Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Spin

I have had 21 valentine's days with Nick. More than half of the valentines I've lived through.  I must say they got 100% better once I met him. Valentines day is not one we go big for.  A card, maybe the occasional flowers, dinner or lunch together, that's about it.  My mom tends to give us chocolates--the good chocolate store kind--not the candy box kind.
I helped Bruiser put his name on the cards he is taking to school for his party today.  He is very excited to be getting Valentine cards and to give them to his friends at school.
Turbo's class is doing a secret Valentine.  I sincerely hope Turbo feels better tonight so we can go get his secret Valentines gift and get his cards taken care of.  Missing the party is no fun.
We aren't doing anything huge for Valentines this year.  Trying to go out in a college town is an effort in futility.  Everywhere fills up absurdly fast and wait times for tables can be an hour or more. So we will be home with the boys eating snow crab legs and watching the Olympics. Yeah, we are wildly romantic over here.
Nick and I will have been together for 21 years the end of this month.  While we are not mushy and sappy, we do love each other and appreciate each other all the time.  So, here's to you Nick--will you be my valentine again?
Kissing fools


We clean up well.
Do you have a Valentine's Day spin?  A rant, do you love the mushy stuff, or would you rather just chuck it all and hide?  Spin it up and join in with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!

Second Blooming


  1. I think crab legs and the Olympics sounds like a great Valentine's Day! We don't have any big plans, either, besides staying at home. I hope Turbo feels better. It's not fun to be sick on Valentine's Day!

  2. Sounds like. A great night. I had surgery today so our vday will be spent at home recovering

  3. Love it! You make a great couple and great family. Toast to many more and drink one up for me. I miss Wyoming. Not the wind, tho. LOL

  4. Oh man, y'all sound just like us with your crabs and Olympics! Sounds like a perfect night to me. You two are the best couple ever!

  5. Sounds like a great evening! I spent mine with husband, sister, BIL and my 95 year old mom. Mexican food!

  6. Sounds like a great V-Day. My hubby is out of town, but Saturday night we are actually going out to a place where I did not cook the main meal. Seafood and Olympics sounds better than a loud restaurant and over cooked meat. Go Team USA!


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