Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank You Very Much

Thank You Very Much is being hosted by the new blog world dominator Dumb Mom. Go check her out for Other free therapy Thank yous and to see how many blogs she has taken over.

Hooray-no puking last night.  Thank you very much(I mean this one) for the wonderful night's sleep you gave mom.  However night does not end at 4:30am.  Thank you very much for the early wake up call.

Sorry that Bruiser shared what ever bug he had with you.  But really, this morning when you called, all you needed to tell me was that you were sick.  Thank you very much for the TMI on how sick you were.  Ugg, keep that stuff to yourself.

When exiting the car on slushy, wet mornings, do not jump directly into the gutter filled with said slush and water.  Thank you very much for the cold slush splashed all over my shoes and pants.

Now type up your thank you very much moments and go link them at Dumb Mom's (or Kmama at The Daily Dribbles).  Here's for bloggy domination!


  1. Oh no. I hate the sickies...especially when people give you a little TMI about it.

    thanks for playing along. I'll link you to me if you haven't already.

  2. Hope you all get better soon. Don't send it up north. We are trying to recoop still. :)

  3. LOL TOOOO FUNNY! My mom loves to share too! Haha! and I am sooo excited about my flowers this year. I sooo dont miss having to wait for the summer to plant in Colorado. Im sure its even worse there in WY. Spring is trying to retreat here today, but I refuse to let it! lol


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