Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Confessions

So, so happy it's Friday.  This week has had it's ups and downs.  Sadly the downs tried really hard to outnumber the ups. Anyway, on to the confessions:
  • Excited about the new stove that will be showing up today.
  • My kitchen looks a bit disasterish right now. 
  • Well only half, but by tomorrow the only thing will be a brand new gas stove.
  • We got new smart phones this week.
  • I'm getting used to it.
  • So is Nick.
  • I think I'll like it once all the quirks are figured out.
  • We actually get nice weather for the weekend.
  • Shhh, don't tell mom nature or she'll change it on us.
  • So for Friday fun:

Have a great weekend!

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