Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I Meant to Say

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for what I meant to say with Chief.  So let us know how you really felt but were holding back or were to polite to let the offending person have it.

What I said: To my mom:  Theose clothes are going to the attic, not charity.
What I wish I could have said:  Hell yes thay are out of here, cause I'm never going to use them, and don't need to keep them.  For goodness sake, some of them are from when you were younger than me.  They don't fit, aren't in style and are most definately not vintage.  If you want them, take them, I don't want to store them any more.

To the weatherman:  Really snow this weekend?  Well that's spring in Wyoming.
What I Meant to say:  Kay, I'm ready for more rain, but snow now?!  Come on Mother nature, stop teasing. Take your meds and even out already.


  1. hahaha. My granny had me help her put some cloths away and kept telling me to make sure they went to the attic. I ended up taking like 3 boxes to the goodwill. Later she kept asking me where they were, i just lied my butt of! lol

  2. Did you put the clothes out with the wine glasses?

  3. LOL. I love the one about weather...I sympathize with you!:)

  4. Mother Nature needs to get on board... this back and forth stuff is not for me!!

    (Visiting from Chief's)

  5. Some of us hoard and some of us purge! I prefer to purge so that I have room for new junk...ummm...Stuff!

  6. I don't understand that need to hang on to things...UGH

    Better keep that snow there, don't want none.

  7. What is up with all the crazy weather?! The other day we were over 90 and today we are in the 60s and windy and rained some!


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