Friday, April 30, 2010

Spin Cycle--Roles

small cycle
Jen at Sprite's Keeper has challenged us to write about roles.
Mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, teacher, clerk, cashier, hero, damsel.. We all have roles. What's your role? Favorite role? Least favorite? Role you feel obligated to play? What role defines you best? What role do you want to redefine?

I have many roles.  Wife, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, finder, chief picker upper, the one who deals with puke, medicine dispenser, geologist, bill payer, cook, baker, laundress, peacekeeper, event planner, soother, blogger, reader, scrapbooker, cleaner, dishwasher, etc.  Really, the list could go on and on.

Several of these I would gladly give up, but if I didn't do them, who would?  They never tell you when you get ready to have that first baby, you will be picking up after him, wiping his rear and nose, cleaning up puke, coaxing him to eat, talk, walk, and grow for ever.  I don't like the puke picking up aspect of things.  I like even less being puked on.  Wiping little noses, and discussing your child's pooping habits--these they don't warn you about.

I would gladly hand over the bill paying role but Nick would forget and I'd get blamed when the bills didn't get paid.  I hate the laundry but I'm not letting Nick anywhere near my clothes (It all goes in together, right?).  Nick only picks up in sporadic bursts, so if I didn't the place would be spotless then a disaster in cycles.  Of course there is the fact that when I pick up you can still find the things I put away.  We are still looking for some of the things Nick "put away" the last time he cleaned up.

My two favorite are wife and mother--two I chose to take on.  I love being a wife and I love being a mother(expect the puke thing).  But I try hard not to let these roles take over so much I lose myself.  To be well rounded you must have more than two aspects to yourself.  I am a geologist, reader, scrapbooker, all things that make me a better me. 

I have also discovered that I am a blogger.  This helps me stay saner at home because I have a place the vent when things get crazy.  I also get some great comments that make me smile about what has happened and that makes it all better.  When I first entered the world of blogging I was not sure how I would fit in, but I have found it to be a wonderful place filled with great people.  So this is a role I relish and am hoping to maintain.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Dentist,
Please make sure you treat my little boy carefully.  Make sure he won't remember any of the things you are planning on doing to him.  Four teeth are a lot to pull at once and the spacers will make him sore too.  I really don't want him to be afraid of you.  I don't want him to remember the pulling and tugging.  Please be good to him and work quick and well.  Next Tuesday is going to be rough enough on the poor kid.  Here's hoping that the next time you see us he won't have these issues.
Very worried Mom

Dear Turbo,
You did a fantastic job at your school program.  I'm proud of you and the program was wonderful.  I hope next year will be as good.  Now you just have to make it through the rest of the year.  Then summer starts.  You only have five weeks left.  You can do it!  (And I'm sorry your teeth have been bothering you so much.  Let's hope that the dentist can fix it all up for you next week).  And we will be playing some Tomb Raider this weekend, I promise.
Love Mom

Dear Mother Nature,
I hate you.  I say that in the nicest way.  You really need to take another look at the calendar again.  It says S-P-R-I-N-G on it the last time I looked.  The snow you are sending our way is kind of out of place.  Last weekend is was 10 inches, Sunday night is was 1.5 inches, today it's another inch, the rest of the week has snow/rain predicted.  Rain is ok, really.  I'm getting cabin fever here cause we can't get out on the weekends.  Give a mom a break, OK?
Cooped up mom

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I Meant to Say and an award

Chief at (Hiding From the Kids) is hosting What I meant to Say today.  SHe has a snazzy new button for the occasion.  See:

So play along and let us know what you really meant to say but held your tongue or bit your lip to keep from saying.
What I said:  To Turbo's teacher when she called about Turbo after his dentist appointment:  Yes he has two abcessed teeth and need four teeth pulled, no I didn't know about it before this, yes we are getting it taken care of.
What I meant to say:  Don't go all judgemental on me, until the kid started to hurt we had no idea that his teeth were this bad.  Are you a dentist?  Shut it with your "you didn't know?"  in a slightly accuatory tone.  As if you're perfect.  We are getting him fixed but it's going to be a process.  Get off your high horse, lady.

