Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Confessions

Woo Hoo!  Made it through the week to Friday--Time for Confessions:
  • We survived Training at work.
  • Two days of enforced togetherness.
  • Ugg.
  • It was painful.
  • There are just too many divergent views of our office politics and that makes for uncomfortable relations.
  • On an up note, Bruiser is pooping!
  • And now we get the challenge of weaning him off a big prize when he goes.
  • Cause with him going everyday, that will break the bank in short order.
  • But halleluiah!  The boy is pooping in the potty!
  • We are all Happy Dance over here.
  • I really am counting the hours/minutes to going home time.
  • Ready for the weekend, even if this weekend is laundry weekend.
  • Turbo asked if I would do laundry this weekend.
  • The pile in his room is quite high.
  • I think some things in his pile don't necessarily need to be there, but for a 10 year old, it's easier to put them there than put them away.
  • Such is how it goes with the tween set.
  • Turbo has also been lobbying for a cell phone of his own.
  • He actually laid out a fairly good argument.
  • Still not sure if a phone is a great idea for him, but with middle school looming on the horizon, we are considering it.
  • He won't get a smart phone.
  • That he will have to finance on his own.
  • A basic cell phone could work for him though.
So what do you have on deck for the weekend?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spin Cycle--Tell Me a Tale

Tall tales are the spin cycle topic this week. Truly tall tales have never been huge at our house.  I do have an interesting connection to the Johnny Appleseed tale though.
I spent about 4 years when I was young living in Yuciapa California.  My mom got involved in the Little Theater they had there. I was given several of the child roles when they were available--I played Tiny Tim in the production of A Christmas Carol they put on.  I was also involved in the original production of Johnny Appleseed they produced.

It was a musical.  I remember singing songs and getting to run around as one of the kids of the pioneers.  It was fun.  The production was put on both indoors and outdoors.
There was one scene where the kids come to the kitchen area and steal the potatoes that were being cut up.  Raw potatoes.  Sadly this is where I learned that raw potatoes taste good--at least to me.
One of the last productions we were in was when my baby brother got to play the baby in the cradle.  He slept through most of the production, only to wake when the adults were singing the lullaby to put the kids to sleep.  Because, of course, that's when the baby would wake, right?
So that's my connection to an American tall tale--who actually existed.
What's your favorite tall tale?
Spin it up and link it up with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!
Second Blooming

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Wednesday, and we are still doing staff training for work. It's some kind of fun, but I'm not sure what kind of fun.
On to the We Want To Know questions:

Tell us about your job or daily routine.  I don't tend to talk much about my job here.  It's just something I like to keep kind of separate.  But here goes: My work day starts at 7:30am.  I get to work, turn on my computer and go make myself some tea. Then it's on to database work and screens of oil fields for interested parties. We head home at 3:30 because we sort of skip going to lunch most days. Once home it's direct homework, make dinner and other home type stuff.
Would you rather live in the city or the country?  I'm much more a city girl.  I grew up in the country and I didn't like it much. I like the convenience of living in town.
Do you like to sing in the car, shower, etc? I sing along with the radio in the car. Not so much a shower singer because there's no music to sing with.
Share some things on your bucket list. I'm not sure what's there right now.  For this year it's not looking too good for bucket list things. Visiting national parks west of the Mississippi is a bucket list goal of ours though.
If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? Conceitedness. People are very self centered these days.  Also stupidity--a lack of common sense is rampant too. If these were abolished things would be generally better.
So how would you answer these questions?
Link it up with Scriptor.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random Tuesday

Monday is over and I couldn't be happier to see Tuesday, even if this Tuesday comes with Staff Development at work.  Two whole days of communication styles and more effective teamwork.  Sadly, the coworkers that need to attend are out of town and wouldn't get anything out of it anyway.  On to the random:
  • I joined a swap.  Mug O' Comfort swap.  Send a fun mug and yummy stuff to go in it and I get one in return.  Looking forward to some yummy tea or cocoa and a fun mug to drink it out of.
  • Bruiser had a bubble bath this weekend:
  • He went for the very full tub.
  • I think I'm going to attempt to make chicken stock this weekend.  We are going to roast or grill a whole chicken and I want to cook down the bones to see if I can successfully make stock.  I use so much broth to cook with that making my own would be good--I can control the salt and such.  I plan on freezing it in ice cubes for use when I need it.
  • So far my meal planning has been mostly working.  My biggest problem is motivation.  Sometimes I just don't want to cook.  Sometimes Nick steps in, but sometimes we both just can't face it.  This last week, leftovers have been a real life saver.
  • Thullee, our puppy has been quite entertaining.  If he's not chasing his tail (the white tip really teases him), he's climbing on our laps.  He's almost too big for this but that doesn't stop him.

