Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We Want To Know time again.  Happy day before The Fourth--the last work day of the week for me.  Long weekend here I come--as soon as going home time hits.  Now to watch the day crawl by.
Let's do something to pass the time shall we--answer questions!

1.) Now that it is officially summer, what season is your favorite and why? I like fall.  Ours are usually nice and not too hot and not too cold.  We do get snow, but it tends not to last. The kids go back to school, routines are reestablished, and things aren't so crazy for us.

2.) What does summer look like in your house? Sound like? Curtains closed to keep the heat from the sun out during the day, wide open at night.  Twilight lasts forever here and things cool down so nicely that's when we hang out outside, water the gardens and grass. Let little boys run around with squirt guns.  Shouts and yells, laughter and giggles. Spraying water, skipping/running feet.  It's all summer sounds and feelings. The smell of left over sunscreen, bug spray, dinner on the grill.  Summer.

3.) Recount a summer memory from your childhood.  We had a nice hill in front of our house that was grass covered.  I remember rolling down it as a kid during the seemingly endless twilight that we get here due to the mountains that hide the sun long before it goes down. After the heat of the day, evenings in the summer are my favorite.

4.) Do you have fourth of July plans? (If not in the U.S. what are you doing this weekend?) We are escaping and heading to the mountains for four days of camping and playing in the river and hanging with friends.  I expect us to come home filthy, tired and sunkissed (if I wield the sunscreen enough).

5.) Does it get super hot where you are in the summer and how do you deal with it? We usually don't get much above 80-90 degrees here. We have had more days like that, but normal temps are in the 70-80s. The nice thing is it cools off into the 50s at night.  Open the windows and it cools things down.  Without that we would melt.  We also have a basement that stays cooler and we retreat to it when it gets hot.

Now you grab the questions and play along.
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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  1. Your description of the sounds and smells of summer really bring an image to life! Reminds me of summer evenings when I was a kid.

  2. I definitely appreciate the routine of the normal school year, as crazy as that sounds.

  3. I like fall best, too, for many of the same reasons, except our temps are more like summer during the fall. I think it's the anticipation that fall brings. We've already hit 102 this summer. Talk about melting!

  4. Your 4th plans sound like a blast! Hope you all have a great trip :)

  5. Fall is my favorite season, too. Must be nice for the temps to be in the 50's at night so you can cool the house down!

  6. I hope you enjoyed camping! We're watching it rain and flood. :/

    I enjoyed your answers, and autumn seems to be a favorite season so far!



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