Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School and MMMM

So, last week the boys had one and half days of school.  This week is the first full week of school.  I'm not totally sure I'm ready for the routine to start up again, but here we are.
Turbo, the 8th grader

Bruiser, the 2nd grader.
Here's to hoping this year is a great year for both of them.

Now for MMMM.  It's a freebie week so here's what I've been listening to recently:

Blake Shelton with She's Got a Way With Words:

Drake White with Livin' the Dream:

Kenny Chesney Featuring Pink with Setting the World on Fire:
Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Random Time Tuesday

So here is my random for the week:
  • We got to go four wheeling in a new to most of us place this weekend. There is an area called the Wick Bumee Wildlife Habitat area about 45 minutes from town.  Last year Nick went hunting there as it butts up to the national forest where his hunting area was.  The area is beautiful and we had a blast on the ATV trails.

  • On the way to the hills we passed some barricade builders which looked very much like a favorite building material around our house:

  • So yeah, we did that this weekend.  I also accomplished all my laundry.  Yes, the towels need to be folded, but all the rest of it is folded and put away.  Go me!
  • The boys go back to school in like 9 days. Where has this summer gone? Although the mornings around here are hitting the mid 40s and feeling rather fall like really.
  • Bruiser has been riding his bike.  He was wobbly at first, but he's now much more confident.  Nick and he got to have skid mark lessons in the alley.  The important things in life, right!?
Well that covers my random, you got anything? 
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Back at It

So here I am, finally.  It was nice to take a vacation and a break from the blog.  But I am back and hopefully with a bit of new dedication, I can rediscover my blogging mojo.

First things first, we had a fabulous time on our trip to Durango, Colorado. We saw Mesa Verde National Park and rode the Duragno Silverton Railroad.  Pictures?  Of course:

I would love to ride the train again.  There are some that are closer to us and I think we may be able to plan a trip to one of them next year.  The high light of the trip was seeing a bear in a tree next to the train as we were coming back to Durango. It went by too fast to get a picture, but it was cool.

And that was our trip.  Now on to MMMM.  This week the theme is songs with weather conditions in it.  The first song that cam to mind was:
The Weather Girls with It's Raining Men:

Luke Bryan with Rain is a Good Thing:

Carrie Underwood with Blown Away:
And that does it for me this lovely Monday.



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