Monday, April 30, 2012

All Quiet on the Jones Front

This last weekend can be summed up with one word.  Quiet.  We didn't do a whole lot, but it was really nice after all the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks to just spend some nothing time together.
Nick bottled beer on Saturday.  This particular batch tastes really good.  We are heading down next weekend to get more supplies.  Nick needs more bottle caps,  extract, hops, yeast and whatnot to make more beer.   We are leaving the boys with our cousins and heading out alone--just Nick and I to go get those supplies from Ft. Collins.  It should be a fun trip.
We had a sort of cookout Saturday night with our cousins.  They supplied the steaks and we took the veggies, salad and potato dishes over to complete the meal.  A good time was had by all and we have plans to go camping, and for us girls, shopping in the next couple of months.
Turbo spent the night at their house and after we picked him up we headed home and planned on working on the yard some Sunday.  However, Bruiser decided that he needed to play with the elastic cord on my coat.  He was stretching it out as far as he could and just as he let go I put my hand down and the plastic catch on the cord smacked into my right thumb.  It's swollen and very sore now.  Just my luck.
So instead of my helping on the back deck stuff, Nick made a planter for the Hops he is planning on growing by himself, with only minor help from me when necessary.  We also went and got an umbrella for shade on the deck.
My guys.
Nick's hops box.  With recycled wood.
A view through the tree to the umbrella.

So, after not really doing a whole lot, we did actually do some stuff.  I did end up baking even with the thumb difficulties.  Spent grain bread and chocolate chip cookies.  Bruiser was especially interested  in the cookies.  All I have to say is I love my Kitchen Aide stand mixer.
So did you have a better weekend?  Or did you have more fun than we did?  Not that it would have been hard to have more fun.

Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday, Let's Confess!

It's Friday!  I'm oh so happy it's Friday!  Now to get to going home time.  One way to pass the time, Confessions with Mamarazzi.

  • We did it.
  • No, not that!
  • We got smart phones yesterday.
  • The phone does more than I do.
  • I'm a bit a lot intimidated by the darn thing.
  • But we are now full fledged members of the smart phone carrying public.
  • Now I just have to figure out how to use the silly thing.
  • I'm a bit sad.
  • My baby is growing up.
  • He's three now and getting so big.
  • Although, if I'm being honest, I don't really miss the baby stage.
  • Especially Bruiser's baby stage.
  • I still have nightmares about certain aspects of Bruiser's baby times.
  • There has been a request for me to chaperon a field trip for Turbo's class.
  • I'm going to go, if there is not a major conflict with Nick's schedule.
  • An entire day with 60+ third graders.
  • Sounds like a fabulous time.
  • Turbo really wants me to go.
  • To Denver, to the Natural History Museum.
  • It could be a good time.
  • Anyone want to go with us?
Well that about covers me for this week.  Now I can head into the weekend with a clear conscience.  If you want a clear conscience for the weekend, head over to Mamarazzi's place and link up your confessions.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spin Cycle--You Look Marvelous!

Compliments.  Given, received, too many, not enough, for you kids, for you.  Compliments of all kinds are the topic this week for the Spin Cycle.
I've never been great at getting compliments.  I didn't get a lot growing up and they were more for my achievements than my looks.  I can still get flustered when someone says I look good or nice or whatever.  I tend to blame the compliment on what I'm wearing or say that what they are complimenting is something out of my control.  I am trying to just be gracious and say thank you, but it's not my knee jerk reaction.

Because I have such trouble with compliments myself, I have been trying to teach Turbo to say thank you when he gets a compliment, or at least to have a better reaction than I do.  We do try to compliment him on a job well done.  He gets compliments when he does nice things for his brother, but thinking on it I don't tend to compliment him on how he looks very often.  I might have to do that a bit more.
It might be experiment time.  I need to start giving more compliments on how Nick and Turbo dress and generally look.  Learning how to take a compliment is as important as learning how to give one.  Being able to smile and say thank you is important.
And to leave you--You look marvelous!  (I sincerely how at least some of you read that in Billy Crystal's Fernando voice)  No, really you do!