And in brighter news:
J.B. over at Purplum's Blog has given me an award.  Too cool.
And as with most of these awards it comes with rules. 
I get to share ten honest facts about myself and then pass it on to five other blogs.  So here are ten things about me:

  1. I am an avid reader.  I'll read almost anything once.  I'll even read the phone book to pass the time, if necessary.
  2. I like country music.  I think some of it sounds awfully similar to the rock and roll of the eighties (yes I am old enough to remember the eighties.)
  3. My hair style has not changed much since college.  The length has but the general style has not.
  4.  I like Scooby Doo cartoons, the old ones, the new ones, just not the ones with Scrappy or the other members of Scooby's family.
  5. I'm a champion procrastinator.  I guess I work better under pressure.
  6. I can watch television shows over and over again.  Drives Nick nuts, he wants something new all the time.
  7. I don't like going to the movies.  The theaters are always cold, my feet end up freezing and it's so expensive.  My living room is a great place to see movies.
  8. I tie knots in my hair.  Nervous habit I have had since I was a baby.  Bruiser plays with his hair too.
  9. My father commited suicide when I was three months old, so I never knew him.
  10. I love seafood, and am sad that we don't live nearer the water so it would be less expensive.  Then I could eat it more often.
Now for five blogs to pass this on to:
Cfoxes33 at See Foxes?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts and Hey, How 'Bout Some Post-its Too?

Random Tuesday Thoughts is brought to you by Keely at The Unmom.  Just click the strange purple button and head on over with your own random thoughts.

Teeth are funny things.  Turbo's baby molars hate him.  He started complaining of tooth pain last Thursday.  We got him into the children's dentist yesterday.  He won the prize.  If by prize you mean getting four teeth pulled, spacers put in, cavitiy filled and fun stuff like that.  The kid has two, count them two abcessed teeth.  No wonder he has been in pain.  I feel so bad, but we brush, and use floride rinse at least once daily.  His six year molars are doing fine.  It's those darn baby molars.  They just like to party with the cavities.  Well next week those suckers are out of there.  Wish us luck.

We have been watching old home movies.  We found the video we got of Turbo when he was little--like from about age 4 months up until about two.  Man, he was a cute kid, still is but he's bigger.  We also had film from our honeymoon, wedding, trips to Moab, and climbing adventures.  It's been great to look back and somehow motivating for us--we were damn skinny back then.  Nick is all ready to get active and lose some more weight.  I just want to get more acitve.  We have also dragged out the camera to do some recording of Bruiser and Turbo now.  To make looking back later as much fun as it has been the last couple of days.

Would you believe we got like ten inches of snow on Friday?  And another inch and a half on Sunday night? Saturday was like 50 degrees and sunny. What is this--weather by Sybil?  I know that April showers bring May flowers but I'm not so sure snow showers is what they meant.  We are being threatened with more snow on Thursday.  I feel like it's December all over again, except for the green grass that shows when the snow melts.

And now for Post-it Notes With Supah:

If you have some stickies to put up go link with Supah and let us know what you have to say.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Minute

Monday Minute

Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality has his Monday Minute questions up.
So here goes:
  1.  What drugs have you done in your life?
    I'm a good girl and there was only that one time--uhh, what was the question?  Alcohol on occasion and maybe that one time with a bit of pot but I didn't inhale--yeah, I didn't inhale.
  2. A/S/L?

  3. Do you pick your nose?

    For those really annoying ones, yes.  Sometimes a tissue is just not going to do it.
  4. What's your favorite childhood cartoon?

    It's a toss up between Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny.  I love them both.  Now Scooby Doo is a favorite of Turbo's, we see lots of Scooby Doo now.
  5. List the URL, of what you believe to be the best blog post you've ever done.   This may not be my best post but it is one of my favorites.
So, go see Ian and answer the questions for yourself.

All about ME Monday--Jealous much?

Mommybrain's promt this Monday is about jealousy--

Jealousy is not a pretty emotion.  
But I think it's fair to say that we all succumb 
to its power every now-and-then.  
We're only human, right?

