Friday, February 26, 2010

Spin Cycle--I can't believe I'm telling you this but...

small cycle

Jen at Sprite's Keeper wants us to confess all for the Spin Cycle this week.    Confession is good for the soul and all that, so here goes.

I confess:
  • I don't clean my microwave often.
  • I detest children's television. 
  • I love Scooby Doo.
  • I get depressed blue on occasion.
  • I prefer salty snacks to sweet ones.
  • I had kidney stones--lots.  Salt is bad for me.
  • I don't drink enough water usually.
  • Nick is almost one year younger than me (but everyone thinks he's older.)
  • The last movie I saw in a theater was Ice Age II.
  • I don't like to cook breakfast.
  • I procrasrtinate about a lot of things.
  • I hate folding laundry.
  • I like trashy romances and action thrillers.
  • I don't like best selling fiction (you know if the fiction means something).
  • I love those shows like Clean House and Clean Sweep cause they make me feel better about my house and the small amount of clutter we have.
  • I will go to great lengths to prove I'm right about stuff.  It drives Nick crazy.
  • I'm scary good at recalling random trivia(I'm really good at trivial persuit.)
  • I'm really socially backward.  I don't do well with groups.
Well I think that is about as much confession as I can handle for now.  Check out the other confessions at the spin cycle this week and check in with Glamzon for her Friday Confessions.  Just click the button below to check her out.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Girl walks into Class...

Seventeen years ago I was a college sophmore.  I needed a language credit and chose German.  It was January when I walked  into that German class and little did I know it would change my life.  You see there was a guy in that class.  He looked to be about 20.  He was creatively dressed.  He was really confident.  He was kinda cute too.

I was 19, a bit shy and quiet.  Since it was a smaller class we all got to know one another.  The guy started talking and flirting with me as the semester passed.  Another girl in the class had to clue me in on the flirting. (I was kind of dense about that sort of stuff.) One day ages came up and imagine the surprise when I found out I was almost a year older than he was.  He had thought I was an advanced high school student--maybe 17 or so.  So there was surprise on both sides.

After about a month of teasing and flirting in class, he jokingly asked if I would cook him dinner.  I said only if you want microwave mac-n-cheese.  He laughed and gave me his phone number.  I called him that night, to his surprise, and we talked for about an hour.  He then asked me out to the movies for the following Friday.  I agreed.

On Friday February 26, 1993, Nick took me on our first date.  We really haven't been apart since.  I didn't realize when I walked into that German class I would find my best friend, lover and future husband.  We have had our ups and downs but we are still together.

I love you Nick.  Happy unofficial anniversary.  See you for dinner tomorrow night. (Sans kids-woo-hoo!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I meant to Say

Well it's Wednesday.  Chief over at (Hiding From the Kids) is hosting What I Meant to Say Wednesday.  Time to get all that stuff off your chest that festers cause you can't (or shouldn't) really say it out loud.

What I said:  To Crazy Neighbor Lady:  No, no everything is fine we've just been busy and we've been sick and sure we'll try to get the kids together soon.
What I meant to say:  Things are better if we just keep our distance for now.  I'm still not sure things are normal at your house.  We'll just leave things the way they are for now.

What I said:  To Guiness(our dog):  Oh, be quiet, we know people are coming.
What I should have said:  Shut the hell up dog.  You see Grandma every day when she comes to stay with Bruiser.  Get over it already!

What I said:  To my Mother:  (After her second call during nap time)  No we haven't found any baggies with you tatting(lace making).  Sorry.
What I meant to say:  Don't call during the time when I am trying to get Bruiser to sleep.  Any time between 2:00pm and 4:00pm please just don't call and especially don't call twice over trivial things.  The kid doesn't go down well especially after you put him down late for his morning nap.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

Post-It Note Tuesday brought to you by SupahMommy .  Post your notes and link up over at her place.

Random Tuesday-- Nuff Said

It's Tuesday again.  That means Keely at The Un Mom is doing her Random Tuesday thing.  So spill your Random thoughts and head over to see her.

