Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts and Hey, How 'Bout Some Post-its Too?

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Teeth are funny things.  Turbo's baby molars hate him.  He started complaining of tooth pain last Thursday.  We got him into the children's dentist yesterday.  He won the prize.  If by prize you mean getting four teeth pulled, spacers put in, cavitiy filled and fun stuff like that.  The kid has two, count them two abcessed teeth.  No wonder he has been in pain.  I feel so bad, but we brush, and use floride rinse at least once daily.  His six year molars are doing fine.  It's those darn baby molars.  They just like to party with the cavities.  Well next week those suckers are out of there.  Wish us luck.

We have been watching old home movies.  We found the video we got of Turbo when he was little--like from about age 4 months up until about two.  Man, he was a cute kid, still is but he's bigger.  We also had film from our honeymoon, wedding, trips to Moab, and climbing adventures.  It's been great to look back and somehow motivating for us--we were damn skinny back then.  Nick is all ready to get active and lose some more weight.  I just want to get more acitve.  We have also dragged out the camera to do some recording of Bruiser and Turbo now.  To make looking back later as much fun as it has been the last couple of days.

Would you believe we got like ten inches of snow on Friday?  And another inch and a half on Sunday night? Saturday was like 50 degrees and sunny. What is this--weather by Sybil?  I know that April showers bring May flowers but I'm not so sure snow showers is what they meant.  We are being threatened with more snow on Thursday.  I feel like it's December all over again, except for the green grass that shows when the snow melts.

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  1. My oldest is going to have to get some teeth removed too, even a couple of permanent ones! No fun at all!

  2. No fun at the dentist, huh? Especially when you're that vigilant.

    Want to come help with my laundry? It's the never ending task...

  3. Man, I just want to get the laundry done before Thursday.

    Coming at ya for PINT!

  4. Ten inches? That's just cruel.

  5. My daughter had to get a tooth yanked last month, it wasn't bad but it was a baby tooth. I think the worst part was when they poked her with the Novocaine, when they pried the tooth out it took all of two seconds.

    Those old videos always make me a little sad. :(

  6. Ugh, poor kid with the teeth!

    a few christmasses ago my Mom gave us all her old 8mm films converted to DVD. They were cool, but kind of creepy as there's no sound and the film rate is totally random.


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