Second Blooming

Go see Gretchen for more complimentary Spins.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WWTK--Anniversary Edition

This week is the the celebration of one whole year of We Want to Know.  Mamarazzi has decided that we are asking the questions this week:

The first question is from yours truly. I want to know:
1. What is your quirkiest habit?  I tie knots in my hair.  I twist it around the fingers of my left hand and then twist it on itself and end up with knots on occasion that I can't untie.  I'm constantly playing with my hair.  The sad thing is that Bruiser plays with his hair too.  When he is really tired or way stressed, he will grab a lock on the front of his head and twirl it and play with it.
D @ wants to know:
2.  What TV show do you always stop to watch? Mythbusters or Big Bang Theory.  Either one will make just about any of us happy to watch and they are shows we all agree on.
Vanessa @ wants to know:
3.  What do you miss most about being a kid?  The care free part of it.  I didn't have to worry about getting bills paid, or what was for dinner, or laundry or any of that stuff.  The fact that I seemed to have hours each day to do what I wanted--I miss that.
Jolene @ wants to know:
4. How many siblings do you have? I have one brother.  He is 4 and half year younger than me.  We are not particularly close.  He's made some choices in his life that I don't really agree with and well, he's living far away and we don't see much of him.  That is why we have cultivated friends as "family" and our boys have cousins and aunts and uncles that are honorary.  These days you get to make the family if you want to.
Kenzie @ wants to know:
5. How do you get yourself out of a funk?  I find funny things to look at on the web--I Can Has Cheeseburger (LOLcats) and Cheeseburger After Dark both give me a laugh. (Warning, Cheeseburger After dark gets raunchy, just wanted to let you know so I don't inadvertently offend anyone.  They keep the clean stuff on LOLcats.  The naughty stuff goes on After Dark.  It's funny, just not safe for children.)  I also like Dear Blank, Please Blank.  Smiling and laughing help with the funk.  A glass of wine and some chocolate helps too.

Now go link up.  Mamarazzi is offering a $25 Target gift card this week to one lucky linker.  What are you waiting for?  Grab the questions and link up!
Mamarazzi and Crazymama are the hosts of this fun get together.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Tuesday, I am oh so glad it's not Monday anymore.  Monday was busy and run aroundy and just not so much fun.  Tuesday promises to be much nicer.  On to the random portion of the program:
  • It is hard to explain to a three year old just why he can't take his hot feet off like he does his shoes and socks.  It was hot yesterday and Bruiser really wanted to take his feet off.  I was reminded of the old Shel Silverstein poem about it being hot enough to take off your skin and then it's still hot.
  • Tonight I get to sit and entertain a three year old while the eight year old has swimming lessons.  Too bad we can't swim too.
  • I'm still getting used to my red red hair.  It turned out way redder that I expected.  It'll wash out eventually but it's really red right now.
  • Today is supposed to be hot--for us for this time of year.  I have a tulip blooming and lots of my dwarf irises are blooming.  It's early, but it has been unusually warm here.  It is supposed to rain this weekend though.
  • Too bad that with the nice weather comes my spring allergies.  Zyrtek has become my daily companion. 
  • I have created monsters.  The boys love strawberries and cream.  They want it all the time.  Monsters.  At least it's sort of healthy.
  • I don't like the new Gieco commercials.  The ones about the taste test.  A car insurance taste test?  Those just doesn't make a bit of sense to me.  I don't hate them like I do the Allstate mayhem ones but I don't understand where they are going with it.
And that about does it for me and my random for this week.  Go visit Stacy for more random thoughts.
And go visit Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday.  They have no rules so you can link up anything.

Seriously Shawn

Monday, April 23, 2012

Swapping Colors!

I'm swapping again with the lovely Mamarazzi in her Favorite Colors swap.  Looking forward to making a goodie box of colors for my swap partner and getting a box full of my favorite colors.


Now to see who I get matched up with.

