Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stop the Merry-Go-Round

Yeah, I want off the merry-go-round that has sped up the last few days. The end of school whirlwind is upon us, work has gotten crazy and there is no hope in sight for a pause.  Maybe June will be better. Or maybe not.
  • The end of school for Turbo is next week. He gets a trip to the zoo this week and another field trip next week and then field day and no actual school work will happen for the next two weeks.
  • We have so much stuff going on, but most of it is unbloggable.  That makes writing very difficult.
  • We have nice weather.  Turbo rode his bike to school today.  Nick and I will start riding bikes to work soon--once things settle down.
  • There is a new Goodwill store in our town.  I want to go see what it has to offer.  Turbo needs shorts, Bruiser could use some superhero shirts. Tank tops for both boys for summer. Bruiser also needs flip flops or sandals for the summer.
  • It's time to clean house again.  I've been procrastinating very well on that front.  Books have been calling my name recently. Then there is this problem:
  •  The swainson's hawks we call Ozzie and Harriet are back and raising little ones again.  They do keep the squirrel population reduced.
  •  We need to get garden stuff in.  Time to prep teh raised gardens we have and see what we can grow this year.  I want to put in a salad garden--lettuce, spinach, carrots, and maybe this year we can get zucchini to grow.
  • So hard to believe that this weekend is Memorial day weekend.
So, What's your random?
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  1. OMG those dust bunnies are vicious little rascals, they got my fairy too!!!

    And that hawk is gorgeous!

  2. YAY! for garden talk, that means the snow is gone!!!:)

  3. Love the dust bunny pic. I am starting to stress about the end of year whirlwind here as I know after Memorial Day it's just poof!

  4. Yeah I'm with you ... cleaning really needs to happen but between not sleeping enough and too many things to do that is not top of my list.

  5. My little one has a field trip tomorrow and then next week he's out of school! My oldest goes till June 6th! Things are about to get crazy hectic around here too!!

    Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend

  6. I get crazy, wait I live in Crazyville.

    For me Goodwill is hit or miss. I found my daughter's communion dress. Last week, nothing but junk. The fun is finding something.


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