Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I meant to Say

Well it's Wednesday.  Chief over at (Hiding From the Kids) is hosting What I Meant to Say Wednesday.  Time to get all that stuff off your chest that festers cause you can't (or shouldn't) really say it out loud.

What I said:  To Crazy Neighbor Lady:  No, no everything is fine we've just been busy and we've been sick and sure we'll try to get the kids together soon.
What I meant to say:  Things are better if we just keep our distance for now.  I'm still not sure things are normal at your house.  We'll just leave things the way they are for now.

What I said:  To Guiness(our dog):  Oh, be quiet, we know people are coming.
What I should have said:  Shut the hell up dog.  You see Grandma every day when she comes to stay with Bruiser.  Get over it already!

What I said:  To my Mother:  (After her second call during nap time)  No we haven't found any baggies with you tatting(lace making).  Sorry.
What I meant to say:  Don't call during the time when I am trying to get Bruiser to sleep.  Any time between 2:00pm and 4:00pm please just don't call and especially don't call twice over trivial things.  The kid doesn't go down well especially after you put him down late for his morning nap.


  1. I get so cranky and anal about my sons' naptime and bedtime. I can't stand it when people WHO SHOULD KNOW not to call or stop by, do so anyway.

  2. My son lays down fine for his naps, so calls don't bother me. My nephew on the other hand (who is 1 1/2 and here 3 days a week) let's everything bother him when he needs to be napping. It's rather annoying honestly.

    My dog is the same way, doesn't matter if the someone coming is routine or not.

  3. GAH i hate when people call when my toddler is sleeping. I have gotten to were I just have to turn the ringer of. Of course when i go to check it I normally have 10 or 11 missed calls!

    Happy Humpday!

  4. Why can't people respect nap time? Even if LG and little o are already asleep, I still don't want to talk on the phone. I want to enjoy the quiet!

  5. Amen! Respect the nap time! Our dog is very bad about barking at everything, especially when we're trying to get a nap out of Sprite.

  6. Yea im the same way... its usually people calling early as all get out in the mornings though!! If it werent for the phone I swear id get an extra 2 hours of sleep grrr.! lol

  7. I hate the phone! I hate how it rings when I least want it to! Okay so that is never but... you know

    and my dog barks when I come home



    Thanks for playing!


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