Friday, October 26, 2018


Yeah, so I am supremely inconsistent with this whole posting thing. But it has been just almost 9 years since I started this blogging thing. So much has changed since I dipped my toe into the blogging world in search of an outlet and a connection.
  •  I had a 10 month old Bruiser, who is now 9.
  • A 6 year old Turbo, who is now 15 and (OMG Driving!!!).  
  • We have moved towns, but not states. 
  • I have had one blog inspired meet up and hope to have a couple more.
  • I went from a relatively isolated mom to a small, but solid network of friends (which I get the challenge of rebuilding in my new town).
  • I got to share some epic road trips and vacations.
  • I have knocked a few things off my bucket list.
  • I have added a few things to the bucket list.
  • I have made some annual promises and kept a majority of them.
I have come to realize I need to blog again for my sanity's sake. Blogging helps me not feel so isolated.  I'm hoping it will help until I can develop a network here.  Being an introvert sucks.  I totally need an extrovert to come drag me out of the house.

For me, cats count as friends too!
 So all in all things are going as well as can be expected in our new town. I will make friends, but it will be a process.

And how have things been in the blog world?

Monday, October 8, 2018

Back in the Groove

We are slowly getting settled into a routine here in our new town.  The summer was a nice time to transition, but with school starting we are getting back into the groove of routine and such.

Turbo is really liking his new school.  The high school here has a block system that is more like college in that you take a class for a semester and not for the entire year. Turbo has fit into this system quite well so far.  We are still addressing his attention issues, he likes to daydream and tends to have focus issues in class sometimes.  He is also learning to drive. he is making friends and finding where he fits in and that is nice.

Bruiser has found several boys in the neighborhood his age and has friends and such that he is enjoying spending time with.  He also likes school and is doing well. For my little introvert, he is quite social here. He does still need his down time for himself.  But it's nice that he has kids his age in our neighborhood.

Nick and I are doing pretty well.  Nick has friends he can go mountain bike riding with and have that all important social connection with.  I am muddling through.  Making friends is and has always been a slow process for me.  I'm working on it but I know it will be slow going.

Life still gets away form us on occasion, but we are getting a better handle on it every day.

On a lighter note, it snowed here today.  Typical Wyoming weather. Not a lot of snow but enough to stick on the ground.   We have off and on snow predicted all day today.  Fun times!

Now for MMMM:  THe theme is Finger snaps and Hand claps.  Let's see whats playing:

Queen and David Bowie with Under Pressure:

The Addams Family Theme song:

Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars with Uptown Funk:

Have a wonderful week!


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