Nick and I were talking about car insurance last night and how we have a good price right now.  Nick said "Well we should, we're both in our thirties and we're both married."  This struck me as a funny way to say it.  I mean like we are married to other people and just here for the fun of it. 

A nasty sinus infection has taken hold of Nick and he has been miserable for the last 5 days.  I finally made him go to the doctor yesterday.  Hopefully, he will start getting better soon.  Why do guys wait so long before they go to the doctor?  Must be genetic, an inherant denial that they need help, like the direction thing.

We spent the weekend printing pictures to put up on the wall.  They are all framed and the walls look so much better.  We still have more we want to put up but we are happy with the start we have made.(Yeah, we're that boring exciting like that.)

We have now entered the ice skating portion of the Olympics.  Now the evenings are all filled up with ice skating, not the more exciting things like the freestyle ski jumping and stuff.  The ice skaters just don't have spectacular crashes.  The guys have rubbed off on me.  I think I might like figure skating more if they used more interesting music.  The classical and beautiful stuff just makes me sleepy.  Of course almost any thing makes me sleepy these days.

Last week we had to have the plumbers come and snake the sewer line to the alley.  Our sewer acts up about every two years.  And almost always in the winter.  We just hope that it keeps working because the line goes under our garage and across the neighbor's back yard.  Not the easiest thing to access.  Oh, the joys of home ownership.

Well that about covers my random for the week.  Go see Keely for more, you know you want to.

Monday, February 22, 2010

MEme Monday-As Seen On TV

SupahMommy and MommyBrain have smoething great fopr this week's All About MEme Monday. 
Everybody's seen them, you know, those products on late night that you can't live without?  The things that make life easier, faster, cleaner, more delicious, more nurtitious, or just more?

I will admit that I have not bought any of them from TV.  We like to laugh at the spokes people--Vince of Shamwow and Slapchop fame to name one.  I will say the worst of these commercials I ever saw was Vince's Slapchop pitch done to a rap.  Absolutely aweful.  So bad it was almost funny-almost.

My in-laws have gotten on the Snuggie bandwagon.  I saw some at their house before Christmas and Turbo proudly showed us the one he uses when he is there.  I warned Nick that one or possibly both of us would recieve one for Christmas. 

Nick was the lucky winner. 

It was leopard print. 

Turbo picked it out. 

Nick has used it exactly once. 

After all it came from Turbo. 

My mom keeps advocating for the Brownie pan that precuts the brownies before you cook them.  SHe thinks it would be a great present for my father-in-law.  He makes great brownies, but I'm not sure how the pan would go over. 

The only other As  Seen on TV product I have ever used was a hair do-hickey that would turn you pony tail over on itself and give it a great twisty effect.  This was back in the 90's ladies.  The end result looked something like this:
Image courtesy of Google Images.

You accomplished this look wiht the help of a green loopy thing that went around the hair and then you tucked the end of it back through the ponytail and than pulled the heck out of your hair.  If you got it even it looked nice but I fortn got it off center and it always looked strange. 

That was my one experience with As Seen on TV.    I get tempted every now and then but I resist--mostly because if it's a decent product it will show up on Walmarts shelves and then I don't have to pay shipping.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spin Cycle--And I can't live without it

Ok so Jen at Sprite's Keeper gave the Spin Cycle topic this week as that one thing that makes your life easier and that you just couldn't live without. 

This one was tough for me.  I have lots of things that I like using but not one really necessary thing.  So I did some thinking and a few gadgets that I make use of frequently to make things easier on myself are my crock pot, stand mixer and bread machine. 

I know, I know, not real high tech or anything but the crock pot makes dinner a breeze.  Just dump your ingredients in and turn it on and 8 hours later dinner is done, just serve it up.  I will admit, I have three.  A small one for dips and melting chocolate to dip things at Christmas, a medium one that I make soup in, cook chicken and pork in to shred for tacos and tostadas and such, and a large one for whole chickens, roasts and stuff like that.

I use the crock pot at least once a week, sometimes more.  It's nice to come home and smell dinner and know I don't have to cook, it's already done.

