Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Turbo at 11

Not that I was gone for all that long.  But after a jam packed weekend, I got to take Turbo on his final field trip of elementary school. It's amazing to look at the kids he has gone to school with these last six years and see them so grown up.  The girls tower over the boys right now. They are all hovering on the brink of being teenagers, but the little kid still shows up now and then.
Turbo turned 11 on Sunday.  Definitely a tween.  He's headed to sixth grade at the junior high next year.  Where has the time gone?
From this:

To this:
He's growing so fast. I can barely keep his clothes the right size.  I think he has almost skipped over size 12 jeans. He headed into 14s this fall.
He is video game obsessed--Minecraft, Skyrim, Lego games, Halo, etc.-- Lego loving, Scooter and bike riding, typically annoyed and bothered by and with his little brother. He loves Thullee and camping, and swimming and hanging with his friends.  He really is a typical boy.  Sometimes a bit stinky, and his hair is getting long.  The hair is his choice. As long as he takes care of it, he can have it any length he wants.
I love him dearly and will always see that little baby in him.  He was my first. He'll always be my first.

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  1. We were watching some movie last night where this teenaged boy was a lot like my oldest and I had a full body shudder at the idea of him being that old. OMG.


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