Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Confessions

Woo Hoo!  Made it through the week to Friday--Time for Confessions:
  • We survived Training at work.
  • Two days of enforced togetherness.
  • Ugg.
  • It was painful.
  • There are just too many divergent views of our office politics and that makes for uncomfortable relations.
  • On an up note, Bruiser is pooping!
  • And now we get the challenge of weaning him off a big prize when he goes.
  • Cause with him going everyday, that will break the bank in short order.
  • But halleluiah!  The boy is pooping in the potty!
  • We are all Happy Dance over here.
  • I really am counting the hours/minutes to going home time.
  • Ready for the weekend, even if this weekend is laundry weekend.
  • Turbo asked if I would do laundry this weekend.
  • The pile in his room is quite high.
  • I think some things in his pile don't necessarily need to be there, but for a 10 year old, it's easier to put them there than put them away.
  • Such is how it goes with the tween set.
  • Turbo has also been lobbying for a cell phone of his own.
  • He actually laid out a fairly good argument.
  • Still not sure if a phone is a great idea for him, but with middle school looming on the horizon, we are considering it.
  • He won't get a smart phone.
  • That he will have to finance on his own.
  • A basic cell phone could work for him though.
So what do you have on deck for the weekend?


  1. I've always thought those little phones that only have preset numbers in them are perfect. No texting, no calling unwanted people-just who MOm and Dad set up. That way there are safety concerns taken care of without worrying about all the other stuff.

    Happy weekend! Glad you survived training!

  2. Yay for using the potty! I had a fairly difficult week, at least the firs three days, so I am doing nothing but relaxing. Well, that's not true. I did some cleaning and washing, and I have to grocery shop, too.

  3. Sorry I am behind on commenting but yay for potty training success! I know that is such a relief.

  4. I had a chill weekend of bbq and laundry I entertained and cleaned at the same time.. im hoping for a kid free weekend soon


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