I also couldn't do without my stand mixer.  It's a Kitchen Aide.  Makes cookie making so easy.  I need to explore more uses for it but what I have made so far has been yummy. 

I also use my bread machine to make bread and dough.  The dough we use for pizzas and calzones.  We like bread that has lots of flavor so we like to experiment with the bread machine.  It's way cheaper than the artisan breads at the store and tastes better too.

Those are the gadgets that make my dinner making easier.  (Cookie making too.)  However thinking about it I could do without them if I really had to.  But I could not do without my husband.  Nick is my best friend and the love of my life.  He supports me and cheers me on in anything I do.  I didn't tell him I had started blogging right away, afraid he would think it was corny, but when I did tell him he thought it was cool.  He has even bragged to friends about my blog.  I should have given him more credit.  He always has my back.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Skew--On the Olympics

The Third edition of the SkEW.
The Olympics
Does anyone really even give a "skate" anymore?

I must admit, the Olympics are a hot topic in our house.  We enjoyed watching the Summer games two years ago but these winter ganmes are more entertaining to us.  Nick and I had been together almost a year when the 94 games were on.  Those were the first winter games I remember watching.  We have watched them ever since.  I like watching the skiing and snowboarding and skating-both figure and speed. 

Turbo made it through most of the Opening Ceremonies, but fell asleep before the torch lighting.  Turbo always wants to know who to root for, since there is no uniformity in the uniforms worn by Americans.  He likes to watch the skiiers going fast down the hill and ask when he can do that.  We tell him when he learns to crosscountry ski better.

It's kind of nice not to wonder what we will watch because we just watch the Olympics.  However, I'm not too fond of some of the commentary.  There are times when I wish they would just shut up and let me watch what's going on.  At times I think they are just rambling the fill the air time.  They don't really say anything constructive half the time.  THere are times when the fluff pieces are ridiculous.  But we will keep watching and admiring those athletes who are doing their best and entertaining us at the same time.

Dear Someone...

Dear Scrapbooks
Hoping to see you soon.  Maybe we can have a date this weekend.  I am so far behind.  Getting caught up is not going to happen but getting something done might.  I won't make a promise cause, you know, life tends to get in the way, but I'm going to try to see you this weekend.
Slacking Scrapper

Dear Turbo
I think you might have figured out this school thing.  Good for you.  Now all you have to do is figure out the reading thing.  Work hard at it and keep up the good work on the behavior thing.
Proud Mommy

Dear Bruiser
I know you want to do what Turbo does but walls and such are hard and unyeilding.  They cause bumps when your head meets them at high speeds.  Just saying.  And using your teeth to help in climbing back up on the couch is inventive but I'm not sure the couch arm can take to much of it.  We might need to come up with another activity for you to do.
Nervous Mommy

Dear Backsteps,
You didn't have to be so slick this morning.  My butt did not need to meet you up close and personal.  I know you had that nice fresh layer of new snow but really.  I know you were laughing at the slide and crash I had.  You will be fixed this summer.  I'm siccing my husband on you.  Ask the inside stairs what happened when I fell down them.  You are so history.
The Injured Party.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I Meant to Say

Chief at (Hiding From the Kids) is hosting What I Meant to Say Wednesday again.  GRab the button and let everyone know what you really meant to say.

What I said:  To Bruiser: Oh poor baby, let Mommy hold you until you get to sleep.
What I meant to say:  Bruiser--Mommy is not a mattress, you need to sleep on your own.  Come on kid, sleep already.

What I said:  To Turbo:  Sit still!
What I meant to say:  Stop the freaking fidgiting!  You are driving me nuts.  Put your but down on the seat and don't move it, you understand english or am I speaking swahili to you?

What I said: to Piper(our cat): leave the dog alone.  I'll pet you.
What I meant to say:  Geez cat, desperate or what?  Macking on the dog will get you nowhere.  He's really not your type. 

What I said:  To Mother Nature:  Snow tomorrow?  Bring it on!
What I meant to say:  Dump on us, please!  Don't be a tease, just let us hae some snow already.  Stop playing favorites with the eastern US and give us some snow already.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post-it note time

It's Post-it Note Tuesday with SupahMommy.  Grab the button above and play along.