 I think my life has become a bunch of random. Nothing big is happening.  Well nothing big that is bloggable. The unbloggable will work itself out.  A vacation would really help, but with everything that has happened this winter, the vacation time is lacking.
What's your random this week?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mug O' Comfort

With winter dragging on and on, who can't do with a mug of comfort? Well, Chaotic Goddess Swaps is hosting a Mug O' Comfort swap.
I'm really looking forward to putting together a fun mug and yummy stuff to drink out of it. Want to get in on the fun?
Chaotic Goddess Swaps Mug O’ Comfort Signup Post will let you sign up and once you're matched with a partner, send a package you might like to get and you'll get one in return.

Go sign up. It will be great fun.

How to Combat Cabin Fever

This last weekend was a study in how we fight Cabin Fever around our house.  The end of February/beginning of March is always a tough time of year around here.  The weather is still firmly winter, but there are occasional teases of warmer weather. Usually followed by snow. This makes getting out hard to do.  After a while the kids, the parents, the dogs, all of us go slightly nuts.
So this weekend we made some efforts to beat back the winter blahs.
Step one:  Rearrange the furniture.
Our living room furniture has been in the same configuration for a good year and a half, if not two years.  It was time for a change up.  The cleaning that resulted was a bonus. The room looks different, more open and bigger. Nick really likes it.  I like it too.  Now to replace the two chairs that are showing their age.
Step Two:  Appreciate pretty snow fall.
We got about 4 inches of snow this weekend.  It fell vertically, which, considering the wind we have had recently, is amazing.  Having snow fall at night makes the house feel very cozy. We all watched The Fantastic Four and enjoyed the new configuration of the living room.
Step Three: Go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
Snow balls beware--ATTACK!!!
We met up with friends and let the kids play in the park.  They had a good time and we all got some fresh air. The snow didn't last long with the warmish temperatures. More will be coming, that's what spring looks like here.

So how was your weekend?  Fun?  Blah? Somewhere in between?

MMMM this week is songs that inspire us.

I like songs that get me moving.
Chumbawumba: Tubthumping:

 Bon Jovi: It's My Life:

What inspires you to get moving?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Confession

Finally Friday.  I am so ready for today.  Now, if going home time comes quickly, I'll be thrilled. On to the confessions:
  • I think we are Olympiced out.  
  • Or have Olympic overload.  
  • Which ever, we are just not watching as much.
  • I think we all need a vacation.
  • A vacation is not really in the cards right now, but we need one.
  • It's that cabin fever time of year.
  • I really feel like getting in the car and just running away.
  • Wrong time of year for that, but it sounds good.
  • Looking at a mostly quiet weekend.  
  • We need one.
  • Maybe I should start spring cleaning and rearrange the furniture. 
  • That might shake things up.
  • Refresh things around the house.
  • I also should do some baking this weekend.
  • And some reading.
Do you have plans for the weekend?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spin Cycle: ES-CAP-EH

Es-cap-eh.  You know that's spelled just like escape.  Ten points to the person who knows the movie that comes from.
Nick and I es-cap-eh from work all the time. There are days when I wish I could just escape into a good book and not worry about anything else--kids, dishes, hubby, work, any of it.  But life intrudes and I don't get those escape days nearly so often any more.
Reading has been my go to escape since I discovered books that didn't have pictures in them. I was maybe 9. After I read through my mom's library, I moved on to haunting the real library, both county and school. I was the stereotypical bookworm.  I always had a book with me for stealing that few minutes between classes in middle school and high school. Books were a very effective escape from the unpleasantness of catty girls, arguing parents, anything really.  Books became some of my best friends.  They were consistently there, never criticized or teased me, and new ones were terribly easy to find.
Nothing calms me like the potential of a good book.

I can escape so far into a book that I can block out most outside distractions--so much so that Nick has had to say my name multiple times to catch my attention at times.  I try not to get that immersed now that there are kids around, but sometimes a book will still suck me in.
I love vacation time--be it camping or a bigger trip--because I usually get reading time. Actual reading time in chunks, not minutes. It's an escape, recharge time, and it does good things for my soul. 