Something For Me

Well it was an interesting weekend.  I know I say that about a lot of our weekends, but that is the best opening descriptor.  Friday evening, after a very long strange week, neither Nick nor I felt like cooking.  I made grilled cheese for the boys, which have been a new hit with both boys, and Nick made himself canned soup and salad, while I went easy and had a bagel and onion and chive cream cheese.  It was just one of those nights.
Saturday was better.  Nick went four wheeling with some friends.  I got the grocery shopping done just as he left.  When he got back we had lunch and then took the boys swimming at the Rec Center.  Everyone enjoyed that one.  It was really good to spend time together doing nothing in particular but having fun.
Nick packed Saturday afternoon, and he left about 2:15am Sunday morning for Long Beach.  He had to pick up a work colleague and head to the airport in Denver.  I did not envy him the departure time, but I do envy him the trip to California.
Sunday morning, I got up with the boys and we watched A Shot in the Dark, an old Peter Sellers movie.  Then I packed the boys up and we headed out.  A stop at the store happened and Then I picked up my mom and we made a flashing trip to Cheyenne.  Turbo needed sandals, Bruiser needed a swim shirt, I needed wax for my legs.
Once we got home, Turbo went to play with friends, Bruiser went down for a nap, and I waxed my legs, and dyed my hair.  It's kind of really red now.

After the dye.  It's quite red, but I'm getting used to it.
After my hair cut, I have not the patience to straighten it myself.

So I spent a bit of time on me on Sunday and then spent time with the boys.  We had a good dinner,and watched some movies.  This morning was quite a bit busier.  I got Bruiser to his babysitter, Turbo off to school, and myself to work.  All without loosing my mind or my cool--score one for mom!  This is way easier when Nick is here to take Bruiser to the babysitter.  It leaves me with just Turbo to wrangle and keep moving in the right direction.  Thank goodness I could ride my bike so parking at work was not an issue.
Now I just have to remember to go home at lunch to let the dog out and then go collect everyone this afternoon.  Mondays stink.
So how was your weekend?  Was it exciting or just normal.  I, myself, am looking forward to anormal weekend where the weather is good and we can get out in it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I confess...

...that it is Friday and it's time to confess.  So here I go:
  • I'm jealous.
  • Nick is going to Long Beach for a conference.
  • I'm staying here.
  • With the boys.
  • Nick better bring me back something good.
  • Something shiny and sparkly would be nice.
  • I think I'm dying my hair this weekend.
  • A reddish brown again.
  • I got a haircut and it was straightened after the cut.
  • The guys always like that, even if it only lasts the evening.
  • I almost have my laundry done.
  • I was home with Bruiser yesterday.
  • I couldn't stand the whining from the laundry so I shut it up.
  • The towels are still in the dryer, but I can't hear them so they don't count.
  • The vacuum is getting loud but it just gets to wait.
  • I'm a mean mommy.
  • I don't believe Bruiser when he tells me he's starving.
  • Such a mean mom.
  • It is sort of cute to hear a three year old insist he's starving though.
Well that has it for my confessions.  Go see Mamarazzi for more confessions, just don't take McDonald's with you, you could get hurt.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spin Cycle--TAB (Tasty Adult Beverage)

After a week home with her son for Spring break, all Gretchen could think about was how lovely it would be to have him back in school and be able to enjoy a good cocktail.  Toward that end, she wanted cocktail recipes.
We are not ones to make elaborate cocktails.  Nick has been brewing beer and that is involved, but mostly before you drink it.  I like to have simple stuff like Bailey's or Disaronno on the rocks or a good glass of wine.  On occasion we will do Bloody Mary's, but mostly we just don't mix cocktails.
Although there is one drink that I do like to mix up.  'Nilla Coke, the adult version.  You get vanilla vodka and the coke of your choice.  I prefer the non caffeinated version, but you could use diet or regular--your choice.  Take a tall glass and add ice to fill the glass.  Add one to two shots of the vanilla vodka (depending on how strong you want your drink) and then fill the rest of the glass with coke.  Then I add a straw but it's not necessary.  Take your drink and go someplace nice, sit and enjoy--say the back yard on the patio or deck.
This is a drink I like to have in the summer.   It tastes just like a vanilla coke and goes down really easily.  I have not tried cherry vodka, but I want to.  I miss cherry coke and would like to have one again.  Since caffeine and I don't play well together, the only way I'm going to get one is to mix one myself with caffeine free coke and cherry vodka.  That's why I made my 'Nilla Coke drink.  Try one, they're really good.
Now head over to Gretchen's place, the drink recipes are bound to be better than mine, go ahead and drink up.  Just don't over imbibe, that's not so fun.

