Friday, April 16, 2010


small cycle

The spin cycle is words this week.  Hmm, pretty broad topic.  This could go in many different directions.  People don't think about the damage, or good that words can do.  All it takes is a simple off-hand comment, made with out any real thought, to improve or destroy someone's day.  These comments are just words, but the meaning behinds them makes them so powerful.

How many times have you been having a bad day and a simple comment, compliment, or bit of praise makes it all better?  How many times have you been having a great day and a comment has wrecked that good feeling?  Words, just words, but the impact is so much more.

Teasing is just words but they cause so much hurt.  You can only shrug off so much before it really starts to stick.  I still have to tell myself that people are not always talking about me, leftovers from a childhood of teasing and whispers.  And I still have trouble with those who try to pass words off as just teasing--my step dad could make the most cutting remarks but it didn't mean anything if he said he was "just teasing".  I do OK with teasing now because it is just gentle fun, not those cutting remarks.  Again just words but the cuts went so much deeper.

I'm trying to remember that my words impact my kids.  I'm trying to keep those words as positive as I can.  I want the best for them and I want them to think they can do anything.  It's those dreams that take you the farthest.  If my words and love can help them acheive those dreams then I have done my job well.  Words of praise make the difference.  I don't want to tell them they can't dream big.

I'm also dreading the day when I have to comfort one of them because someone said something to hurt them.  I know it will happen but with any luck I will have given them enough strength to be able to shrug it off and know that those words don't really mean any thing.

Well that's my take on words.  Go see Jen at Sprite's Keeper for more spins on words, you won't regret it.


  1. Great spin. Words can make or break a person's soul. It's those cutting remarks hidden under the guise of teasing that are the worst...they sometimes hurt worse than those directly thrown at us because they keep us wondering.

  2. Definitely! I am not looking forward to the challenges of childhood that we as parents don't have much control over, the other children. I can only hope that I raise Sprite to be morally and internally strong enough that she can stand above those words. You're linked!

  3. Kids can be cruel, but it sounds like you've given yours the "tools" they need to deal with problems should they arise.

  4. Words can be awful. My oldest is very sensitive and even a kid saying the slightest thing that she takes as mean hurts her feelings. I wish people would be more careful and choose words wisely!

  5. I am trying to teach my son "to shrug it off" right now. My daughter says mean things and it hurts his "feelers". We are working on it. Little Bill (cartoon by Bill Cosby) has an episode called "So". I bring it up every so often, to remind him that he really isn't hurt.

  6. Great Spin, Vandy! Words really can lift someone up or bring them crashing down. I'm not looking forward to the day when I'll have to comfort Princess Nagger when someone says something hurtful to her - because you know it will happen at some point.

  7. Love your spin..and I have to remind myself when I talk to kids how they take things. YIKES. My mom used to drill into my head...sticks and stones...blah, blah...but words and names really do hurt people.


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