I would love to spend time reading here.

I've spent lots of time reading in camping spots like this one.
I know I'm getting out of touch with myself when reading doesn't hold much appeal. It's times like those when I make myself read an old favorite. This will usually lead me to other books and then I start perusing the Kindle books I have collected and find a book that catches my eye and off I go.
There are several kinds of es-cap-eh option out there.  My books are relatively inexpensive and always at hand. What kind of escape do you like to make?  Got another take on escape? Spin it up and link it up with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!
Second Blooming

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So, I have been trying to develop a meal planning system that works for us. I figure if I can get that organized, maybe some of the other stuff I should have organized will follow.
I've tried some different approaches to meal planning.  Emeals started the ball rolling.  They provide a seven day a week meal plan--main dish, side dishes and such.  You can choose from several different types of plans. Clean eating, gluten free, paleo, slow cooker, low carb, low fat, classic, etc. are all options. Using it really did help expand our eating options, but I found that we only made five of the seven meals in a given week.  Life gets in the way of good meal intentions.
I decided that I needed to come up with a way to plan our meals that worked better for us--less wasted food from meals we didn't end up making.
My current plan consists of deciding on five meals for the next week.  This gives us flexibility for left over nights, dinners out with friends, or those nights no one wants to cook. I also don't assign a meal to a particular night.  Dinner comes from what sounds good and being able to adjust when we have certain meals to what we feel like eating works better for us.
So, once I determine (with input from Nick and the boys) what we are having for the following week, I check to see what we already have on hand, then make the grocery list--also checking the ads for the week. the meal options for the week are written on a dry erase board on the fridge.  Here I can be as specific as I want to be.  Main dish, side dishes, rolls or breads. Sometimes I write it all down so I don't forget, other times I wing the side dishes.
I like to make things that will make good leftovers.  I'm getting better at taking leftovers for lunch. I spent years with issues with leftovers, but I'm getting better at knowing what I will eat leftover. Nick helps with the leftovers, but doesn't tend to take them to work. Turbo is starting to eat leftovers--especially of things he really likes.  Start them early, right?
I also sat down and made a list of the meals we enjoy and that have been successful.  It's easy to forget what you like when presented with the question What do you want for dinner? Listing them out makes it easier to have a varied menu.  I plan on continuing to add to the list as we add new things we like--if dinner menus don't evolve, dinner gets boring, both to eat and to make.
I'm really hoping this system will end up working for us.  So far so good.  There's less of the dreaded 4:00pm what do I thaw, what to eat dilemma. Now it's just finding the motivation, which is easier to come by when the decision is already made, mostly.
Now to contemplate some more serious type planning, like freezer meals, freezer crockpot meals and such.  Having some go to quick and easy meals might make some evenings easier to deal with. It's all in an effort to make life easier, more streamlined and convenient, right?
How do you get organized about making dinner? Menus planned out and posted?  or do you wing it?  I spent years winging it and it's harder with the boys to feed too.I figured I better get a handle on it before Turbo hits the teen years and has activities and practice and such we will have to plan around.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Randoms

Made it through Monday--no explosions, no tears--I'm calling it a success.  Now if the rest of the week can improve on that, I'll be very happy.
Let's look at some random, shall we?
  • Still catching some of the Olympics, but not as faithfully watching.  I think we get Olympic fatigued after a week of watching. I'm getting tired of the commentators. They can really stink.
  • I think I need some chocolate, or a girls night out. I starting to get a bit edgy.  Cabin fever may have something to do with it. 
  • And on that note, it's supposed to snow here tomorrow and into the weekend.  Yay, snow?! I know we need it, and we usually get more in February and March, but I'm beginning to have fond thoughts of kicking the boys outside to play. Hard to do in wind and snow.
  • Wind.  We have had bunches of it recently. And not gentle breezes, shake the house gusts type wind.  Dries everything out something fierce. But I guess it's blowing in the next weather system, so...
  • I'm totally craving a steak.  We have been off red meat since cholesterol is an issue at our house.  But when you don't or can't have something, after a while it becomes that much more appealing and cravable. 
  • Nick and I keep thinking about new furniture.  The couch in the family room is 12-13 years old.  The chairs in the living room are showing serious signs of wear. We are taking our time and thinking about what we want rather than just jumping at the first thing we see.  Our furniture purchases have been more impulse than thought about.  We are trying to slow down and take our time.
  • Hormone induced insomnia and migraines suck.
  • I made a yummy chicken parmesan last night.  Not terribly authentic, but still very tasty. Very few complaints from the peanut gallery.  Mom wins another one.
And that about covers the random around here. You have any random?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy, but Fun

