Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Random Tuesday Thoughts  with the Unmom!  Go see keely and find out what else is random today.  She's sick but it's not catching.

Yesterday morning as Nick and I were walking to work I saw an ugly sofa in the back of a parked truck.  I commented that it was ugly.  Nick responded that that was what you did with ugly sofas--drive around with them in the back of your truck until you met someone with an uglier sofa in the back of their truck.  Then the sofas could meet.  Chairs had to come from somewhere. 
I responded with "love seats too?"
Lame but it was early.

Nick has cleaned his garage enough that he could resurrect Man Town.  What is Man Town, you ask?  Man Town is the garage.  With chairs and a TV and DVD player and a wood stove.  The guys could hang out there and not bother me when I was pregnant with Turbo.  They trained the pizza guy to deliver to the garage in the back and had lots of good times there.  Now things are more kid friendly but still guy oriented.  We spent Sunday afternoon hanging out in Man Town watching movies.  Mom is the only girl really allowed in Man Town until Turbo gets a girl friend (hopefully not for another ten years or so), according to Turbo.

Nick's dad turns 60 today.  We are going out to dinner.  What do you get someone who has everything they need and gets what he wants when he wants it?  I'll tell you--Wii games.  They got a Wii recently adn Nick's dad loves to play Mario Cart.  We got him another similar game.  Hope he likes it.  Now I just have to get it wrapped before dinner tonight.

The ARC charity truck is coming to pick up our unwanted items today.  Hooray--the mountian of out dated, ill fitting clothes is out of Bruiser's room.  What--where else do you store them--he doesn't use his room but to sleep in right now anyway.  Four large black garbage bags is going away.  I'd donate them to the Salvation Army in our town but they are picky about donations.  You can only leave on in the fifth Tuesday of the fourth month, in the dark of the moon and then they might not take them anyway because "we have to many clothes right now."  ARC comes to my house and takes them away and leaves me a reciept to fill out for tax time--win win all around.

OK, so go check out the other random at Keely's, Just don't breathe to deep--she's sick you know.


  1. I've driven past houses with the garage wide open to display those man towns.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I need to go through the kids closets. Thanks for the reminder.

    Man town sounds like a fantastic place...except I'd banish all men and children and just make it Mom town. ;)

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. If I build my men a town, will they leave my house?

  4. Man Town is the basement in our house. LG and little o even have a corner for "boy town". It's good stuff.

    You and I were on the same page this weekend. I bought a whole bunch of "space bags" and packed away all the clothes little o has grown out of (I'm not ready to count out a 3rd, and the minute I get rid of clothes I'll get pregnant by mistake...). His room is actually carpeted! Where did that come from?

  5. When the charities call, I always say "yes." It motivates me to go and find stuff to get out of the house! I love Man Town! That is so funny. The boys call the basement the Man Cave. When I open the door, the 18 year old will usually call out, "Who enters my lair?"
    Great Random!


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