Second Blooming

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WWTK--It's Been a Year?

It's been a full year of We Want To Know.  A full year of avoiding the things I should be doing to answer the semi random questions from Mamarazzi and friends.  This week the questions are from Crazymama.

1. What is your favorite go to breakfast recipe for special occasions or company?  We make a full on breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns (from scratch) and bacon or sausage.  Sometimes we make biscuits and gravy.  Either one works, depending on who we are having for breakfast.

2. What is your policy for kids that don't want to eat what you are serving?  My boys have to try one bite and then eat what they like on the plate.  We don't make different meals for everyone.  I am not a short order cook.  Every so often that find that their tastes have changed and they like something the previously hated.

3. Do you take treats to neighbors? What kind?  Not often.  We will take things like salad for dinners when we get invited, but rarely do we take homemade treats.

4. What is your most used spice in your cupboard? (Besides salt or pepper)  Garlic powder.  Goes on or in just about anything.  I also use a lot of thyme.

5. What is your favorite fruit ? Do you have a Fave veggie?  Favorite fruit would have to be sweet cherries in the summer.  Favorite veggie, umm, artichokes most definitely.

Bonus question....

6. It was tax day here in the US. Did you get a return? How do you spend it?  We got a return and paid off the new bedroom furniture with it.

Now go see Mamarazzi and Crazymama and grab the questions for yourself.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday and It's Random

Tuesday has come around again.  Since it always follows Monday, I shouldn't be surprised, but still.  Tuesday always shows up.
  • So.  I have to state again that I hate potty training.  Schedules have been so messed up here that all the progress we had made in the potty department has flown out the window.  I think we will try to start again next week.  We just started daycare--an in home daycare--and Nick is headed out of town again next week and my mom gets back the end of this week and our schedules are all shot to hell.  I have officially decided that anything that makes it in the potty is a victory.  I hate potty training.
  • We are thrilled that Top Gear is showing new episodes--the BBC version.
  • I don't like migraines either.
  • Turbo's birthday is coming the end of May and we are not really sure what we are doing.  His birthday falls on the last day of school.  Coordinating a party will be difficult.  We want to go camping, weather permitting, but are not sure what we are going to do for a party.  Or if we are doing a party.
  • Spring cleaning continues.  I think I need to go through shelves in my room and I need to go through Bruiser's clothes and organize for warmer weather.  
  • And my allergies have come to visit.  Stupid allergies.
  • I'm thinking about dying my hair again.  More than thinking, I got a dye kit.  Now I just have to do it.  It will be reddish brown again.  I also get my hair trimmed this week.  I'm trying to grow it out  bit for the summer so it's easier to pull back when camping and four wheeling and such.
Well this random became a semi complaining random.  I feel a bit better though.  Any one else ready for summer?  In the meantime go link up with Stacy for more random--those will probably be more random than mine.
And go link up Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday.  They have no rules about what you link up so go on and check out the fun.

Seriously Shawn

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Weekend That Was

We had a quiet weekend.  We didn't get any outside time.  there was off and on snowish stuff all weekend.  Basically weather by Sybil.  You could look out the window and see snow one minute and the next the sun was shining.
So, since we couldn't do outside stuff, we did inside stuff.  Nick cleaned in the attic.  I did dishes and fought off the allergies that tried to attack this weekend.  I also got to go do a bit of shopping this weekend.  I hit the thrift stores with a friend and then went jean shopping.  I was quite pleased with my finds.
On Sunday we cleaned and rearranged stuff in Turbo's room.  He now has room to assemble his Lego creations and have a friend over to play.   We have some more shelves to build in his room so his clothes can be organized a bit better for him.  Over all his room looks pretty nice right now.
The window box/Lego assembly central.

