Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spin Cycle--Aging

So the topic this week is aging.  Last year I turned the big 4-0.  But as per my mother, I started counting backward at 29.  I am currently 18.  That was a fun year.  College, dating, freedom, being young and kind of stupid.
Yeah, really glad the internet wasn't around when I was young and stupid.  There are some thing better left remembered, not memorialized forever digitally.
Really getting older has hit me in stages.  My body definitely doesn't feel like it once did.  Sure doesn't look like it either.  There are a few wrinkles, a few extra pounds, more creaks and groans, and aches and pains.
I was lucky in the gene lottery and most certainly don't look my age.  I've always been viewed as younger than my age.  After graduating from college I got a job in the deli of the local grocery store.  I had several customers who would ask if I had graduated.  When I said yes, they would go on to tell me what a wonderful university was in our town.  They were always quite surprised when I told them I had graduated from college already.  "How old are you?!" was always the next question.
As I head into my 40s, I know that aging will take it's toll on me.  If I can meet it with grace and maybe a bottle of wine, it won't be so bad, after all the alternative is not so attractive.
What are your feelings on aging?
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  1. I hate aging. Can't run from it can we! My sister is a high school teacher for 11 years and still gets asked for her hall pass.

  2. Happy 40th! Oh, you're a baby. And you do took damned good. And how true about pre-existing the internet. I spent the weekend with my college friends, and we kept talking about how lucky we are that nobody took pictures of most of our insanity!

  3. I used to look younger than I really am, but now I think age is catching up with me! I haven't had anyone think I'm younger than I really am for a while. ;) Oh, well, life goes on!

  4. Great post! I'm 44 and I am doing stuff I never would have even considered doing in my 20's. This is a time where I feel I am just getting started!


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