Random on Tuesday--Couch Diving and Other Sports


Keely at The Un Mom is randoming up some Tuesday thoughts.  Head on over for more random thoughts. 

In honor of the Olympics I wanted to share some of the sports that happen around our house on a daily basis.  Bruiser is a champion Couch Diver.  We have an area at the end of the couch where there is space to pile the extra pillows and blankets we use when sleeping on the couch.  When they are piled, they make a great landing place for a head first dive over the arm of the couch.  Bruiser loves to do this.  If the stuff is piled up well enough he can climb back up for another go.  If not, he yells for help and then goes again.

Turbo excells at Drive Mommy Up the Wall with only one sound.  He can find that one sound that will make you crazed adn then repeats it over and over.  This results is screams from Mommy.  He always manages to pull off the surprised look when that happens.

Drunken Sailor is another popular sport at our house.  No, we don't drink to excess.  Bruiser looks like a drunken sailor when he staggers and reels from one piece of furniture to another.  He does not fall as often now but he really looks like he tied one on and is just barely staying upright.

A sport that Nick and I compete in courtesy of the kids is toys dodging.  The boys scatter their toys in the walking path and then it is up to us to aviod them or maim our feet.  Man, legos hurt to step on.  And Hot Wheels cars can be deadly (they move and hurt). 

Anyhoot, have a great Tuesday and random it up.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quotable MEme Monday

All about MEme Monday with Mommybrain and SupahMommy.  This week is favorite quotes and why.

One of my favorite quotes is:
The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead. ~Robert Brault
I try to be optimistic.  It's so much easier to be pessimistic about everything.  I have to remind my self that things aren't really that bad.  This quote makes me remember that optimisim is out there and it gives me a smile at the same time which helps with the whole pessimism thing.

Another that Nick and I try to keep in mind:
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans!
Nick and I live by this quote (line from a song? whatever).  Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day stuff we forget to enjoy the life we are living.  We have to step back and take a moment to see the life we have even if it is not exactly the plan we made.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spin Cycle--Happy Valentine's Day

Jen at Sprite's Keeper is spinning up some Valentine's fun this week.  Love is in the air and all that jazz.

For my spin I thought I'd tell about Turbo's first ever Valentine to another girl.  He was three and spending the day with his grandpa.  Turbo often baked with Papa and that day was no different.  What was different was when Papa brought Turbo home with a heart shaped cake and Turbo informed me it was for his friend M.  She was a little girl who was about two years older than Turbo but that he really enjoyed playing with.  We were friends with her parents and got together every so often.

I was a bit surprised (OK shocked was more like it).  We now had to take the cake to M.  And this was not your traditional cake.  It was heart shaped but with green frosting and mulitcolored sprinkles.  Turbo was very proud of it and quite excited to take it to M.  Nick got home from work and called to make arrangements to deliver Turbo's first ever Valentine.

M's parents were I think as shocked and surprised as we were.  We explained that Turbo and his grandpa had come up with this all on their own.  M smiled nice for the pictures and we all had cake.  Interesting way to spend Valentine's Day, that's for sure.

If this is the age Turbo starts on this kind of thing, I'm in serious trouble. Or at least the girls in his class are in for it.  It was cute but I'll be happy to wait until he's much older before anyone else is his Valentine but me.

Happy Vaelntine's Day to everyone.  Get a little romantic with your significvant other and enjoy a day that, while kind of contrived, is a great excuse to be sappy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Skew--On Romance

THe ladies listed above on the button are hosting the most disFUNctional round table discussion every week.  In honor of Valentine's Day the topic this week is Romance. 

Romance means something different to everyone.  Heck, when I was 20 romance meant something totally different than it does now.

Nick is not the same romantic he was when we were 20 either. 

Then, flowers and chocolates were all that was needed for Valentine's day and the anniversary.  Now, I want something a bit more lasting(even if it's appliances--If I ask for it then I want it). 