Lego display center.

Turbo's bed and activity area.

Spring cleaning is running through the house in spurts and starts.
We took Bruiser out to meet his new babysitter.  It looks like he is going to have a great time.  Once he is used to it he should have a steady schedule and that will be a very good thing.
I also got the chance, off and on, on Sunday to geek out about the Titanic shows that were on.  I've always liked history and the Titanic is one thing that has always caught my interest, major motion picture aside.  Oh, I liked the movie, but the real story is fascinating enough for me.
So what was your weekend like?  Fun, boring, just there?  Do tell.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Time to Confess

Friday.  After the week I had, I'm so ready for this week to be over.
I confess:
  • I hate hate hate being sick.
  • The flu stinks.
  • Happily, I'm on the mend.
  • I'm a bit sad.
  • Babysitting with Papa is not working out.
  • Bruiser is going to an in home daycare setting for Mondays and Fridays.
  • It's sad because Bruiser loves his Papa.
  • But Papa is unreliable.
  • It's so frustrating.
  • However most of it is unblogable.
  • Just when you think things are going to go smoothly, the other shoe drops.
  • And on a different note, spring is springing snow on us this weekend.
  • Crazy, wacky weather shifts are normal for this time of year.
  • But I don't have to be thrilled about them.
  • Or the migraines they give me.
And on that note, I'll leave you to enjoy your Friday the 13th.  Oh, yes, today is one if those days.  Go join Mamarazzi for more confessions.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spin Cycle--Spring Break

This week the Spin Cycle is about spring break.  spring Break has been happening at schools all over the country since mid March (when we had ours) and many are having their's right now.
Growing up, Spring Break never meant much.  I got a week off school until I hit sixth grade, but we never went anywhere.  By the time I was in sixth grade spring break had been down graded to a long 5 day weekend, not an entire week.  I didn't get a week long Spring Break until I went to college.  Those were almost always spent going home for laundry and sleep, not going some where fun (and expensive).
Nick and I have traveled for Spring Break on occasion. We went to exciting Omaha to see friends one year.  Another year we went to San Antonio to see friends.  That trip was more fun. We also spent one Spring Break trip in Deadwood, South Dakota (where I cleaned up at the slots).  And when Turbo was not quite two, we went to the Grand Canyon via Arches and also saw Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Dinosaur National Monument.  All in 5 days.   Lots of windshield time.
Actually, I think that about sums up our Spring Break trips.  We drive.  A lot.  But then, we really like to road trip.  I did a Spin Cycle not too long ago about our most recent Spring Break road trip.
So, with uncooperative weather for most of our Spring Breaks here at home, I think, as the boys get bigger, we will be going out of town more often for Spring Break.  Road trips most likely, that's just the way we roll.
Turbo getting some pictures.

Bruiser with a "special"rock to throw in the river.

Turbo being his normal goofy self.
So what are you doing for spring break?  Or what did you do for spring break?  Spin it up and link it up with Gretchen.

Second Blooming

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well, it's We Want To Know time again.  While I am not back to work just yet (another day at home won't hurt me) I'm joining in the fun and answering Mamarazzi's If questions.

  1. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?  Most definitely Big Bang Theory.  Even if I'm one of the dirt people (geologist) according to Sheldon, I'd love to spend some time with them.  If I had to choose a reality show it would be the Mythbusters.  They do such cool things.
  2. If you could be guaranteed one thing in life besides money, what would you ask for?  Health.  Being healthy makes life way easier to live.
  3. If you had to name the most terrifying event in your life thus far, what would it be?  When I had Kidney stone surgery and then spent eight days in the hospital recovering.  Had a couple of close calls during that stay.  It was absolutely no fun and more than a bit scary.
  4. If you could possess one supernatural ability, what would it be?  I'd like to be able to be in two places at once.  Then I could be with my kids when they need me but still be at work too.  A lot more stuff would get done around the house too.
  5. If you could "uninvent" one thing in the world, so it would no longer exist, what would you choose?  Hmm.  There is so much to choose from.  It's a controversial choice, but I think I'd get rid of organized religion.  I have nothing against religion, but I dislike organized religion and all the trouble and strife it has caused.  Just think of all the wars that could have been avoided if one organized religion had not wanted to destroy another organized religion.  I'm more the live and let live kind.
OK, so now you can go answer the questions and join up with Mamarazzi and Crazymama.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talking Tuesday

Hi everyone!  You might not want to stay here long.  We have been passing the sicks around like hot potatoes. I wouldn't want you to catch anything.  Well, you might be alright, just don't touch anything, OK?