Are you ... jealous much?
What makes you green with envy?
What makes your green-eyed monster break free 
and bare its teeth for all to see?

So things that make me jealous, hmmm, well it has changed over time.  When I was in high school, I was jealous of the clothes and stuff that the other girls had.  In college I was jealous of the kids with lots of money--I had to earn my spending, eating, utilities, etc.  Then I was jealous of the friends who got married, until I did--we waited a while.  Then when everyone started having babies, I was jealous of their kids.  Then I had my own. 

So far the things I was jealous of have resolved themselves.  These days I am jealous of different things.  Here's a list:
  • Money--there is just never enough
  • Time--to do the things I want to do like scrapbooking, reading, blogging.
  • Privacy--they never tell you that you will never again go to the bathroom in peace again when you have kids.
  • Being able to travel to fun and exotic locations.
  • having stuff--like a net book computer, new pop-up camper, digital SLR camera, a bigger house, the list could go on and on.
  • I will admit that I am jealous of the people who are on the make over shows.  Style stuff has never come easy to me.
  • I am also jealous of those people who seem to make friends so effortlessly.  Being shy and mildly insecure in social situations sucks.
Then I stop to think about what I have and these things don't seem so important.  These guys make it all better.
Turbo and Bruiser make me feel less jealous of other people.  They're cute, no?  Are you just a bit jealous?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Follow--Giving it a whirl

Friday Follow

So, I keep seeing this around the bloggy world and thought it might be time to try it out.  Friday Follow looks like a great way to find new blogs to follow and let other poeple know about me.  So here goes.

This is hosted by One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families, and Midday Escapades.  There are a few rules:
Here's how YOU can join the Friday Follow celebration:

* Link up your blog name and URL using the MckLinky below. Only need to add on one blog to be seen on all the blog hops.

* Grab the Friday Follow button and include on your Friday Follow blog post.

* Follow the Friday Follow hostesses listed in the first 3 slots.

* Follow as many other blogs on the linky as you'd like

* Take a moment to comment on the blogs telling them you're from Friday Follow

* Follow back when you get a new follower through Friday Follow
So lets see where this gets me.  Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Flashback Friday

Okay so I'm gonna play with Jen at My Crazy Life this week.  She is doing Flashback Friday.  It's a story from your past--funny, sweet, whatever as long as it happened more than a year ago.

My story this week started in June of 2007.  I was on Field Camp(a field course for Geologists) and it was getting close to the end of the course--we had like a week left(it was a six week course).  That Wedsenday was the day before Nick's birthday.  I would be leaving for the final project the next morning, so we celebrated that day by heading to Ft. Collins for lunch and some shopping.

 I had not been feeling great but had chalked it up to sleeping in a tent and being way from home so much.  We got home that afternoon and around 4:30pm I was hit with the worst pain I had ever felt in my life.  I doubled over and hobbled out to tell Nick that something was wrong.  We took Turbo to the grandparents and headed to the hospital.  Once there they informed me I had a kidney stone.  Wonderful.

I got in to see a urologist in the next town (cause both the ones in my town were at a conference.)  He sent me for xrays and then put them up to look at. 
"Hmmm, We don't usually see this."
So not a good sign when a doctor says that.  It turned out I had not one, not two but multiple stones in my left kidney.  Two were easy to see the others had created a mass about the size of a walnut in my kidney.  Oh joy.  Thus started the summer of the kidney stones.  The next three months were punctuated by trips to the doctor, stays in the out patient wing and finally with an eight day stint in the hospital.  The final tally on the number of stones was over twenty.  I also have a lovely X marks the spot scar on my back too.

I now have to cut down on my salt intake and drink lots of water.  Who knew dehydration can lead to kidney stones.  I guess I'm an over acheiver--I'm a geologist and I make my own stones too.  Any way, I watch my sodium intake like most people watch calories--did you know there is salt in everything?  And I'm amazed by the amount of salt in stuff.  I have learned just because it says all natural preservatives doesn't mean it's good for me, salt is a natural preservative.
Anyway, that's my flash back--the time I got what I thought was for older people-kidney stones.

Next week, I promise will be more fun than this one.

