Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Randoms

Made it through Monday--no explosions, no tears--I'm calling it a success.  Now if the rest of the week can improve on that, I'll be very happy.
Let's look at some random, shall we?
  • Still catching some of the Olympics, but not as faithfully watching.  I think we get Olympic fatigued after a week of watching. I'm getting tired of the commentators. They can really stink.
  • I think I need some chocolate, or a girls night out. I starting to get a bit edgy.  Cabin fever may have something to do with it. 
  • And on that note, it's supposed to snow here tomorrow and into the weekend.  Yay, snow?! I know we need it, and we usually get more in February and March, but I'm beginning to have fond thoughts of kicking the boys outside to play. Hard to do in wind and snow.
  • Wind.  We have had bunches of it recently. And not gentle breezes, shake the house gusts type wind.  Dries everything out something fierce. But I guess it's blowing in the next weather system, so...
  • I'm totally craving a steak.  We have been off red meat since cholesterol is an issue at our house.  But when you don't or can't have something, after a while it becomes that much more appealing and cravable. 
  • Nick and I keep thinking about new furniture.  The couch in the family room is 12-13 years old.  The chairs in the living room are showing serious signs of wear. We are taking our time and thinking about what we want rather than just jumping at the first thing we see.  Our furniture purchases have been more impulse than thought about.  We are trying to slow down and take our time.
  • Hormone induced insomnia and migraines suck.
  • I made a yummy chicken parmesan last night.  Not terribly authentic, but still very tasty. Very few complaints from the peanut gallery.  Mom wins another one.
And that about covers the random around here. You have any random?


  1. I made stuffed shells last night: they were frozen but it was my sauce. Kids seemed to like it. Been windy here too but we don't get it often. Definitely not cool here this week; in fact, in the sun it's in the 70s today; insane!

  2. We are blowing away here! No snow but rain and wind. But, I can't complain it is a lot worse in other places.

    I made three different meals last night (okay, made may be over stating it) One kid had two hot dogs, one had left-over pasta and I had oatmeal.


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