This last weekend was very busy, but we had a lot of fun, so it all balances out.
Friday, being valentines Day was pretty laid back.  We enjoyed a lunch together and really enjoyed crab legs for dinner with the boys. Nick even spent some time making an appetizer:
Bacon wrapped scallops.
I got a lovely valentine greeting from Wild West Batman:
It was a really good evening.
Saturday, I avoided laundry.  My mom had helped to change over loads, but she kind of messed up the order and mixed some things--so totally not how I do it--so I just avoided it and decided that Sunday was soon enough to deal with it.  And since we had friends in town, it was way more fun to go hang out with them.
We went to dinner at a local chinese place.  This has been such a tradition, the waiters at the restaurant know us and expect us about this time of year. The food was good and the company was wonderful.
We were up far too late on Saturday--we always are catching up, reminiscing, talking and such--so Sunday morning came quicker than we expected.
Breakfast with our friends and picking up Turbo, who spent the night.  Then home to face the laundry, clean house a bit and spend some time gaming out with Bruiser.
We did get  freak thunder/snow storm Sunday evening.  For a time, we couldn't see across the street and there were rumbles of thunder.  It was odd. Thulle, our puppy, did OK with the thunder, it wasn't loud, so we still don't know how he will react to a booming thunder storm.
I finished all the laundry, even the towels are folded and put away. I got all the dishes done.  I vacuumed. The house looks pretty good right now.  Now we will go live in it and it'll need attention next weekend again.  Crazy housework cycle.
How was your weekend?
MMMM freebie week.
I'm going back to music that Nick introduced me too when I met him.  They Might Be Giants album Flood
Birdhouse in Your Soul:
Istanbul not Constantinople:
Particle Man:
Just some short, fun and slightly goofy songs. Have a good Monday!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Confessions for Valentines

Hooray!  It's Friday.  It's been a while since I was so happy to see it be Friday.  Let's confess and then get on with getting to the weekend:
  • I am so over this week.
  • Dentist visit.
  • Sick Turbo.
  • Bruiser's issues that are currently mostly unbloggable.
  • It's just been really stressing.
  • But this weekend should be great fun.
  • We have friends coming in on Saturday.
  • Tonight we are having crab legs at home with the boys.
  • Some wine will be consumed.
  • I might be able to lobby a bit of chocolate tomorrow from the chocolate store.
  • I've started on the laundry--and Grandma is helping to get it through the washer and dryer.
  • Now about Valentines day...
My sweetest Valentine.
These guys.
This boy.

And this boy.
 All the perfect Valentines.
Do you have a valentine?  Or are you boycotting the "holiday"?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Spin

I have had 21 valentine's days with Nick. More than half of the valentines I've lived through.  I must say they got 100% better once I met him. Valentines day is not one we go big for.  A card, maybe the occasional flowers, dinner or lunch together, that's about it.  My mom tends to give us chocolates--the good chocolate store kind--not the candy box kind.
I helped Bruiser put his name on the cards he is taking to school for his party today.  He is very excited to be getting Valentine cards and to give them to his friends at school.
Turbo's class is doing a secret Valentine.  I sincerely hope Turbo feels better tonight so we can go get his secret Valentines gift and get his cards taken care of.  Missing the party is no fun.
We aren't doing anything huge for Valentines this year.  Trying to go out in a college town is an effort in futility.  Everywhere fills up absurdly fast and wait times for tables can be an hour or more. So we will be home with the boys eating snow crab legs and watching the Olympics. Yeah, we are wildly romantic over here.
Nick and I will have been together for 21 years the end of this month.  While we are not mushy and sappy, we do love each other and appreciate each other all the time.  So, here's to you Nick--will you be my valentine again?
Kissing fools


We clean up well.
Do you have a Valentine's Day spin?  A rant, do you love the mushy stuff, or would you rather just chuck it all and hide?  Spin it up and join in with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!

Second Blooming

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A to Z Booklover

I saw this on Beth's blog and since I am such a reader I borrowed it.