Then, a dinner and a movie was a great way to spend the evening.  Now, if he cooks and does the dishes and we watch a DVD at home, that's romantic.

Then, hanging out with friends was cool.  Now, hanging out with our kids is cool. (We joke about being boring but it works for us.)

Romance happens in the small things now.  We have been through sickness(kidney stones that resulted in an eight day hospital stay for me.  He was right there by my side for the whole ordeal).  We have been through lack of wealth.  We have been through the birth of two fabulous boys.  We are a team and know we can get through anything together.

After seventeen years together (only eleven of them legal), I can honestly say that I am married to my best friend and the love of my life.  The fireworks of new love are not there any more but the romance is still in full force (with the occasional firecracker for good measure).

Dear Someone...

Shortmama at Family of Shorts hosts Letters to someone.  You can be nice, snarky, or just vent if that's what you need.  Just link up with her to let those who need to know, how you feel.

Dear Nick,
Love you lots.  Thanks for being on my side.  I'm sorry the sinus bug has come to visit you.  Hope you feel better soon.
Your loving wifey

Dear Turbo-
Way to go at school!  We knew you could act like a decent kid.  You may have lost the swimming privilege but getting your work done and showing you can do it is great.  You get that date with Boomerang tonight, so keep up the good work.
Proud Mommy

Dear Bruiser,
I know you can sleep.  However, you need to do it every night.  I know that is asking for a lot but really, sleeping every night is necessary so Mommy doesn't go off the deep end.  Let's work on this one. 
Love you,
Very Tired Mommy

Dear Neighbor Lady,
After the dog thing, calling and crying about your life, husband and stuff to Nick was very not cool.  We don't need to get involved in your drama (or Divorce).  Let's just back off for a while and see how things work out for you.  We have enough crazy in the family, we don't need it from our friends.
Hope you work things out soon.
The Retreating Neighbors.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I Meant to Say

Chief at Hiding from the Kids is hosting What I Meant to Say again this Wednesday.  Grab the button above and play along.

What I said: to the neighbor who asked to borrow our dog for her trip out of town--"I don't think he'd do well with that.

What I meant to say:  "Are you nuts?  You want to take our dog on a road trip with you because you want a dog for company?  That's just crazy and we don't do crazy.  Find someone else who does do crazy and borrow their dog, kay?"

What I said:  to Turbo about an after dinner snack(aka dessert) "Maybe."

What I meant to say:  "If you keep asking there will be no dessert, after dinner snack or anything and you can just toddle your butt to bed, mister.  That's what you get when you go on continual request mode.  Asking every two minutes for your snack does not make Mommy feel all happy and generous.  Just shut it for ten minutes and then you might get something other than a free ticket to your room.

What I said:  "We got a date tonight, honey?"

What I meant to say:  "As soon as the kids are in bed tonight, you and me got a hot appointment together, baby.  Be ready!!"

What I said:  "I don't need much for Valentine's Day this year."

What I meant to say:  "While I don't need grand gestures for Valentine's Day this year, you better make some sort of effort.  Don't completely ignore the day--OK?"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

It's Tuesday and there are three reasons to love Tuesday--it's NOT Monday, it's random Tuesday and it's Post-it note Tuesday!  Grab the button above and haed to SupahMommy's and see the other post-its.  Hre goes mine:

Random Tuesday and Other stuff


Keely is doing the Tuesday thing again.  You know, where you can dump your random thoughts so they don't drive you crazy.  Let's see what's roaming around my brain today.

--Was it just me or did the Superbowl Commercials underwhelm this year.  I honestly don't remember any that really stood out.  Maybe it was just me.

--I am so gald Monday is over.  Monday sucked this week.  The moon must have been aligned strangely because a whole lot of weird got dumped on us.  My mom is about ready to go off the deep end again.(She's an undiagnosed manic depressive.)  She's good for a while then some passing comment that she takes wrong will send her into poor me mode, the world hates me, why do I even try.  She dumped on us for a whole lot of crap yesterday.  Love you mom, thanks for sharing.

