Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School and MMMM

So, last week the boys had one and half days of school.  This week is the first full week of school.  I'm not totally sure I'm ready for the routine to start up again, but here we are.
Turbo, the 8th grader

Bruiser, the 2nd grader.
Here's to hoping this year is a great year for both of them.

Now for MMMM.  It's a freebie week so here's what I've been listening to recently:

Blake Shelton with She's Got a Way With Words:

Drake White with Livin' the Dream:

Kenny Chesney Featuring Pink with Setting the World on Fire:
Have a great week!


  1. Vandy, Our schools started on the 11th. The summer is flat disappearing on us, but that's ok by me. It's been way too hot and humid to suit this gal. I'm ready for autumn to bring it on, but old man winter can stay away. :) I hope your boys have an exceptional school year. Great to step out on the dance floor with ya this morning. Have a tunetastic week!

    PS: The button in your right menu for Confessions from an Impulsive Addict is blocked. It's set to private or invitations only. Does this mean this person no longer blogs? It seems like I use to participate in a blog hop hosted by her. Oh well, just wanted to call this to your attention.

  2. They're growing so fast!!! Princess Nagger (grade 8) starts next Wednesday the 8th (ha!) and Little Dude (grade 3) starts next Tuesday. I'm with you on getting back into the routine of things, though I won't get to the 'normal' routine until the hubby goes back after his summer break ends at the end of September. It's like having an extra kid at home! LOL! Plus, this year will be an adventure, since Princess Nagger will be attending Virtual Academy from the comfort of home - I look forward to seeing her really flourish now that she will get to work ahead and not get bored and bullied! :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your song choices!! Those are all favorites of mine! :)

    the Cool Girl is Something Wild who will Lose Control while Still Falling For You

  3. They're getting so big!! Can't even believe it. I'm excited for fall and all the fun things it brings, but it has been crazy busy at work. I much prefer working for the school district when the teachers are all gone-ha!

  4. Hey, do they make that "Whatever it is, I didn't do it!" sweatshirt in 4x?

    Nice selections this week!

  5. I'm never ready for school. I love hanging out with my little ones. Times go so fast.

    Here's to hoping that y'all have a great school year.

    Thanks for the music!


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