Author you read the most books from: Looking at my shelves this could be one of several authors--Nora Roberts, Amanda Quick, David Eddings--if an author is good, I read everything I can from them. 
Best Sequel ever: Polgara the Sorceress, sequel to Belgarath the Sorcerer from David Eddings. These are actually prequels to the Belgariad and Mallorean series.
Currently Reading: The Girls of Atomic City and Dirty Little Secrets of World War II. I'm on a bit of a WWII kick after having read Monuments Men.
Drink of chioce while reading: Ice water anymore, but sometimes tea. It used to be Crystal light, but the artificial flavoring was giving me head aches.
E-reader or Physical book: I'll read either.  I love the feel of a book, but also like the instant access to several books that an e-reader gives me.
Fictional character you would have actually dated in high school: Um, well, being shy, introverted and really nerdy in high school, I didn't really date and can't think of anyone I would have dated from the fictional world, not that I didn't read my share of romances, but it was the late 80s and the heros in most romances were kind of jerks.
Glad you gave this book a chance: The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. I picked this book up at the book store on a whim and fell in love with it.  I've probably read it 20 times.  It was in the fantasy section, not romance and at the time I was reading mostly romance so it was not my usual reading materiel.
Hidden gem book: Warrior by Zoe Archer.  This is the first of a four book set and it has adventure, magic, and steampunk elements and is great fun.
Important moment in your reading life: The day, in youth group, when my youth pastor handed me the Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings.  It introduced me to the fantasy genre and I fell in love with David Eddings books. I expanded my reading horizons beyond the young adult reading section and began looking for good books, regardless of genre.
Just finished: Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel.
Kinds of books you won't read: Self help, horror, dense self important books.  I want to be entertained when I read.  I'm not out to be preached at or made to feel bad, so I aim for the books I find fun and entertaining.
Longest book you've read: I've read several long books--Gone With the Wind, any Jean M. Auel book, various WWII books, I'm not sure which was the longest.
Major book hangover because of: Well recently, I haven't had much book hangover, but when David Eddings was publishing new books, I could get book hangovers reading those books for the first time.
Number of bookcases you own: Four at present. Each filled full.
One book you've read multiple times: I have to pick just one?  Well the book I have probably read the most is Polgara the Sorceress.  It's a comfort read and one I can read to quiet my mind when insomnia hits.
Preferred place to read: Any comfortable place will do.  A cozy chair with good light and a place to put my drink down close at hand.
Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you've read: I can never remember quotes.
Reading regret: I have few of these.  If a book doesn't interest me, I don't read it or finish it. I guess a regret I do have is that I don't have more time to read.  Kids will do that to you.
Series you started and need to finish (all books are out in series): I am a glommer.  If a series catches my attention, I read everything.  I'm waiting for some series to be published, but nothing that I'm just waiting to find or buy.
Three of your all time favorite books: The Fairy Godmother, Polgara the Sorceress, and Gone With the Wind.
Unapologetic fan-girl for: Zoe Archer and Gail Carriager.  Both write steampunk books with a bit of magic and paranormal.  Very fun.
Very excited for this release more than all the others: The new Amanda Quick  book: Otherwise Engaged and the new Lynsay Sands book: Vampire Most Wanted (she's the only vampire author I read).
Worst bookish habit: Dog-earring pages for a marker.  I can never keep track of a book mark and a dog-ear will always be there.
X marks the spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book: Imponderables by David Feldman. I picked the non fiction bookshelf.
Your latest book purchase: Monuments Men.
ZZZ snatcher book (the book that kept you up WAY late): With kids I'm not one to stay up late anymore reading, at least not very late.  Monuments Men did keep me reading somewhat past my bedtime.

Feel free to borrow.  I love reading and read a wide variety of books, history, romance, fantasy, non fiction, cookbooks, true crime, mystery, adventure, what ever catches my interest. I also love sharing a good story, which is why I am the book on tape when we road trip. Do you enjoy reading?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On Random Teeth and Such

Ahh, Tuesday.  One day better than Monday, one day closer to the weekend. And we get to be random.
  • Last night it happened.  Turbo lost his last baby tooth. One more sign he's growing up.  When did this great big boy replace my baby?  I must have blinked one too many times.
The boy, the man and the tooth.

