Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WWTK Favorites and Crushes

We want to know:

What are your three favorite things about yourself? My almost scary recall of random trivia, my cooking, and my loyalty.

What are your three favorite things about your significant other? His enthusiasm for everything, his goofiness, and his adoration of his family.

They say that love is in the little things, what is a little thing that someone does to show you love? Nick helps with making dinner with no complaints, he does the outside things--like snow shoveling and grass mowing, and he gives me a pass to take a bath and escape the kids when he sees I need it.

Who was your teenage celebrity crush?  Tom Cruise.  Hey, it was the late 80s and Top Gun was huge.

Who is your celebrity crush? These days it's Matt Damon.

Grab the questions and join in.
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  1. I remember Matt Damon in School Ties. That was the first movie I liked him in.

  2. awww your hubby is cute & sweet :D
    I liked Tom Cruise too before he was crazy

  3. Have you ever noticed that Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio look very similar? Maybe it's something about their eyes or that cute scowl-type look they have. And I agree with BNM. I liked Tom Cruise way back when, but he is too crazy now! Your hubby is handsome!


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