Sunday, February 7, 2010

Burt the Bunny

We have a rabbit running around our neighborhood.  THe other evening it was in our yard grazing on the exposed grass.  Turbo was having fun looking out the window at him and then Nick asked what we should call him.  I piped up with Burt.  Turbo wanted Steve.  Nick decided that Burt was the better name for the bunny and now we have Burt stopping by to visit in the evening.

So what silly names have you ended up calling things or animals because the kids insisted on a name.  Turbo has had several favorite stuffed animals with very interesting names.  There has been Baboo, Cece, Gecko, Duck, Charlie, Henry, BeDoo(Scooby Doo) and others. 

I am waiting for the first named animal from Bruiser. 

In other news, Bruiser lost his other front tooth on Saturday.  He has quite the gap toothed smile right now.  He is also excited because he is the first kid in his class that has lost a tooth in February(they are keeping track at school on the calendar).  The Tooth Fairy was generous to the tune of $.75.  And she (or he) remembered to come before Turbo got up.  Go Tooth Fairy!!

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  1. Oh yes, the tooth fairy. I'll have to remember to put my 3 1/2 year old on her list once she reaches the age where she is losing baby teeth.

    Funny about the pet names. We've had pets with the typical names of Rover and Lucky when we were little but once my sister and I were teenagers, the pet names changed to Shenda (our tabby cat), Kharma (our new-age dog) and then Aja (pronounced Asia) for our exotic blue-eyed border collie. We keep our pets around for a long time so no new ones have been added to our pack.


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