The final baby tooth.
  • Nick helped encourage it to come out.  Thank goodness for Oragel. Worked like a charm--numb the gum and yank. It really needed to come out, the other tooth is already poking up through the gum. Turbo was scared but brave about the whole thing and the tooth fairy came to visit him one last time.
  • Now we get to wait--Bruiser will start losing teeth some time in the next year. Tooth fairy is not done with us yet. 
  • We have been enjoying the Olympics--we like rooting for who ever is in the lead and seeing great competitions. The winter games are fun to watch too.  They are more artistic and interesting.  Oh, it's fun to watch swimming sprints and such--but really, it's athletes going back and forth in a pool.  Not wildly visually interesting. But snowboarding, skating, skiing, those can be fun and interesting to watch.
  • Valentine's Day is creeping up on us.  We are planning a crab dinner with the boys Friday night. Not wildly romantic, but practical (and yummy). Nick and I will be going to lunch together. I have to sit with the boys and get valentine cards ready to go to school. Turbo's last year to give general cards to everyone in his class.  Bruiser's first year.  
Well, not too random today really.  What do you have going on?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Restful Weekend and MMMM

So, after this last weekend, I am facing this week in a more relaxed state of mind--mostly.  We didn't do anything wild and crazy but it was nice.
Friday we took Bruiser in for his five year check-up.  He is healthy and growing, but we do need to deal with his pooping issues.  After an x-ray confirmed that the kid is really backed u, a course of Miralax was prescribed.  There is hope that this will clean him out and then we can figure out how to get him going regularly.  So, possible light at the end of the potty tunnel.
Saturday, there was grocery shopping, skiing, and a visit to some new friends.  Bruiser has a new best friend and the bonus is we get along with the parents.  They have a little boy who is Bruiser's age and a little girl who just turned two. Not exactly Turbo's cup of tea, but he did well playing with them. Dinner was a success and Bruiser fell asleep on the couch when we got home.  Mission accomplished to wear out small kids.
Sunday was a day to just do whatever we wanted.  I played video games with Bruiser.  Nick brewed another batch of beer. The kids did spend some time hanging out with Dad in the garage.  The also got some hang out time in the attic on Saturday.  During the attic time, bruiser discovered the dress up box.  As a result, Spiderman came to visit us.  Spiderman hasn't visited for years. Turbo used to have his alter ego Spiderman visit with some regularity.  Well this weekend Spidey was back:

I feel much safer with Spidey watching things around the house. I'm sure he will make as many appearances as Batman does. Superheros do make life more interesting.
We also watched some of the Olympics.  They have been fun to see so far. Turbo has been enjoying the skiing and now really want to try downhill. and Snowboarding.  We are thinking next winter, if all goes well.
We have a lot on deck for next weekend.  It's time for the annual visit of some very good friends from out of town.  There will be chinese food, good times hanging out, and worn out kids. All of which will make next weekend seem far too short.
There is also Valentines Day on Friday.  Nick and I will be going to lunch and then having dinner with the boys. Trying to coordinate a night out with a sitter and all is not in the cards, especially with the rest of the weekend being so full.
And on that note on to MMMM--the theme is love songs, Good love or broken heart.

Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden has always been the song I associate with Nick and I.

More Than Words from Extreme was a favorite in High school.

Have a great week!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spin Cycle--Speaking Football

Football terms really have snuck into our everyday terminology.  They really apply to parenting.  Fumble, Hail Mary Pass, Game Plan, Run Interference, Time out. Yep, these can describe a football game or parenting.
In fact raising kids is much like a football game.  A lot of times it feels like an us vs. them sort of situation.  I love my boys but there are times when they seem to be acting like completely foreign entities. Nick and I have to present a united front--those kids can spot weakness from a mile away.  and they capitalize on it so fast.
Nick and I often have huddle moments so we stay on the same page with rules or a course of action.  It was nice when Turbo was little and couldn't spell.  We could have a conversation in front of him by spelling certain things out.  Not so much now.  Now conversations like that require retreating to the basement or our bedroom for a quick chat, or we discuss things in the car on the way to work. Anything to keep an upper hand.
We try to avoid Hail Mary Passes--those can be intercepted by the kids far too often.  For a Hail Mary Pass to be effective the receiver has to be in tune with the passer. Nick and I try to stay in tune, but it's not easy. Better to avoid situations where you need a Hail Mary Pass.
Time outs make us better parents.  That is why we try to take time for just us--where we can carve it out. Dates are wonderful, but a trip to the store without kids can be just as nice sometimes. It really is the little things that keep us connected and aware of the fact that we are not just Mom and Dad. 
Time outs for the kids are more disciplinary than they are for us parents. Often a time out will bring them back form the edge or boundary they are pushing. it gives them time to calm down and reset.  We don't use it as our go to form of punishment.  We are more diabolical than that.  There always chores to do and privileges to take away--especially for Turbo.  It hits him particularly hard when video games are taken away.
Nick knows exactly what I mean when I say we need a game plan for an up-coming event or weekend.  The whole thing runs far more smoothy if we are on the same page and know what is supposed to happen. We aren't rigid planners by any means but having a plan means less frustration and missed intentions.
We often say we are running interference with the kids so one or the other of us can relax, finish something, or work with the other kid.  This is particularly important at dinner time--which often is homework time as well. If Nick can distract Bruiser so I can make dinner and help Turbo with homework, the evening proceeds smoother and no one ends up frustrated.
Yep, football terms really do describe parenting pretty well.  A winning game is turning out a functioning adult.  the game might run long, but the results are so worth it.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WWTK Favorites and Crushes

