Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spin Cycle-Birth of a Family

So with spring springing and Easter coming, Gretchen has assigned birth as the topic this week.  Birth.  This could go any number of ways: the obvious, the less obvious, the obscure.
I have given birth twice.  I have two beautiful boys to show for my labors.  I have next to no pictures of the process.  Lots of pictures of the results.
But looking at my boys shows me that not only did I give birth to them, I gave birth to a family on May 25, 2003.  That is the day that Turbo decided that he was ready to join us in person.  It was two weeks early to the day.
Turbo on the go at 9 months.

Bruiser, brand new.
Five and a half years later, Bruiser decided he was as impatient to meet us all as his brother had been.  And so with the addition of another boy our family was complete.  And we are a family.  We squabble, tease, love, hug, and support each other and really feel at a loss without all of us here.
My guys.

One happy family

This was brought home to me this last week and a half that Nick was gone.  I managed OK without him, but everything is oh, so much easier with him here.  We can divide and conquer, there is someone there to take the slack when the other needs a moment and things seem to run more smoothly, even if Bruiser acts the total three year old and Turbo doesn't want to act like an almost nine year old.  You know, they act like normal boys.
I wouldn't trade my boys for the world.  We are a family and nothing can take that away from us.
Giving birth to both my boys wasn't easy, not hard, but not easy, but what they have brought to Nick and I is so much more.  I'm happy to be in a family.  This is one I chose to make and I'm so very content in it.  Even if I get snappy sometimes, even if I don't spout raves of joy for Nick, I'm very happy where I am and who I'm with.  Giving birth to this family was the best thing I ever did.
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  1. Sweet, sweet, SWEET! And so very true. The family is it's own entity which needs all it's parts to function efficiently. I didn't realize that Jude and Turbo were only a couple of weeks apart!

    You are linked!!

  2. I wound up with all grandsons. I have 4 and Roy has 3! They range in age of 16 to 3.

  3. What a great spin! So beautiful.

  4. I think that is by far one of the coolest things we can do as humans: choose to create a person! I mean, think about how awesome that is.

  5. Such a sweet post. And I agree. It's definitely much easier with the hubby around.

  6. So sweet, friend!
    And your oldest was born just a week before mine! June 2nd is my boy's birthday...he was a few weeks early too.

  7. My stepson has two boys already. His wife is expecting their third which they now know is a girl. Thanks for your spin!

  8. Loved reading this!

    You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing them!

  9. You have a beautiful family! I like to think of our wedding day as the birth of our family since that was the day that started what resulted in our three beautiful girls. I agree with you that I wouldn't change anything about it. I love my family and I love my life!


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