Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday 5--Come on Weekend!

Here it is already Friday!  I am ready for the weekend, but not totally ready for school to be out.  So on to the five things:
  1. We are sort of winging child care this summer.  My mom is taking three day a week and the other two we are patching together how ever it works out.  We will muddle through, but worrying about it has given me one or two sleepless nights. 
  2. Things are flooding around here.  We have water this year.  Lots of water. And it's raining today. Reduces fire danger. Increases the mosquitoes.  We will be sporting eu de bug spray in the next week or so.
  3. This has been a busy week for Turbo. Tuesday he had a field trip to the mountains.  Wednesday was class picnic at the park.  Thursday was field day and awards ceremony.  Today is a half day and he finished with elementary school. On to junior high, middle school, whatever you want to call it. I think he's ready for it.  Not so sure I am.
  4. Our weekends are booked for the next month it looks like.  This weekend is getting things ready in the camper for camping season.  Next weekend we celebrate Turbo's birthday party with his friends. Weekend after hopefully we can go camping.  Then the next weekend is Nick's birthday.  We get one weekend of no plans then it's Fourth of July. Busy, busy, but hopefully having fun.
  5. Turbo is almost through his month long challenge of no video games.  He has done well.  We gave him a pass for his birthday, but otherwise he has not played video games at all for the last 29 days.  He needs to get through tomorrow and then he wins the challenges and the $100 that Nick promised. We are pretty proud of the kid for pulling it off.
Now for 5 pictures:
This little man graduated.

This kid turned 11.

A rare moment of stillness from both.

the field trip.

The cactus are in bloom.
 Our weekend will be filled with activities.  How is your weekend shaping up?

Emmy Mom

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spin Cycle--Patriot

Due to Memorial Day being Monday, our topic this week is patriotism. I consider myself a partiot, but I'm not wildly vocal about it.  I grew up saying the pledge of allegiance every day in elementary school.  I will stand when the flag goes by in the parade and I understand the sacrifices that have given those of us who choose not to the right to make that decision.
I was pleased to learn that the pledge is said mornings at Turbo's school.  Turbo was even chosen in third grade to go to the office and help lead the pledge over the loud speaker for a week.
The radio station here in town plays a version of the national anthem every day at noon.  It's stirring to listen to it and at times (hormones play a part) I do get a bit teary when I really think about what it means.
And now for some fun facts about The Star Spangled Banner:
  • In 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote the "The Star-Spangled Banner," a poem, set to a well-known British drinking song, "To Anacreon in Heaven."
  • In 1916, Woodrow Wilson ordered that the "Banner" should be played by the military and naval services.
  • On March 3, 1931, the "Banner" was designated the national anthem by an act of Congress.
  • Key's poem had 4 verses, although today only the first stanza is usually sung.
  • The song's first confirmed performance at a sporting event was at the 1918 World Series.
  • During World War II, the tradition of singing the anthem at sporting events spread.
So what makes you feel patriotic? Seeing flags flying in the wind?  Hearing the national anthem?  Seeing the soldier coming home videos? I'll admit those get me every time. What does patriotism maen to you?  Spin it up and link up with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, they would love to have you!

Second Blooming

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Turbo at 11

Not that I was gone for all that long.  But after a jam packed weekend, I got to take Turbo on his final field trip of elementary school. It's amazing to look at the kids he has gone to school with these last six years and see them so grown up.  The girls tower over the boys right now. They are all hovering on the brink of being teenagers, but the little kid still shows up now and then.
Turbo turned 11 on Sunday.  Definitely a tween.  He's headed to sixth grade at the junior high next year.  Where has the time gone?
From this:

To this:
He's growing so fast. I can barely keep his clothes the right size.  I think he has almost skipped over size 12 jeans. He headed into 14s this fall.
He is video game obsessed--Minecraft, Skyrim, Lego games, Halo, etc.-- Lego loving, Scooter and bike riding, typically annoyed and bothered by and with his little brother. He loves Thullee and camping, and swimming and hanging with his friends.  He really is a typical boy.  Sometimes a bit stinky, and his hair is getting long.  The hair is his choice. As long as he takes care of it, he can have it any length he wants.
I love him dearly and will always see that little baby in him.  He was my first. He'll always be my first.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday, Finally!