Update:  For the record I would rather go through childbirth than have kidney stones.  With labor the pain does come and go a bit and you have something nice to show for the effort at the end.  With kidney stones, the pain seems unending and there is nothing to show at the end--who shows off their lovely kidney stones?

Friday Confessional

Friday Confessional time with Glamazon.

OK, so here goes, my confessions for the last two weeks(I didn't play last week):
  • I like the snow
  • just not right now.
  • Not too impressed with our neighbors right now
  • the ones who thought a party last night was a good idea.
  • Partying with the police=not so cool.
  • Arguements and yelling and fist fights in front of our house--bad idea.
  • If you wake up Bruiser I just may go all psycho on you.
  • I talked about pooping on Monday--(just for you Glamazon)
  • We never go anywhere without at least two rolls of toilet paper in the car.
  • You never know what the facilities(or lack there of) will be.
  • Going to lunch with my mom and my mother-in-law--God help me.
  • It won't be that bad but, am I glad it only happens every once in a while.
  • looking forward to an inside weekend.
  • My windows will have to wait.
  • I'm not sad about that.
  • If I was, someone would have to take my temperature, cause I would surely be sick.
Well that about covers it for this week (and last too).  If you have something you need to get off your chest head on over and share it with Glamazon, she can keep a secret--I think.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spin Cycle--Quotable Quotes

small cycle

This week's Spin Cycle is all about quotes.  Movie quotes, sayings, TV quotes, just any quote you use regularly or just really like.

One of my favorite quotes is "The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead." ~Robert Brault.  I like this one because it is so true.  It also helps to remind me to be optimistic, since I tend toward the pessimistic side of things.

Another saying that Nick and I have developed is that it always works out--not necessarily the way we initially planned, but it always works out.  Our lives have not taken the path we thought they would back when we were young, but we are so happy with where we are now.  So when life throws it's curve balls at us, we try to roll with the punches, we just may end up better off.

The other phrase that gets used often in our house is "Jinks-- you owe me a coke,( beer, drink of choice, etc.)"  when Nick and I say the same thing at the same time.  It happens at least once a day on average.  We do it so often that Turbo has started saying Jinks! when Nick and I say the same thing at the same time before we can.

Movie quotes get littered in our conversations--but since I have to try to remember which ones we use lots, I can, of course, remember none of them.  Ghostbusters, Goonies, and lines from various TV shows pop up frequently. 

We also quote comedians.  One of our favorites is Bill Cosby.  Nick is fond of saying we have two children because we don't want three--a paraphrase of Bill Cosby's line about how many kids he had.  We really like Bill Cosby's show Himself.  We also like the Blue Collar Comics and lines from their shows are often very appropriate. 

If you have a favorite quote or movie line--spin it up and go link with Jen at Sprite's Keeper.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I Meant to Say

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for what I meant to say with Chief.  So let us know how you really felt but were holding back or were to polite to let the offending person have it.

What I said: To my mom:  Theose clothes are going to the attic, not charity.
What I wish I could have said:  Hell yes thay are out of here, cause I'm never going to use them, and don't need to keep them.  For goodness sake, some of them are from when you were younger than me.  They don't fit, aren't in style and are most definately not vintage.  If you want them, take them, I don't want to store them any more.

To the weatherman:  Really snow this weekend?  Well that's spring in Wyoming.
What I Meant to say:  Kay, I'm ready for more rain, but snow now?!  Come on Mother nature, stop teasing. Take your meds and even out already.

Pour your heart out--Stuff

I love my mother dearly but she drives me crazy too.  I never know if it's a good day or a bad day with her.  Things have been pretty good for a while now but I know she will have an episode soon.  She is an undiagnosed manic depressive(my diagnosis from years of watching her go up and down).  More over she doen't have any one else to dump stuff on because she is single and has few friends.  She has lots of aquaintences but few friends. She is not close to many of her brother or sisters--a whole other story, let's not go there.

I know I have my own issues with depression to deal with, but she can trigger a down swing with the most "innocent" of comments.  She is also a master at creating guilt.  I can't talk about this stuff with her because it is then an attack on her.  Everythng always become about her. I can't do anything or have a moment that she has not done something similar or better.  It can be exhausting talking to her. 

