Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Random Thinking

Well, survived a relatively easy Monday. Now let's random up this Tuesday:
  • With the gout, Nick has been enjoying wine since beer is no good for gout.  The up side is he has lost weight and looks great!
  • I am not wildly impressed with the campaign stuff that is going on.  THe choices on both sides are less than appealing.  I think I'm going to vote for:
  • We are totally looking forward to our trip next week.  The kids don't know where we are going yet.  We are keeping it a sort of surprise.  It's a good thing our kids do well with road trips.  Turbo is loooking forward to my run at being the "book on tape" and reading more of the next book in the series we have been working on since he was 9.  Hey, it was a ten book series with two "prequel" books.  We are on the first book of the prequels.
  • Bruiser is finally getting into the story. but then he has gotten into coloring too.  And not little kid coloring books, but the "adult" coloring books.  The kid loves using markers and coloring the intricate stuff.  He does a really good job too. I'm thrilled with any pass time the is not endless YouTube watching.
So, what's your random?
We got a random morning rainbow Sunday:
Have a good week!
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Finally Getting the Groove Back

Yeah, as the title states, I feel we are getting our groove back, or just getting back to being us.  It's been a strange run up to now this year.  Nick got gout, which put him down and out for about a month, compounded by work stress, and then to top off his not going so well time, the truck got totaled.  Wonderful.
But this weekend we went and got a new (to us) truck. We were able to take the four wheelers up for the first trip of the year. We also got up to the mountains for the first time this year.  All in all, we really needed a trip past the city limits sign.  Some time spent on a dirt road getting dust and a little bit of mud on the tires.

We all feel better and more like us.  This is good.  Next week we are heading out for our road trip vacation.  We need it. We will enjoy it throughly.  Durango here we come.

Now for MMMM:
In honor of our weekend:
Brad Paisley with Mud on the Tires:

Rodney Atkins with Take a Back Road:

Florida Georgia Line with Cruise:

Have fun Enjoying the music this Monday Morning!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday Random

Yeah, so we are all about Tuesday here.  It's one day closer to the weekend and one day closer to our vacation.  All good things.
Let's random:
  • Turbo's ingrown toe has reached the need for a specialist.  The infection became a staff infection and antibiotics have not gotten rid of the infection.  He goes in to get it checked today by a foot doctor.  He's less than thrilled with the thought of having his toe worked on, but better with the idea that it will finally get better. Poor Turbo.
  • Allergies have been awful this year.  Both Bruiser and myself have been having stuffy, itchy, miserable day with the pollen and the wind.
  • Nick has gotten medicine for his gout.  We are hoping that he will be much better after this.  He has lost 17 pounds so far.  He's looking great!
  • I really need a nap.
  • Last week, Nick was heading to Casper for work--a commute, long one but a commute none the less--and a truck ran the red light and Nick hit him.  Luckily, Nick was in our truck so no one was hurt, but our truck was totaled.  Therefore, we get the lovely chore of truck shopping again.  Just when we were about three years from having the former truck paid off too...
  • There are just days when one of these would be wonderful:
  • I could even rock the hot pink purse.
That's about all I have for Random Tuesday, not really bad for a Tuesday effort.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Some Fun And MMMM

It was the annual party weekend here in our little town.  There was a carnival and a parade and rodeos and street dances.  We managed to hit the carnival and the farmer's market, got out for dinner and then watched the parade.  We also had a nice evening with cousins hanging in their backyard enjoying the warm weather.

And now for MMMM:
Locash with I Know Somebody:

Marin Morris With 80s Mercedes:

Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice with  A Little More Love:

Have a good week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Random Type Tuesday

We survived the 4th of July.  Or Scare-the-crap-out-of-your-dog-day.  Yeah, Toolie doesn't like the firework portion of the 4th of July.
Still, aside from that, we had a lovely weekend.  We didn't do anything spectacular, but we had fun.

We now have an antenna that allows us to watch NBC and CBS.  Relatively local channels at that.  We wanted to be able to watch the Olympics and didn't really need all the extra coverage of say soccer and such that cable would provide.  We just watch prime time coverage so this works for us.

We did have a get together and smoked some fabulous ribs for the 4th.  Maybe next year we will go camping. I did get to get teh feet picture with my friends that has become a sort of annual summer thing:
July 2014

July 2015

July 2016

Gotta love having friends!

That does it for my random, have a great week!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


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