Time for a bit of a confession session.  I am so glad it's Friday.  This week has been long and exhausting.  Let's confess, shall we:
  • I'm hitting a bit of a blah time with the blog.  
  • The interesting ideas are just not flowing.
  • Heck, any ideas are just not flowing.
  • The thing is, I don't want to stop blogging.
  • I think I just need to figure out what I want to say.
  • I need to figure out what kind of blogger I want to be.
  • Cause right now I don't feel I fit in any one category.
  • I'm not a mommy blogger, though I blog about my kids.
  • I'm not a fashion blogger--heaven knows I'm not fashionable.
  • I'm not a book blogger--although I love to read, reviewing holds no appeal for me.
  • I'm not a craft blogger--so not crafty here.
  • I'm not a food blogger, I can't take those kinds of pictures.
  • I really don't want this to devolve into just a journal of we did this then and so on.
  • Not that some of that isn't good, but it shouldn't be all I talk about.
  • Cause let's face it, reading that gets boring after a while.
  • Time to explore some other options.
  • Lists are a possibility.
  • Goals are a possibility.
  • Maybe some throwback stories from growing up--or those crazy college years...
  • Or look into sharing some of the Jones standard recipes.
  • Ways I've changed for the better.
  • Ways I haven't changed.
  • Maybe I just need to inject more of me here.
  • Get back to living life, not just getting by.
OK, so that got kind of whiny fast didn't it?  Any way, hope everyone has a great weekend.  Enjoy the holiday!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Graduation--Spin Cycle

Graduation.  Not something we are doing right now, really.  But it is something we have done quite a bit of around our house.  I have graduated twice from college, once with a B.S. in History and once with a B.S. in Geology.  Nick has done it three times, once with a B.A. in Journalism, once with a B.S. in Geology and once with a M.S. in Geology. Lots of ceremonies, lots of tassels.
The BS in Geology. Yes, it snowed that day too.

The M.S. in Geology

We are embarking on the graduation trip with the boys.  Bruiser is "graduating" to Kindergarten.  He is so very excited. His teacher says he is more than ready to go to Kindergarten. I'm not totally sure I'm ready for him to go, he is my baby after all.
Then there's Turbo.  He is going to sixth grade. Middle school. I think he's excited and I hope he's ready. Middle school comes with a bit less drama for boys, right? He's excited about the chance to participate in swimming and track.  He's excited about taking computer and french. I hope things go smoothly for him.

Bruiser is hoping to graduate to a two wheel bike this summer. No training wheels and self propelled. Whee! This will make family bike rides possible this summer. 
Turbo wants to learn to roller blade better.  Nice for him he fits my old roller blades.
Graduation does not loom closely in our future.  The little graduations will be fine for right now.
Do you have a big graduation, or just a little one?
Spin it up and link up with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, they would love to have you!

Second Blooming

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Park Time

I love nice eveings.
The play equipment that masquerades as Modern Art

How are small kids supposed to play on this stuff?


I'm pretty baffled by this "playset"

Bruiser and Dad!

I truly hope we get more of these sort of evenings.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stop the Merry-Go-Round

Yeah, I want off the merry-go-round that has sped up the last few days. The end of school whirlwind is upon us, work has gotten crazy and there is no hope in sight for a pause.  Maybe June will be better. Or maybe not.
  • The end of school for Turbo is next week. He gets a trip to the zoo this week and another field trip next week and then field day and no actual school work will happen for the next two weeks.
  • We have so much stuff going on, but most of it is unbloggable.  That makes writing very difficult.
  • We have nice weather.  Turbo rode his bike to school today.  Nick and I will start riding bikes to work soon--once things settle down.
  • There is a new Goodwill store in our town.  I want to go see what it has to offer.  Turbo needs shorts, Bruiser could use some superhero shirts. Tank tops for both boys for summer. Bruiser also needs flip flops or sandals for the summer.
  • It's time to clean house again.  I've been procrastinating very well on that front.  Books have been calling my name recently. Then there is this problem:
  •  The swainson's hawks we call Ozzie and Harriet are back and raising little ones again.  They do keep the squirrel population reduced.
  •  We need to get garden stuff in.  Time to prep teh raised gardens we have and see what we can grow this year.  I want to put in a salad garden--lettuce, spinach, carrots, and maybe this year we can get zucchini to grow.
  • So hard to believe that this weekend is Memorial day weekend.
So, What's your random?
Go link it with  Stacy! She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!

