Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random on Tuesday--Couch Diving and Other Sports


Keely at The Un Mom is randoming up some Tuesday thoughts.  Head on over for more random thoughts. 

In honor of the Olympics I wanted to share some of the sports that happen around our house on a daily basis.  Bruiser is a champion Couch Diver.  We have an area at the end of the couch where there is space to pile the extra pillows and blankets we use when sleeping on the couch.  When they are piled, they make a great landing place for a head first dive over the arm of the couch.  Bruiser loves to do this.  If the stuff is piled up well enough he can climb back up for another go.  If not, he yells for help and then goes again.

Turbo excells at Drive Mommy Up the Wall with only one sound.  He can find that one sound that will make you crazed adn then repeats it over and over.  This results is screams from Mommy.  He always manages to pull off the surprised look when that happens.

Drunken Sailor is another popular sport at our house.  No, we don't drink to excess.  Bruiser looks like a drunken sailor when he staggers and reels from one piece of furniture to another.  He does not fall as often now but he really looks like he tied one on and is just barely staying upright.

A sport that Nick and I compete in courtesy of the kids is toys dodging.  The boys scatter their toys in the walking path and then it is up to us to aviod them or maim our feet.  Man, legos hurt to step on.  And Hot Wheels cars can be deadly (they move and hurt). 

Anyhoot, have a great Tuesday and random it up.


  1. My kids have both medaled in those sports :)

  2. Kind of reminds me of my idea for true Office Olympics. You would have events like copy paper jam removal, and foot races from the train to the office with a huge portfolio in tow.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Couch driver? Too funny.

    Have a great RT.

  4. You and I need to host the little boy olympics. First one to need an ambulance wins.

    LG is working on his counter climbing, where upon he opens the kitchen drawers in a sequence that allows him to get to the M&Ms on the counter top.

  5. Couch diving and driving mommy up the wall are huge at my house.


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