We are walking a fine line too, because she watches Bruiser during the day when I am working.  She is wonderful with him.  We try not to offend her but we never know what will set her off.  Mostly things are OK but every now and then I wish I could just tell her the truth.  Not a good idea but it would be so satisfying. 

Too make things even more fun Nick's dad is a diagnosed Manic depressive.  Some days it just does not pay to answer the phone.  Nick and I are aware of these things and we try to keep an eye on our health so we can keep things normal for both us and the kids.

I have however found a new place to vent about the things my mom does--here in bloggy land.  She does not know about my blog--yet.  The most recent of her antics was yesterday.  We cleaned out so stuff from our closets and fron Bruiser's room--mostly because it need to go and Bruiser needs a room that is Bruiser friendly.  There were some old clothes my mom had given me from when I was a little girl--things she made for me, some clothes she had made for herself back in the sixties, and some clothes from my grandmother I guess.  We had planned on moving them to the attic because we aren't using them and don't need to store them in Bruiser's room. 

Truth be told we don't need to keep much of it anyway, but I knew it would send her over the edge if we got rid of it.  She saw the pile of clothes we intended to take to the attic and called me in a sort of panic over whether I was going to get rid of them.  I told her no, they were going to the attic to be stored there.  It took the wind out of her sails and she was calmer.  She offered to take them back to her house and store them there.  Those clothes are really getting the run around--her house, my house, her house.  The sad thing is no one will ever wear them again.  I don't care if you call them vintage or not--wool is not fun to wear--itchy and scratchy, yes, fun no. 

OK, I'm done venting.  Go see Shell for more Pour Your Heart Out posts.  It's thought provoking stuff over there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rtt and Post-it--a twofer

So, Tuesday, you have come again.  I guess it's random time again.  Also time for the bloggy fun of Post it note Tuesday.

And random--We did a major overhaul of the closet in our bedroom.  Nick drug me kicking and screaming to go through things.  When we were finished we had six bags of clothes to go to ARC(the charity that picks up from our house).  Big black garbage bags of clothes.  Nick was wonderiung where we had it all cause it doesn't look like it would all fit back where we had it.

We also rearranged in Bruiser's room.  I now have a place to read to him before bed and a place to cuddle with him when he wakes up-the glider rocker is in his room now.  We still have a desk in there where the printers live when we aren't using them, but overall the room is more kid friendly now.

I also got to go shopping this weekend.  With another girl.  It was so much fun.  Bruiser came along but still it was girls shopping and I got some great stuff--shirts and shoes.  We are planning a trip to Denver in a couple of months.  It should be a good time.

The weather is good for the moment--we have been in the lower 60s and sunny for the most part.  This next weekend the weathermen are threatening the s word.  Spring in Wyoming.  I love the psycho witch.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Minute

Monday Minute

It's time for those Monday Questions with Ian.  Here goes:

1 - Ever take a dump(shat, crap, etc.) in the woods?
      Yep, but not often.  The first time happened when I was about 11.  I had to find leaves to wipe with and every thing.  We were chokecherry picking and the urge hit and there was no denying it.  Since then, I've had to do it a couple of other times and my hubby is obsessive about having toilet paper with us--there are always about three rolls in the car when we take a road trip or go camping.

2 - If you won $1,000, what's the first thing you would do with it besides give me a cut?
     Well, after the cut, I think I would get a good digital SLR camera and a new netbook computer.  A thousand bucks really doesn't go that far any more.

3 - What's your favorite phrase?
       Fabulous--heavy on the sarcasm.

4 - Fill in the blank - the world would be a better place if ______ left the planet.
     Stupid people--they're everywhere.

5 - How do you take your coffee or tea?
     With lots of sugar and some creamer if I have it.

Friday, April 16, 2010


small cycle

The spin cycle is words this week.  Hmm, pretty broad topic.  This could go in many different directions.  People don't think about the damage, or good that words can do.  All it takes is a simple off-hand comment, made with out any real thought, to improve or destroy someone's day.  These comments are just words, but the meaning behinds them makes them so powerful.

