Friday, April 2, 2010

The Spin Cycle with Jen at Sprite's Keeper is doing a best of this week.
I get to decide on the best post of mine and repost it.  This is a bit tough of me because I haen't been doing this for a real long time.  I think I'm going to go with a post from the beginning.  This post was my first stab at the spin cycle.  I don't even remember the topic.  The title was The Finder.  Here you go.

The Finder
I live with a bunch of losers. No not losers like awful people but losers in that they lose stuff all the time. I have become the unofficial finder in the house. I find all sorts of things--library books, bakugon toys, hot wheels cars, shoes, pacifiers, socks, wallets, glasses, hats, sunglasses, remotes, etc.

Some of these things are lost by Turbo or Bruiser, namely the toy oriented things, but the rest are lost by Nick. The man loses everything. I think mostly he doesn't remember where he last set it down, took it off or used it last.

So when he needs it he wanders through the house looking for whatever he lost. He doesn't look systematically or well, he just checks the nearest flat surface. Sometimes this method works but most of the time what he's looking for is under or behind something else or in a completely different area of the house than he's looking in. When he can't find it he askes me if I've seen it anywhere. Usually I can tell him where to find the desired item, sometimes I have to look for it but I can almost always find it. Sometimes I find in a place he already "checked, but it's not there". Other times I find things in places he swears he didn't have it. I guess the gremlins are moving things on him.


  1. Oh...I am the loser. Although I am a good finder, my husband is the best knower - he just simply knows where things are - even my stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...sorry about your snow...

  2. Yep, I'm the finder too. John's keys are the biggest culprits, but when he says something along the lines of "I can't find my wallet", I lose my patience. :-)
    You're linked!

  3. Oh yeah. I'm the finder too. I could be away from home working for two days straight and the minute I walk in the door "mom, where are my sneakers?" "mom, where's my retainer?" "mom, where's my cello music"

    are you kidding me???

    It's good to be needed, I guess :)

  4. Ha! Every house needs a finder, especially with kids. Unfortunately I'm one of the losers at my house, my husband (with all his miscellaneous stacks of miscellany) always knows where everything is. I can only remember stashing things in a safe place that I later can never recall.

  5. I think all women who live in a house full of males have this same problem...or at least I have this problem, too. No, it doesn't get any better when they get older!


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