Tuesday, February 4, 2014


And now we have moved on to Tuesday.  Time to get kind of random.
  • The Superbowl commercials were OK this year.  I like the Budweiser ones.  There were some confusing ones. But there was nothing that really stood out. 
  • We have varying chances for snow all week.  Turbo is hoping for 2 feet.  He really wants a snow day. Have yet to break it to him that snow days need to be made up at the end of the year. I'll let him keep hoping.
  • Getting excited for the winter Olympics.  They start on Thursday.  Even Turbo is excited to watch the cross country skiers. I just might have to come up with a fun dinner the night of the opening ceremonies. 
  • I'm looking at new snow boots.  The "nicer" one I have for wearing to work are not so warm. the ones I have for tromping through the woods or around the mountains are too clunky to wear to work.  It's late to be looking, so lots of the cute ones that I like are not available in my size.  Fun times.
  • I'm still trying to figure out the best way to meal plan.  Organization is not our strong point.  Well, we are organized to a certain extent, but official organization eludes me. I don't want to use copious amounts of paper to plan meals, but I also want a certain amount of flexibility in my meal planning too. I know I need to meal plan , but getting the right system in place is not coming together so well.
  • Cabin fever has been flirting around the edges of everyone in the house. We are fending it off with trips to the rec center for swimming and with any luck (and Nick's back feeling better) Turbo and Nick can go skiing this weekend. 
That about covers the random from our neck of the woods.  You got any random?


  1. I liked the one with Ellen for Beats headphones. The Goldilocks idea was good. We're bad about meal planning as well. I used to plan it for the week then try to stick to it but we never did.

  2. I sucky meal planning, in fact I have given up on it. We have still not had any snow, how crazy is that.

  3. I missed the superbowl I was cooking and baking lol

    I found I meal plan a week at a time not a month its just easier to organize


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