How many times have you been having a bad day and a simple comment, compliment, or bit of praise makes it all better?  How many times have you been having a great day and a comment has wrecked that good feeling?  Words, just words, but the impact is so much more.

Teasing is just words but they cause so much hurt.  You can only shrug off so much before it really starts to stick.  I still have to tell myself that people are not always talking about me, leftovers from a childhood of teasing and whispers.  And I still have trouble with those who try to pass words off as just teasing--my step dad could make the most cutting remarks but it didn't mean anything if he said he was "just teasing".  I do OK with teasing now because it is just gentle fun, not those cutting remarks.  Again just words but the cuts went so much deeper.

I'm trying to remember that my words impact my kids.  I'm trying to keep those words as positive as I can.  I want the best for them and I want them to think they can do anything.  It's those dreams that take you the farthest.  If my words and love can help them acheive those dreams then I have done my job well.  Words of praise make the difference.  I don't want to tell them they can't dream big.

I'm also dreading the day when I have to comfort one of them because someone said something to hurt them.  I know it will happen but with any luck I will have given them enough strength to be able to shrug it off and know that those words don't really mean any thing.

Well that's my take on words.  Go see Jen at Sprite's Keeper for more spins on words, you won't regret it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free Therapy with Thank You Very Much

Time for some free therapy this Thursday brought to you by Kmama at The Daily Dribbles.  Thank You Very Much is when you take out your frustrations on the irritating things from your week and thank them in a sarcastic way.  So without further ado, here we go:

To the wind:  I could have done without you and the dust you bring with you.  Thank you very much for kick starting my allergies.

To my allergies:  You could have taken a vacation this year and I wouldn't have missed you.  Thank you very much for your dedication but next year could you head for, oh I don't know--Timbuktu? 

To the dishes in the sink:  Thank you very much for multiplying in the sink.

To Nick:  After you go shoot at league, I don't mind if you go have a beer or two with the guys, however saying you will be home at 8:30pm and coming home at 11:45pm(with no warning phone call) does not make me happy.  Thank you very much for the short night's sleep(since I can't sleep unless I know when you are coming home).

If you have need of some free therapy, go see Kmama and link up, it's good for you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out-Relief

Today I'm joining Shell's Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday again.

When we decided to get pregnant we weren't hoping for a boy or a girl--just healthy.  When we went in to the first ultrasound we decided to find out the sex.  We were blessed with a little boy.  I was glad to hear that.  If they made a mistake we could still use some of the clothes.  We got our healthy boy and things were good.

Five years later--after some minor detours--we got pregnant with number two.  Both the grandmothers were actively hoping for a girl.  I must confess, I was not.  I really wanted another boy.  For one thing we had all the clothes we would need, all the toys, all the stuff for a boy.  For another, I was scared to raise a girl in today's world.  I had enough trouble with the drama when I was growing up and I did not want to watch a girl try to navigate that world again.  Boys don't have it easy but it's different for boys. 

Both my husband and I were relieved when the technician said number two was most definately a boy.  Nick because he would not have to try to deal with a dating girl, me because boys just seemed like less drama.  Also, I have a hard time being girly and I didn't thinnk that I would be so good at trying to teach a girl how to do her hair and use makeup and all that stuff.

Mostly though, because my memories of middle school and high school are not so great, I was relieved that we would be guiding boys through that mine field instead of girls.  Boys have bullies to deal with, but girls have all the catty, mean, drama laden things to try and navigate.  I know I'm probably a better mother to boys than I would be for a girl.  Although I miss getting to dress up a girl, just a little.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random, Posties and such


RTT is happening over at Keely's place.  Go check her out.

So, Nick has this tendancy to sleep walk when he is very tired or he has a bit too much to drink.  He will get up and wander the house, although he will usually find his way back to bed, sometimes he wakes up and finds himself in unexpected places in the house--on the couch, in a chair, upside down in bed.  He is very confused when this happens because he remembers nothing about the trip.  Sunday night was a  roaming night, I had to rescue him from the laundry room and get him back to bed.  As he returned to bed he said(cause he talks in his sleep too)"Glad that's working out for you---electricity!"  I was a bit confused as to why he would say that but then I remebered he was asleep--mostly. 

