Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day and Snow!

This last weekend was pretty quiet all the way around.  Since our weather went to pot we were house bound for most of it.
I conquered the laundry and eradicated the dust rhinos.  I was pretty thrilled that most of the laundry was finished on Saturday.  Only towels needed to go in the dryer.  As for the rest of Saturday, we watched super hero movies and really did little else--although I made a fantastic meatloaf Saturday night for dinner.
Sunday dawned with this:
Which by the end of the day was this:
Yep, Mother Nature had one last fling with old man winter.  At least, I sincerely hope this was her last fling until next fall at least.
I had a wonderful Mother day, even if it was somewhat hijacked by plans made by others.  It started out with Strawberry pancakes and bacon.  I got a great card and chocolates (with an IOU from Nick on a mother necklace--there's always my birthday). 
Brunch with Nick's family was pleasant and the food was really good--I ate far too much, but since I sort of skipped dinner it all balances out.
One thing I did discover was Murphy Brown.  There was a marathon on Encore Classic and I rediscovered the greatness that is Murphy Brown.  Now I can see it every evening--without commercials no less!
It was still snowing this morning.  All roads into and out of Laramie are closed. We have a full on winter wonderland out there.  NAd it's supposed to 60 degrees by Saturday.  I just love "spring" in Wyoming.

Now for MMMM--freebie week so lets see what tickles my fancy today:
How about songs from 2003.  With Turbo's 11 birthday creeping up that year is on my mind.
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow with Picture:

Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet with It's Five O'Clock Somewhere:

Toby Keith and Willie Nelson with Beer for My Horses:
These turned into duets as well.  Happy accident!  Have a great Monday--may it be warming thanour will.


  1. ROCK & ROLL... and some of my old favorites! You go girl, say did you get my e-mail? CONGRATS CONGRATS to being our Spotlight Dancer this week! Don't forget to let me know what theme you would like to do & e-mail that ASAP or if you would like to pass! Thanks for rockin' with us! Have a great week!

  2. That snow is insane! It's supposed to be 90 here today. I remember watching Murphy Brown with my mom; fond memories. Good job at spotlight dancer!

  3. I enjoyed those :-)

    Congrats on this weeks Spotlight Dancer :-)

  4. Freaking snowing here too. WTH?
    At least we can have some hot music today! Loved all of your choices!

  5. Love Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. Great Song.

  6. Uumm that sucks that you got snow...I am pretty confident we won't see anymore snow till it's time...i hope! Haha!
    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  7. I love it's 5 O'clock some where.


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