Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spin Cycle--MAY

May.  The month of Mother's day, Birthdays, Cinco De Mayo and May the 4th be with you.  It's a busy month for us.  This year, since May 4th falls on Sunday, we will be celebrating May the 4th Be With You!

There will be the original trilogy or episodes IV, V, VI or what ever you want to call them.

If I get really ambitious, I may make a special dinner.  Not exactly sure what a Star Wars themed meal is, but I can come up with something.
And the next day is Cinco De Mayo.  We live in a college town, where any excuse for a party is celebrated.  We won't do much, but Chicken Enchiladas and Margaritas for the adults will probably be on the menu.
After that is Mother's day and Nick's mom's birthday--all on the same day this year. We will do something that day, a small get together if nothing else.
Then the next big thing is Turbo's 11th birthday over Memorial Day weekend.  We have not yet figured out plans for the occasion, but we will do something (just not camping, that never works out well for us).
May brings more unpredictable weather and at least one if not two more appearances of the white stuff. We would like it to rain more, but snow comes with living here.  We will be working in our gardens and enjoying the outsideness of it all before we have to start sporting eu de bug spray to keep the mosquitoes from trying to carry us away.
What does May say to you?  What will you be doing?  Spin it up and link up with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, they would love to have you!

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  1. Sounds like a fun month! I'm not sure what a Star Wars meal would include either, but I'm sure you'll have fun with it!

  2. Our May is going to be busy too! We have my Daughter's Prom and Mother's Day next weekend & then there is an Amusement Park Trip and a trip to the Zoo planned. We also take a camping trip through Memorial Day as well as my son has a school Family Picnic and Graduation for him. That's all that is on the agenda for now but I'm sure more will pop up as time goes by!

  3. Here are a couple of ideas for May the 4th junk foods. Sounds like fun and a busy time for you this May.


    Oops forgot the link.

  5. I LOVE that you guys celebrate May the Fourth Be With You! May's a big month around here too, Jude's birthday is May 6!


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