter was attending a swim camp at the university. We went to the parade Saturday morning and then headed downtown for more town festival or Jubilee Days fun.
Ride 'em Turbo!
Later we went to the park with the boys--after a nap for me (which I thoroughly enjoyed). Park fun for the boys:

Saturday night came with some fabulous smoked meats from Nick--a chicken, pork shoulder, and some antelope.  All of which were so yummy.  He's getting good at the smoked meats. We also indulged in some Mojitos.  Those went down entirely too easily and tasted way too good.
Sunday was pretty quiet around the Jones house.  After Friday and Saturday, we needed the day to just do nothing.  I finished up the laundry--the towels were mating in the dark and getting dirty.  They totally needed the wash. I napped again.
Bruiser denied firmly that he needed a nap.  We let him rest on the couch and watch Turbo play video games.  When I came up stairs I found this:
Definitely not tired.
The weekend was a good one, but I needed another day before facing Monday. How was your weekend--could you have used another day? 


  1. I actually got a chance to read a book. You read that right. I read a whole book. Do not see that happening anytime soon again.

    Poor Bruiser.

  2. Dang that looks like a nasty cinder block. I thought we were going to have major injuries when Leo kicked a football right into Jacoby's face. thankfully just a little bruise and bump. Glad you had a chance to enjoy some naps this weekend!

  3. LOL @ the last pic. We have that same T Rex shirt! Sounds like a great weekend.

  4. Aw.. Those "growing bumps" can be brutal.. I remember when my kids were that age. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend and that antelope sounds soooo good. We only get that when my brother goes hunting and it's been a while. I need to call him and make sure he gets something this year! And yay for naps and mojitos!! :D

  5. Poor Bruiser! Your weekends always sound so fun packed!


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