Monday, April 2, 2012

Survival and Getting Through to Monday

So, in one small way, I am so ready for it to be Monday.  It was a long weekend.  Not necessarily fun, but definitely long.
I have come to one major conclusion.  I am not cut out to be a full time at home mom. I'd go nuts inside of about three days.  I love my boys, but oh man do I need a way to take a break form them.
The weekend started out on a high note for me.  Both boys were away at the grandparents' houses.  I had a quiet dinner, and then met a friend and we went out for a drink.  I got home and went to bed and woke up in a quiet house when I wanted to.  I Skyped with Nick and then went grocery shopping, all by myself.
I picked Bruiser up after I got all the groceries put away and Turbo came home a bit later.
Hard at work on his book.
I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning tubs, making an 8 year old finish the book he had to write and illustrate for school, and trying to make a 3 year old use the potty.  The book got finished, but the 3 year old pretty much defeated me.  It is totally two steps forward three steps back on the potty front.
Hard to be mad at that cuteness.
Nick returns on Wednesday and I truly will be oh so glad to see him.  It's been a long time to have him gone.   At least the weather has been nice and Turbo has been able to play outside.  That is until last night.  We got snow, yes snow, and it's snowing today.  Got to love spring in Wyoming.


  1. Yikes, I hope the potty thing gets easier. It took Sprite a little while, but most parents seem to get an "a-ha" moment from their kids where accidents become a thing of the past. We're still working on that on the bedtime front.. :-/

  2. Potty training boys is hard. My boys just seem to get so involved in play that they didn't make it to the bathroom in time or didn't try. Not sure which. I consoled myself with the knowledge that they wouldn't go to kindergarten in a diaper. Good luck. Glad to hear Nick will be home soon.

  3. Oh my it's 90 here today...they just said on the news March was the hottest ever recorded this year. The weather has been crazy!

  4. Ooh, so late on commenting. But I cannot believe you have snow. Our high today is 92!


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