Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Randomness


It's Random Tuesday time.  Keely over at The Unmom Gives us a place to unload all those random things that accumulate in your brain.  So here goes my dump session.

I've said it before but I'm tired of the ice.  We have ice that fills every gutter in town.  It makes getting anywhere very interesting. 

One year old birthdays are really for the parents.  It celebrates the survival of the baby stage.  Sure you give the baby a cake and presents but the whole thing just mostly goes over their heads.  The party should have high fives for the parents and tasty beverages as well cause I mean hoorah, we survived without becoming zombies or giving up and walking away.  Just my take on the whole thing.

My inlaws got me a page a day calendar for Christmas.  It's a Jumble calendar.  I can do the ones that give clues to the words but the ones where you just have to unscramble the words, I'm hopeless at.  I always have to cheat and peak at the answer.

Hmmm, my head seems empty now so I'll wrap up my random thoughts with the suggestion to go see Keely.  She won't share her germs just her thoughts and you can link up and share your's too.


  1. so sweet I love your thoughts on first birthdays that is what it was like here as well and now we are headed to a second birthday party as well

  2. LOL I was just talking with my coworker about her 1 year old child's birthday, and this is awesome! lol


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