  • I got sick Sunday night.  Like throwing up sick.  It was awful.  I spent yesterday tossing in bed trying to keep the nausea at bay.  I had to "watch" both boys.  Thank goodness they managed to be relatively self sufficient.
  • Why both boys?  Well, Saturday Turbo started coughing.  Poor kid sounded like he wanted to hack up a lung.  We took him to urgent care on Sunday because not only was he coughing, but he was running a fever.  the result was he has the flu and got a two day "vacation" from school.
  • Easter was good to the boys, despite the sicks.  They each had fun chasing down the eggs the sneaky bunny hid for them.  Bruiser devoured his chocolate bunny and had a serious case of chocolate overload and couldn't didn't nap.  We made a delicious dinner and enjoyed it.  Of course I tossed it all later.
  • We have started watching home improvement TV again.  Nick has started doing things around the house. I now have a back porch light.  We have plans to do lots more.  It good to be able to do stuff around the house again.  And it's oh, so nice that Nick is handy and can do most of the stuff we want to do.
  • Kids TV can be really inane.  Or completely idiotic depending on the age it's aimed at.  Some of the stuff Turbo watches seems to be just screaming and yelling.  Some of the stuff that Bruiser likes is just inane.  What happened to intelligent TV for the younger set?
  • Even with all we had happen over the weekend, I still got the laundry done.  It was whining so much I had to do something to shut it up. 
And with that, I'm going to wrap things up here today.  Go see Stacy for more randoms.
Also go see Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To us Tuesday.
Seriously Shawn

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Confessions

Time to confess.  It's almost Easter and to feel go for the weekend I'm going to confess.
  • I have yet to get a dye kit for egg dying this weekend.
  • This is going to be a busy weekend.
  • Laundry, egg dying, shopping, swimming with the boys.
  • We still need to do Easter Bunny shopping.
  • With Nick out of town, nothing got done in that sector.
  • Yep, slackers, that's us.
  • I hate spiders.
  • They seem to love my bathtub.
  • That's the scene of many spidercides (it is to a word--spider murders).
  • I'm tho only one going to work today.  
  • Turbo has the day off from school.
  • Nick is staying home with the boys.
  • I'm jealous.
  • Although when I do come home today I have to placate the laundry.
  • If I don't it could very well take over the house.
  • The laundry is so needy.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.  Go join up with Mamarazzi and confess away.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spin Cycle-Birth of a Family

So with spring springing and Easter coming, Gretchen has assigned birth as the topic this week.  Birth.  This could go any number of ways: the obvious, the less obvious, the obscure.
I have given birth twice.  I have two beautiful boys to show for my labors.  I have next to no pictures of the process.  Lots of pictures of the results.
But looking at my boys shows me that not only did I give birth to them, I gave birth to a family on May 25, 2003.  That is the day that Turbo decided that he was ready to join us in person.  It was two weeks early to the day.
Turbo on the go at 9 months.

Bruiser, brand new.
Five and a half years later, Bruiser decided he was as impatient to meet us all as his brother had been.  And so with the addition of another boy our family was complete.  And we are a family.  We squabble, tease, love, hug, and support each other and really feel at a loss without all of us here.
My guys.

