Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Confession

Finally Friday.  I am so ready for today.  Now, if going home time comes quickly, I'll be thrilled. On to the confessions:
  • I think we are Olympiced out.  
  • Or have Olympic overload.  
  • Which ever, we are just not watching as much.
  • I think we all need a vacation.
  • A vacation is not really in the cards right now, but we need one.
  • It's that cabin fever time of year.
  • I really feel like getting in the car and just running away.
  • Wrong time of year for that, but it sounds good.
  • Looking at a mostly quiet weekend.  
  • We need one.
  • Maybe I should start spring cleaning and rearrange the furniture. 
  • That might shake things up.
  • Refresh things around the house.
  • I also should do some baking this weekend.
  • And some reading.
Do you have plans for the weekend?

1 comment:

  1. my kids birthday parties are this weekend i have a house to clean tonight a cake to bake in the morning and decorations to put together.... getting in the car and running away sounds like a better option


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