--The neighbors, whose daughter is in school with Turbo, freaked out on Sunday night, called and got Nick on the phone, told him a bunch of lies about her husband and then expected everything to be hunky dory Monday morning.  We have stepped back and are no longer sharing car pool duties.  We have enough crazy in the family, don't need the drama from neighbors/friends.

--In brighter news, we have COLD temperatures again.  Go mother nature.  I would have liked more snow to go with the cold but no, you had to send the snow to the east. 

--And I'll leave you with some silliness that Nick and I came up with years ago. We were have one of those nonsense conversations and out of nowhere Nick said "You gotta beware those Kung Fu Chickens.  They're sneaky. Cluck Chop!!"  I about died.  Now when we feel the need to lighten the mood or just get a laugh we mention the Kung Fu Chickens.  They're out there I just know it, so watch out for them!

Now head over to Keely's and check out the other randomness on the web today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Classified adds, MEme Monday

SupahMommy is once again hosting All about MEme Monday.  A newspaper is rumored to be in the works and there is a call for want adds.

Here are mine:
Dishwasher for family of four.  Will need to scrape dishes, wash dishes and hunt for dishes all over house.  Much relieved mother will pay well for help.  No other perks.  Needed immediately.

Plumbing that works.  Will require draining well and no backups.  So tired of needing plumber every two years. 

One six year old.  Comes with toys and clothes.  Will take any offer.  Comes as is, no refunds or exchanges.  (Caution: do not add sugar or caffine.  Previous owners not responsible for child's actions if given these substances.)

One slightly used bed.  Mother exploring the wide realm of not sleeping at night.  Children helping with this endeavor.  She no longer needs bed as she is constantly out of it and no longer remembers what it is like to sleep all night.  Any offers will be appreciated.  Funds needed to pay for therapist when children are gone. (Mother will need to be retrained how to sleep).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Burt the Bunny

We have a rabbit running around our neighborhood.  THe other evening it was in our yard grazing on the exposed grass.  Turbo was having fun looking out the window at him and then Nick asked what we should call him.  I piped up with Burt.  Turbo wanted Steve.  Nick decided that Burt was the better name for the bunny and now we have Burt stopping by to visit in the evening.

So what silly names have you ended up calling things or animals because the kids insisted on a name.  Turbo has had several favorite stuffed animals with very interesting names.  There has been Baboo, Cece, Gecko, Duck, Charlie, Henry, BeDoo(Scooby Doo) and others. 

I am waiting for the first named animal from Bruiser. 

In other news, Bruiser lost his other front tooth on Saturday.  He has quite the gap toothed smile right now.  He is also excited because he is the first kid in his class that has lost a tooth in February(they are keeping track at school on the calendar).  The Tooth Fairy was generous to the tune of $.75.  And she (or he) remembered to come before Turbo got up.  Go Tooth Fairy!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pet Peeves--Spin Cycle

Jen at Sprite's Keeper is spinning up some pet peeves this week.  Everyone has their triggers.  You know, those things that aren't enough to really torque you off but that annoy you enough to drive you nuts.

Nick could probably list several about me.  A few I know of:
  • I never throw away the bags from things we buy.
  • I "shrink" his clothes in the wash.
  • I have to have lots of covers to sleep.
  • There are more I'm sure but he hasn't expressed them to me.

Things he does that annoy me (but I just let go in the interest of peace in the house):
  • Puts the toilet paper roll on so it rolls off the bottom.  I'm not sure how many times I've sat in the dark and rolled and rolled looking for the end while it piled up on the floor.  Now I just turn it over.  At least he changes out the used roll.
  • Leaves dirty socks where ever he took them off.  Unfortunately Turbo is picking up on this habit.  The socks are rarely in a bunch, just dropped where he was sitting when he took them off.
  • The way he cleans.  He does not go through piles unless forced.  He will, however, move those piles out of sight.  I have lost more things when he cleans.  (We still don't know where he put Turbo's portable DVD player after the last cleaning jag.)
  • He makes plans then neglects to tell me until the last minute.  Then he insists he told me about it.
I have other pet peeves.  Slow drivers make me nuts.  If you can't go the speed limit, don't drive.  Going slowly to be safer only makes you a hazard to those of us who are going the speed limit.  I'm not talking about going slow for the weather conditions, I'm talking about the drivers going 15-20 in a 30 mph area.  they make me nuts.