One happy family

This was brought home to me this last week and a half that Nick was gone.  I managed OK without him, but everything is oh, so much easier with him here.  We can divide and conquer, there is someone there to take the slack when the other needs a moment and things seem to run more smoothly, even if Bruiser acts the total three year old and Turbo doesn't want to act like an almost nine year old.  You know, they act like normal boys.
I wouldn't trade my boys for the world.  We are a family and nothing can take that away from us.
Giving birth to both my boys wasn't easy, not hard, but not easy, but what they have brought to Nick and I is so much more.  I'm happy to be in a family.  This is one I chose to make and I'm so very content in it.  Even if I get snappy sometimes, even if I don't spout raves of joy for Nick, I'm very happy where I am and who I'm with.  Giving birth to this family was the best thing I ever did.
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Second Blooming

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WWTK--Easter Bunnies and Eggs

Time to do the We Want to Know thing!

{1} What is your favorite Easter tradition?  I like dying eggs with the boys, having the Easter Bunny come and hide them and getting up with them to see what the bunny left them.  It's fun to watch the magic with them.

{2} Tell us about your Easter meal.  It varies from year to year.  Some years it's a ham, some years we've done a pork loin or leg of lamb on the rotisserie.  This year I think we are going to do a Prime rib for just us.  Baked potatoes or sweet potatoes and maybe asparagus or artichokes.  Sounds yummy to me.

{3} Do you decorate for Easter?  No.  I'm not one for decorating for holidays except for Halloween and Christmas.  I'm just not that organized.

{4} Your Easter basket is not complete without....Chocolate.  Of any sort, but especially dark chocolate.  Most especially Dark chocolate Turtles.  Yum!

{5} Are you getting an Easter dress?  No.  But I do want to go jeans shopping.  For new jeans, not used ones.  I need a couple of pairs.  So I'm going to do that this month.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, That Means Random

So it's Tuesday and the best thing about today is that I only have one more day until Nick comes home.  One more day to have to manage my little boy before my big boy comes home.  He has been so missed. Now on to the random.
  • Well I knew spring was only teasing us.  We got snow off and on yesterday and it got cold last night.  Down into the 20s cold.  The thing is we will probably got more of this before we can really be sure spring is here.
  • Has any one watched the new show on Discovery, Unchained Reaction?  We have and we like it, but I'm not sure there isn't some bias in the judging.  In the three shows they have had the different special effects teams have won each time.  It's a little disappointing.  I'm rooting for one of the other teams to win at least once.
  • We keep wondering what to do for Bruiser for Easter.  A kid can have only so many balls.  At least it's getting warm enough to go outside and play with the sports balls he has.  Baseball really can't be played inside.
  • Strawberries and cream is quite tasty and a great way to get the boys to eat strawberries, even Mr. Picky aka Bruiser.
  • I just realized, I need to get an egg coloring kit for this weekend.
  • I love my Kindle, but I'm a bit addicted to perusing the free offerings.  I check it at least once a day, sometimes more. But I prefer to check them on the computer, not my Kindle.
  • Boy these randoms are boring.  Just goes to show how much of a life we don't have when Nick is away.
OK, so there you have it.  My randoms for the week.  Maybe next week will be better.  Go see Stacy for more random Tuesday link ups.
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Seriously Shawn

Monday, April 2, 2012

Survival and Getting Through to Monday

So, in one small way, I am so ready for it to be Monday.  It was a long weekend.  Not necessarily fun, but definitely long.
I have come to one major conclusion.  I am not cut out to be a full time at home mom. I'd go nuts inside of about three days.  I love my boys, but oh man do I need a way to take a break form them.
The weekend started out on a high note for me.  Both boys were away at the grandparents' houses.  I had a quiet dinner, and then met a friend and we went out for a drink.  I got home and went to bed and woke up in a quiet house when I wanted to.  I Skyped with Nick and then went grocery shopping, all by myself.
I picked Bruiser up after I got all the groceries put away and Turbo came home a bit later.
Hard at work on his book.
I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning tubs, making an 8 year old finish the book he had to write and illustrate for school, and trying to make a 3 year old use the potty.  The book got finished, but the 3 year old pretty much defeated me.  It is totally two steps forward three steps back on the potty front.
Hard to be mad at that cuteness.
Nick returns on Wednesday and I truly will be oh so glad to see him.  It's been a long time to have him gone.   At least the weather has been nice and Turbo has been able to play outside.  That is until last night.  We got snow, yes snow, and it's snowing today.  Got to love spring in Wyoming.


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