Monday, May 19, 2014

We Needed That and MMMM

So, we had a pretty great weekend.  The weather was nice and we got out a bit and had good food and good friends.  It was nice.
Friday afternoon we had a last parent teacher conference with Bruiser's preschool teacher.  She had glowing things to say about him and his readiness for Kindergarten. It's a relief to have a conference like that and have it go well.  Bruiser has his last day of school on Thursday. We will attend his last day picnic. 
Saturday we hung out at home and didn't do much.  There might have been an element of too much wine the night before for me.  The weather was sort of nice, but not really what you'd call warm.
Sunday was a fantastic day.  Warm (in the mid 70s), breezy, sunshine.  I detailed the truck, getting it ready for the many road trips it will take us on to the mountains. Nick checked out the camper--the plumbing and electrical systems are working fine.  We still have some minor things to do to get it ready for summer camping trips, but we are really ready to go. 
Mid morning we headed to the park with the dogs and boys to meet up with some friends.  Got a bit of sun and the kids had fun playing in the sand at the volleyball pit. After an hour we had to head home to feed boys lunch before their trip to Chucky Cheese's with the grandparents.
Nick and I took a drive in the mountains and let the dogs out for a short walk.  It was Thullee's first trip to the mountains in warm weather. He loved it.
Back home we made salmon for dinner and it was excellent.  Kids got home and we had a quiet evening.  A really perfect weekend.

And now for MMMM--Ladies of the 60s through 80s is the theme.
One of the most enduring: Cher with If I Could Turn Back Time:

Bonnie Tyler with Total Eclipse of the Heart:

Joan Jett with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap:

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Confessions

Time to confess so the I can head into the weekend with no guilt:
  • Am super frustrated over what exactly we are going to be doing with Bruiser this summer.
  • Grandparents have been helping but Grandpa has backed out completely.
  • But he wants us to set up something so he can pick Bruiser up at any time.
  • Yeah, sorry, daycare does not work that way.
  • Not sure what we are going to work out.
  • We do have July mornings set up.
  • We still have to come up with June and August.
  • Akkk.
  • TABs (Tasty Adult Beverages) are definitely on deck for this weekend.
  • My mom is willing to help.  
  • Scheduling may be interesting this summer.
  • Hoping for good weather this weekend.
  • Yesterday I read the forecast for today.
  • The weatherman gave up I think.
  • The forecast had snow, rain and partly sunny.
  • Hell, with it, just list them all, the odds are one of them will happen, probably two.
  • Magic 8 Ball weather forecasting?
  • Next week is busy.
  • Turbo has a field trip.
  • Bruiser has his last day of Preschool.
  • Nick has a cousin who is getting married.
  • Memorial day weekend.
  • Turbo's birthday.
  • I may have to start running again.
  • Still not a fan of running.
 Well that covers my confessions for this week.  Do you have any?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spin Cycle--Aging

So the topic this week is aging.  Last year I turned the big 4-0.  But as per my mother, I started counting backward at 29.  I am currently 18.  That was a fun year.  College, dating, freedom, being young and kind of stupid.
Yeah, really glad the internet wasn't around when I was young and stupid.  There are some thing better left remembered, not memorialized forever digitally.
Really getting older has hit me in stages.  My body definitely doesn't feel like it once did.  Sure doesn't look like it either.  There are a few wrinkles, a few extra pounds, more creaks and groans, and aches and pains.
I was lucky in the gene lottery and most certainly don't look my age.  I've always been viewed as younger than my age.  After graduating from college I got a job in the deli of the local grocery store.  I had several customers who would ask if I had graduated.  When I said yes, they would go on to tell me what a wonderful university was in our town.  They were always quite surprised when I told them I had graduated from college already.  "How old are you?!" was always the next question.
As I head into my 40s, I know that aging will take it's toll on me.  If I can meet it with grace and maybe a bottle of wine, it won't be so bad, after all the alternative is not so attractive.
What are your feelings on aging?
Spin it up and link up with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, they would love to have you!

Second Blooming

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Mother's Day

My Mother's Day:

Out with my best guys.
Nick and his mom

Turbo and me selfie.