I care about the environment but the little environmental dig at the end of programs on Discovery annoys me. Commercials can be annoying to.  There are some that I will immediately change the channel so I don't have to watch them.

Turbo has started adding a y sound to the end of Bruiser's name.  We correct him almost immediately, no y end to his name.  I don't want the poor kid to be cursed with that when he's forty.  Nick is still called Nicky by his family.  Nicknames are fine but not that.

I also have the pet peeve about the whole they're, their, there thing as well as the your, you're thing.  I will admit there have been some blogs that I have read once because the typing and grammer were so bad I could hardly get through them.  I never went back.  I can deal with the occasional typo but constant mistypes and mistakes get hard to read.

Pet peeves are funny.  They can get to be big things if you let them fester, but in the big scheme of things they are really just minor annoyances.  I think that a good relationship is just finding the person who shares your set peeves or has ones you can deal with.

So what makes you crazy or nuts?  If you've got a pet peeve let me know, or go see Jen and spin it up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Birthday Cake Diving

Bruiser really got into his cake. 
How much fun to get so fabulously messy.
Happy Birthday Bruiser.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post-it Notes

It's time once again for Post It Note Tuesdays with SupahMommy. So here goes:

Tuesday Randomness


It's Random Tuesday time.  Keely over at The Unmom Gives us a place to unload all those random things that accumulate in your brain.  So here goes my dump session.

I've said it before but I'm tired of the ice.  We have ice that fills every gutter in town.  It makes getting anywhere very interesting. 

One year old birthdays are really for the parents.  It celebrates the survival of the baby stage.  Sure you give the baby a cake and presents but the whole thing just mostly goes over their heads.  The party should have high fives for the parents and tasty beverages as well cause I mean hoorah, we survived without becoming zombies or giving up and walking away.  Just my take on the whole thing.

My inlaws got me a page a day calendar for Christmas.  It's a Jumble calendar.  I can do the ones that give clues to the words but the ones where you just have to unscramble the words, I'm hopeless at.  I always have to cheat and peak at the answer.

Hmmm, my head seems empty now so I'll wrap up my random thoughts with the suggestion to go see Keely.  She won't share her germs just her thoughts and you can link up and share your's too.

Monday, February 1, 2010

MEme Monday--Oh no Officer!

SupahMommy and Mommybrain are hosting All About MEme Monday.  The topic this week getting pulled over or something you've done in a car that should have gotten you pulled over, or (if you are a goody two shoes) a funny story involving your car. 

I have never been pulled over for speeding.  In fact my only tickets have been for fender benders.  I know, goody two shoes.  I was pulled over once.

Set the scene:  Friday night in very small town America(think 3000 people max.)  High schoolers out cruising and seeing friends.

Me:  Teenaged, barely 16, liscensed to drive for about 2 months.  My first car was a Plymouth Champ.(Two door gold colored hatch back--not exactly a cool car but it was mine).

Where:  I had stopped in the Pizza Hut parking lot to talk to a friend in another car.  We stopped and turned off lights and cars and stuff.  Then we left the parking lot.  I neglected to turn my lights back on until about three blocks later.  I realized it and turned them on--after the cop had seen me driving without them. 

What happened:  He turned around and pulled me over.  Me(having a heart attack) meekly saying hello officer.  Him-Need your liscence Miss.  I guess you figured out what I pulled you over for.  I'll check your liscense and be aware of those lights and things.  He checked my liscence and let me off without even an official warning.

Me:  Relief did not even begin to cover what I felt.  There was no way I could have explained a ticket to my parents.  My driving days would have been over before they even started. 

As for things I have done in a car that I should have been pulled over for--well I do tend to drive fast, but only in places where I know I won't get caught.  I often forget my seatbelt in town.  Otherwise I really am a goody-two shoes about driving (but my husband hates to ride with me.  He is a horrible back seat driver).


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