Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random Tuesday

Monday is over and I couldn't be happier to see Tuesday, even if this Tuesday comes with Staff Development at work.  Two whole days of communication styles and more effective teamwork.  Sadly, the coworkers that need to attend are out of town and wouldn't get anything out of it anyway.  On to the random:
  • I joined a swap.  Mug O' Comfort swap.  Send a fun mug and yummy stuff to go in it and I get one in return.  Looking forward to some yummy tea or cocoa and a fun mug to drink it out of.
  • Bruiser had a bubble bath this weekend:
  • He went for the very full tub.
  • I think I'm going to attempt to make chicken stock this weekend.  We are going to roast or grill a whole chicken and I want to cook down the bones to see if I can successfully make stock.  I use so much broth to cook with that making my own would be good--I can control the salt and such.  I plan on freezing it in ice cubes for use when I need it.
  • So far my meal planning has been mostly working.  My biggest problem is motivation.  Sometimes I just don't want to cook.  Sometimes Nick steps in, but sometimes we both just can't face it.  This last week, leftovers have been a real life saver.
  • Thullee, our puppy has been quite entertaining.  If he's not chasing his tail (the white tip really teases him), he's climbing on our laps.  He's almost too big for this but that doesn't stop him.

 I think my life has become a bunch of random. Nothing big is happening.  Well nothing big that is bloggable. The unbloggable will work itself out.  A vacation would really help, but with everything that has happened this winter, the vacation time is lacking.
What's your random this week?

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