On a side note, Turbo sleep walks too.  Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night to a screaming kid who is running around lost because he can't find the bathroom.  We can't close the bathroom or take down the night light because he gets lost without it.  Sometimes there is more going at night in our house than during the day.  No word on whether Bruiser will sleep walk or not.  I'm hoping not.

We had warmer weather this weekend.  Got to spend time outside.  It was great.  And not meant to last.  Today is colder and windy.  Such is spring in Wyoming, wait five minutes and the weather will change.

And now for Post-it Notes with Supah.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Swap stuff is here!


Shortmama at Family of Shorts hosted a spring swap.

Jen at My Crazy Life was my swap partner.  Her package to me arrived today.  It's spring all over.  She made me fun flipflops, sent me pedicure stuff and fun pink nail polish.  I get to grow lots of flowers and enjoy an icy beverage in the fun pink cooler mug while watching the birds eat from their new feeder.  There is also some chalk to occupy the kiddos, some scrapbooking stickers and glue pens(might just motivate me to get back to the scrapbooks) and new mailing labels that she made.  She sent me a pad to keep track of the lists of blog posts that occur to me too.

The flipflops are decorated with water balloons and are so fun.  She sent me a great wind chime and a pink picture frame that is just calling for a picture of me being all relaxed in the yard this summer, or maybe camping, in the hammock or other summery place.  When I find the perfect picture, I'll post what I fill it with.  Everything in here is fun and I'm looking forward to getting my toenails painted for summertime--In about a month or so when the weather becomes a bit warmer and more stable.

Now for the pics of everything:

Mommy and Me Monday

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

Krystyn over at Really, Are You Serious? has this little Meme about getting in the picture with your kids.  How often do you look back through the picture taken of some event and there is no picture of you, the mom, because you were behind the camera?  Krystyn has challenged us to take one picture a week with our kiddos.  I'm not sure I can do evry week but I do want to be in the picture more.

Here is my offering for the week:
Bruiser is a great snuggler and he gives wonderful hugs.  Nana snapped this picture at the urging of my mother at Easter Brunch.  It turned out pretty good.  Now I just have to catch Turbo for a picture soon.

Daily Dribbles givaeaway

Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles is having a giveaway!  She's giving away Corel Digital Studio 2010.  It includes corel's PaintShop Photo Express (photo editing), Corel VideoStudio Express (video making), Corel WinDVD (DVD playback), and Corel DVD Factory (DVD burning and converting).  I'm excited about thisd and hope I win.  I need a good photo editing software, and this sounds like a great one.

So head on over and see Kmama and enter her great giveaway.

Friday, April 9, 2010

There it goes--Spring Swap

Today I packaged up the items for my Spring swap partner.  The box is on its way.  I really hoipe she likes what I picked out. 
This is worse than high school.  Will she like it?  Will she think I picked well?  Will she think I'm boring?  Oh well, I'll find out next week.  I also get the package from her and I'll bet she is feeling some of the same things. Check back next week to see what she sent me.

Friday confessional

Time to confess your heart out with Glamazon.

Here are mine for the week:
  • Some times in the middle of the night, when Bruiser is screaming, I really don't like him all that much.
  • I rarely wear make-up, mostly because foundation and I don't get along very well.  I either look like I'm dead or orange.  Not a good look.
  • It's laundry time again and I don't wanna--the weather is too nice for laundry.  However,  the guys are running out of unders so it must be done.
  • I really enjoy watching Scooby Doo cartoons.
  • I notice when announcers or people in shows say the wrong thing, or say something that could have been stated more clearly.  This bugs me.
  • I'm a nibbler.  I nibble on snacks when doing something like reading, watching TV, or sometimes when I'm on line.  Sunflower seeds rule.
  • I have to keep my salt intake low--sunflower seeds are bad for me.
  • I don't drink enough water.
I think that is about it for my confessioons this week.  I can't confess everything--what would I talk about next week?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tell Me About it Thursday--#7

Brittney at Mommywood has picked photo #7 for today's picture.  You just go to your photo folder and find picture #7. 

