Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Skew--On Romance

THe ladies listed above on the button are hosting the most disFUNctional round table discussion every week.  In honor of Valentine's Day the topic this week is Romance. 

Romance means something different to everyone.  Heck, when I was 20 romance meant something totally different than it does now.

Nick is not the same romantic he was when we were 20 either. 

Then, flowers and chocolates were all that was needed for Valentine's day and the anniversary.  Now, I want something a bit more lasting(even if it's appliances--If I ask for it then I want it). 

Then, a dinner and a movie was a great way to spend the evening.  Now, if he cooks and does the dishes and we watch a DVD at home, that's romantic.

Then, hanging out with friends was cool.  Now, hanging out with our kids is cool. (We joke about being boring but it works for us.)

Romance happens in the small things now.  We have been through sickness(kidney stones that resulted in an eight day hospital stay for me.  He was right there by my side for the whole ordeal).  We have been through lack of wealth.  We have been through the birth of two fabulous boys.  We are a team and know we can get through anything together.

After seventeen years together (only eleven of them legal), I can honestly say that I am married to my best friend and the love of my life.  The fireworks of new love are not there any more but the romance is still in full force (with the occasional firecracker for good measure).


  1. normal plus an occasional firecracker....very well put!

  2. I agree, how it is interesting how the definition of romance changes over time. How come they don't make movies about this?

  3. The prince and I will celebrate our 14th anniversary this summer....but I feel like I get gipped every year cuz we've been together for 20 later this year. Oh wait....that makes me sound really old too. Maybe I'll stick to the number of years we've been legal. ;)

  4. How sweet that you guys are still so in love after 17 years. yes, I sometimes miss those fluttering butterflies but there is just something that feels so safe now knowing I'm with the right partner.

    Thanks for sharing!


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