Monday, May 19, 2014

We Needed That and MMMM

So, we had a pretty great weekend.  The weather was nice and we got out a bit and had good food and good friends.  It was nice.
Friday afternoon we had a last parent teacher conference with Bruiser's preschool teacher.  She had glowing things to say about him and his readiness for Kindergarten. It's a relief to have a conference like that and have it go well.  Bruiser has his last day of school on Thursday. We will attend his last day picnic. 
Saturday we hung out at home and didn't do much.  There might have been an element of too much wine the night before for me.  The weather was sort of nice, but not really what you'd call warm.
Sunday was a fantastic day.  Warm (in the mid 70s), breezy, sunshine.  I detailed the truck, getting it ready for the many road trips it will take us on to the mountains. Nick checked out the camper--the plumbing and electrical systems are working fine.  We still have some minor things to do to get it ready for summer camping trips, but we are really ready to go. 
Mid morning we headed to the park with the dogs and boys to meet up with some friends.  Got a bit of sun and the kids had fun playing in the sand at the volleyball pit. After an hour we had to head home to feed boys lunch before their trip to Chucky Cheese's with the grandparents.
Nick and I took a drive in the mountains and let the dogs out for a short walk.  It was Thullee's first trip to the mountains in warm weather. He loved it.
Back home we made salmon for dinner and it was excellent.  Kids got home and we had a quiet evening.  A really perfect weekend.

And now for MMMM--Ladies of the 60s through 80s is the theme.
One of the most enduring: Cher with If I Could Turn Back Time:

Bonnie Tyler with Total Eclipse of the Heart:

Joan Jett with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap:

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Fantabulous songs!
    Cher went on later to say she loved the song but was totally embarrassed of the outfit she was wearing in front of all those Navy boys.

    I have to laugh because she is known for her outrageousness.

  2. Well they definitely brought back some memories :-)

  3. 3 great tunes,but I gotta say I like AC/DC version of duirty deeds better.

  4. Wow, kind of surprising you had temps in the 70s, considering it just snowed. That's some crazy weather!

  5. Glad you had a good weekend! I've always enjoyed Cher!
    Very nice list!

  6. Cher is an icon in music so good.


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