Monday, February 1, 2010

MEme Monday--Oh no Officer!

SupahMommy and Mommybrain are hosting All About MEme Monday.  The topic this week getting pulled over or something you've done in a car that should have gotten you pulled over, or (if you are a goody two shoes) a funny story involving your car. 

I have never been pulled over for speeding.  In fact my only tickets have been for fender benders.  I know, goody two shoes.  I was pulled over once.

Set the scene:  Friday night in very small town America(think 3000 people max.)  High schoolers out cruising and seeing friends.

Me:  Teenaged, barely 16, liscensed to drive for about 2 months.  My first car was a Plymouth Champ.(Two door gold colored hatch back--not exactly a cool car but it was mine).

Where:  I had stopped in the Pizza Hut parking lot to talk to a friend in another car.  We stopped and turned off lights and cars and stuff.  Then we left the parking lot.  I neglected to turn my lights back on until about three blocks later.  I realized it and turned them on--after the cop had seen me driving without them. 

What happened:  He turned around and pulled me over.  Me(having a heart attack) meekly saying hello officer.  Him-Need your liscence Miss.  I guess you figured out what I pulled you over for.  I'll check your liscense and be aware of those lights and things.  He checked my liscence and let me off without even an official warning.

Me:  Relief did not even begin to cover what I felt.  There was no way I could have explained a ticket to my parents.  My driving days would have been over before they even started. 

As for things I have done in a car that I should have been pulled over for--well I do tend to drive fast, but only in places where I know I won't get caught.  I often forget my seatbelt in town.  Otherwise I really am a goody-two shoes about driving (but my husband hates to ride with me.  He is a horrible back seat driver).


  1. i got my one and only speeding ticket at 16 and the DA cop pulled me over IN MY DRIVEWAY

    parents were NOT pleased

  2. hmmm, I got pulled over for flipping a cop the bird. Not a goody two shoes, I guess, huh? He deserved it. I got off, though. I denied it was my middle finger and told him I was giving him the hand gesture to signal I needed him to wait a minute.

  3. I forgot to turn my lights on when I was a new driver off with just a warning! Whew!

  4. One time in high school, I got a speeding ticket in the McDonald's drive through.


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