We want to know:

What are your three favorite things about yourself? My almost scary recall of random trivia, my cooking, and my loyalty.

What are your three favorite things about your significant other? His enthusiasm for everything, his goofiness, and his adoration of his family.

They say that love is in the little things, what is a little thing that someone does to show you love? Nick helps with making dinner with no complaints, he does the outside things--like snow shoveling and grass mowing, and he gives me a pass to take a bath and escape the kids when he sees I need it.

Who was your teenage celebrity crush?  Tom Cruise.  Hey, it was the late 80s and Top Gun was huge.

Who is your celebrity crush? These days it's Matt Damon.

Grab the questions and join in.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


And now we have moved on to Tuesday.  Time to get kind of random.
  • The Superbowl commercials were OK this year.  I like the Budweiser ones.  There were some confusing ones. But there was nothing that really stood out. 
  • We have varying chances for snow all week.  Turbo is hoping for 2 feet.  He really wants a snow day. Have yet to break it to him that snow days need to be made up at the end of the year. I'll let him keep hoping.
  • Getting excited for the winter Olympics.  They start on Thursday.  Even Turbo is excited to watch the cross country skiers. I just might have to come up with a fun dinner the night of the opening ceremonies. 
  • I'm looking at new snow boots.  The "nicer" one I have for wearing to work are not so warm. the ones I have for tromping through the woods or around the mountains are too clunky to wear to work.  It's late to be looking, so lots of the cute ones that I like are not available in my size.  Fun times.
  • I'm still trying to figure out the best way to meal plan.  Organization is not our strong point.  Well, we are organized to a certain extent, but official organization eludes me. I don't want to use copious amounts of paper to plan meals, but I also want a certain amount of flexibility in my meal planning too. I know I need to meal plan , but getting the right system in place is not coming together so well.
  • Cabin fever has been flirting around the edges of everyone in the house. We are fending it off with trips to the rec center for swimming and with any luck (and Nick's back feeling better) Turbo and Nick can go skiing this weekend. 
That about covers the random from our neck of the woods.  You got any random?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Of Parties and Football

So like I said Friday, this weekend flew by.  It was fun, but over far too fast.
To start things off, Saturday was Bruiser's birthday party, which went off without a hitch.
Pin the emblem on Batman.

Some of the loot.

Silly string the bad guy.

We had three games for the kids to play.  First up was pin the emblem on Batman.  The blindfold was more see through than sight hindering, but the kids liked the game. The next game was silly string the bad guy.  The kids loved this one as it made a huge mess.  Not so hard to clean up, however bits of colored sting will probably be showing up for the next few months. The last game was a balloon game.  The kids had to pop a balloon and then do the activity inside it. Watching the kids try to pop the balloons was the best part.
Cupcakes and mini drumstick ice cream cones were a hit and then of course it was present time.  Bruiser was thrilled with the things he got. All the kids played well together and there were no melt downs or hurt feelings.  I call this party a win for our side!
We were pretty beat after the party and Saturday night was quiet.  Sunday dawned and it was time to finish up the laundry and make some treats for Superbowl.  We headed to our cousin's house and watched Denver get their butt handed to them. Go Seahawks!
The best part of the whole thing is that we got home around 8ish and trundled little boys to bed and then got to relax ourselves.
A very quick weekend but a good one none the less.
Monday's Music Moves me is a freebie this week so without further ado some of my favorites:
 Sugarland's All I wanna Do.

 Bon Jovi with Jennifer Nettles Who Says You Can't Go Home:

There you have it for this week


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