Here's mine:

This is Bruiser at about 3 months old.  The kid could work that tongue from the moment he was born.  We were at Papa and Nana's house and Nana took this picture.  She caught his wide eyed expression perfectly.  Who could resist those big blue eyes?

I'm going to have to watch those eyes or I will give in to way to much when he gets older.

Now head to Brittney's and link up your own #7.

Spin Cycle--Appearances

small cycle
Jen's topic this week for the Spin Cycle is appearances.  My spin on it is about First Impressions.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  This has haunted me all my life.

Growing up, I was a victim of being judged on appearances.  The first impression the kids at school got of me was the one that stuck with me for the entirity of my school career.  I was never dressed in the latest styles, or in the coolest clothes.  Second hand and hand me downs were the choices I had.  This does not help you fit in in a small town.  I always felt I was a half step off from the rest of the kids I went to school with.  I was seen as poor and a bit wierd, based only on my appearance.  I was shy and that didn't help. 

I looked forward to going to college for the chance to start over and give a better first impression to the people around me.  I enjoyed meeting people and tried really hard to overcome my shyness.  It worked with guys.  I felt a thrill when ever I got asked out.  I made some friends and was able to leave the shy, ill dressed, mousey, awkward girl behind.  I learned that a smile aided in meeting people and that speaking up in class was not a bad thing.  I blossomed in college like I never could in the small town I grew up in.

First impressions follow you every where.  I was helped by the more confident first impression I gave when I went to college.  I still think about the impression I give to people and I hope that it is more confident than insecure.

I thnk that is why I like the blogging world.  Your first impression is not based on looks (except the look of your blog), it's more based on what you write and what you say.  This is a much easier world to navigate because you don't have to worry about appearances.

Go visit Jen at Sprite's Keeper for more Spins on appearances.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out

Shell at Things I Can't Say is hosting Pour your heart out Wednseday again.

I have a hard time making friends.  I'm shy and don't want to look like a fool when I approach other people.  Once I get to know someone, I'm fun and outgoing and try to be a good friend.  But the meeting is oh so difficult for me.  I have met some really great people though.  A couple of times by no effort of my own and once by putting myself out there.

In college, I didn't click with my roommate.  We got along but were not close friends.  I liked to hang out in the lobby of the floor I lived on in the dorms and study.  There was just enough distraction to make studying easier for me.  There was a girl from the other side of the hall that was going in and out with her friends and roommate.  She paused and asked what I was doing on her first trip through.  On the following trips she asked other questions and I answered and the evening passed and I got some studying done.  Finally, she paused on yet another trip through the lobby and said "Your going the McDonalds with us."  I was like but I have no money and stuff to do, but she wouldn't take no for an answer.  So I got my coat and went with her.  She turned out to be the one friend I still talk to from college (not counting my husband).  In this instance I just had to go along for the ride.  It was nice because I had not made more than acquaintances so far in my college career.

The next friend I made came a few years later when I was working at Penney's.  She was younger than me but we clicked when we talked at work.  We started hanging out and were friends for years.  She started the conversation though.  I would probably never have talked to her if she hadn't said something first.  Again my shy side says that it's better not to get shot down. 

As I grew and became a mom, I found that I could make acquaintances but making close friends still escaped me.  It always seemed so one sided--me trying and setting up the meetings and everything.  Them just being nice and agreeing.  Probably not that bad but that's what it felt like.

So I went back to school when Turbo was 15 months old because the job market was sad and I wanted to do something more than retail.  Also, Nick had just gotten his geology degree and I liked the stuff he talked about.  I was in about my third or fourth class and there was this girl who had been in a couple of those classes with me and she seemed nice.  I sucked up my courage and asked if she would like to study with me for an up coming test.  She said sure and we started to hang out and she became one of my best friends. Sadly she has since moved to Houston, so the friendship is a bit long distance now.

So there you have it my friend finding sagas.  I turned to blogging because there is less of that face to face uncomfortable stuff I'm not so good at.  I have made some friends.  I keep hoping that I'll find someone here where I live but for now I have an outlet with the blogging and it works.


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