Of course the snow.
It was a pretty good day.  And then there was this morning:
Hard to tell, but it is snowing again.
Evidently, Mother Nature is still shacking up with winter.  I'm totally over their fling, but they are still at it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random For Tuesday

And we still have snow on the ground, but it's no longer falling from the sky, so there's that. It's Tuesday!  Let's get ready to Random!
  • I am really hoping that Mother Nature breaks up with winter soon.  It's really time for her to start hanging with summer.  She flirted with spring, but winter crashed their party.  See:
  • There was enough snow for the boys to make snow angels:
  • I got some yummy dark chocolate Turtles for Mother's day.  Now I have chocolate for those trying moments.
  • Turbo is doing well with his no video game challenge.  He has been annoying his brother more, but playing with the things he has more too.  Once it gets nicer out he can go ride his bike. That will help with the energy he has.
  • I moved wrong yesterday and my back does not like me right now. 
  • I put nail polish on my fingers.  Sunday night.  It's still there and not chipped.  This is very interesting. It usually doesn't last at all. This just might start a new hobby for me. It is getting close to toe painting time (if the snow ever stops falling).

  • Spring in Wyoming, not a warm and fuzzy season, unless you mean the hat and gloves one must wear.
  • With the new stove I have decided that I need a pasta pot.  We cook pasta on average twice a week and it would get used. Now to figure out which one I want.
  • We will have to get Thullee a dog blanket/jacket for next winter.  He loves to be outside, but gets cold easily.
So, What's your random?
Go link it with  Stacy! She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day and Snow!

This last weekend was pretty quiet all the way around.  Since our weather went to pot we were house bound for most of it.
I conquered the laundry and eradicated the dust rhinos.  I was pretty thrilled that most of the laundry was finished on Saturday.  Only towels needed to go in the dryer.  As for the rest of Saturday, we watched super hero movies and really did little else--although I made a fantastic meatloaf Saturday night for dinner.
Sunday dawned with this:
Which by the end of the day was this:
Yep, Mother Nature had one last fling with old man winter.  At least, I sincerely hope this was her last fling until next fall at least.
I had a wonderful Mother day, even if it was somewhat hijacked by plans made by others.  It started out with Strawberry pancakes and bacon.  I got a great card and chocolates (with an IOU from Nick on a mother necklace--there's always my birthday). 
Brunch with Nick's family was pleasant and the food was really good--I ate far too much, but since I sort of skipped dinner it all balances out.
One thing I did discover was Murphy Brown.  There was a marathon on Encore Classic and I rediscovered the greatness that is Murphy Brown.  Now I can see it every evening--without commercials no less!
It was still snowing this morning.  All roads into and out of Laramie are closed. We have a full on winter wonderland out there.  NAd it's supposed to 60 degrees by Saturday.  I just love "spring" in Wyoming.

Now for MMMM--freebie week so lets see what tickles my fancy today:
How about songs from 2003.  With Turbo's 11 birthday creeping up that year is on my mind.
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow with Picture:

Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet with It's Five O'Clock Somewhere:

Toby Keith and Willie Nelson with Beer for My Horses:
These turned into duets as well.  Happy accident!  Have a great Monday--may it be warming thanour will.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday 5

Joining up with Emmy Mom for Friday 5 this week.  It's a place to share five things from the week that don't really warrant a post all by themselves.
5 Things:
  1. I'm super happy about our new stove. It has been working out just grand.  Now I have to get back on the meal planning.  I've sort of slipped up the last couple weeks.
  2. Turbo's elbow wound is getting better.  He looks less like a crash victim and more like a banged up boy. I'm sure this will no be the last such crash this summer.
  3. I have to confess I'm not thrilled with the plans that have been made for us regarding Mother's Day.  Nick's brother is in town, and while I'd like to see him, I'm not excited about getting together with Nick's folks, Nick's brother, his partner's family and all.  It sounds like quite the crowd and I'm just not looking forward to it. My Mother's Day has been hijacked. I know I sound kind of whiny, but we were not asked if we had other plans, it was just assumed that we would want to attend any and all that was set up. Ack, this is getting all kinds of woe is me, let's move on shall we.
  4. We are supposed to get snow this weekend. It won't last long, but snow will most likely fall. Last weekend was just a tease.  Not time to get out the shorts yet.
  5. Really happy it's Friday.  This has been a long week.  Not quite as bad as last week, but I'm still going to be very happy at going home time. Even if going home means sorting laundry and vacuuming.  Since the dust bunnies have turned into dust rhinos and are scaring the house cleaning fairies away.
5 Pictures:

So do you have five things you'd like to share?  link it up with Emmy Mom!


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